15 Ideas of Using Cork Stoppers in Your Christmas Decoration (1)

If you love to creatively recycle to decorate your home this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place! Find out how to make beautiful Christmas decorations by recycling corks: centerpieces, light garlands, small trees and many other creative ideas… let yourself be inspired!

1. The centerpiece

The centerpiece (1)

The corks together to form a center table in a natural style particularly decorative. These are arranged vertically so that you can place other decorative elements such as miniature trees and candlesticks.

2. A light garland

A light garland (1)

Use a very original of corks here: these are drilled in the middle to enable them to enhance this light string unique. Ideal for decorating the tree as to sublimate a table runner.

3. Christmas garland

Christmas garland (1)

Instead of hanging Christmas socks on the mantelpiece, you can collect corks and turn them into full-fledged interior decorations. The pieces of blue fabric are tied between the stoppers to give a festive style to the whole.

4. Santa’s reindeer

Santa's reindeer (1)

The corks are used here to create a set of 4 playful reindeer accessorized. The caps placed on the head and the ribbons tied at the neck embody Christmas to perfection. The pieces of wood are used as feet and horns for the animals.

5. A small Christmas tree

A small Christmas tree (1)

The caps cork are combined to give a Christmas tree miniaturized you can have on the table or on a shelf. Red ribbons decorate the tree in natural color. The golden star placed at the top of the tree gives a certain elegance to the whole.

6. Cork decoration for the tree

Cork decoration for the tree (1)

The corks are glued to each other to form a miniaturized tree decorated with a red ribbon. This decorative element hangs on your Christmas tree to embellish it.

7. Wreath with natural decoration

Wreath with natural decoration (1)

This Christmas wreath made of cork stoppers hangs over your doors to make your home even more welcoming. The red berries decorate the wreath to give a stylish decor element. The sprigs of fir are used as supports for the balls arranged on one of the sides of the circle to recall the festive periods.

8. An original candle holder

An original candle holder (1)

The corks are used as decorative candleholders. The red color of the candles goes very well with the natural shades of the corks. The candlesticks find their place on a side table, on the dining table, or on a shelf.

9. Cork stopper wreath with flowers

Corkstopper wreath with flowers (1)

This Christmas wreath made of corks. Cork offers a unique charm with its purple ribbons attached with bugs. The cool colored flowers are reminiscent of winter while the set soothes the spirit with a welcoming and warm appearance.

10. Decorate the wreath with a ribbon

Decorate the wreath with ribbon (1)

The caps cork which constitutes this Christmas wreath is assembled to provide an unstructured form. The raffia ribbon hanging on the upper part of this decorative element maintains order while embellishing it with its harmonious colors.

11. Minimalist wreath with cork stopper

Minimalist wreath with cork stopper (1)

The corks used for the design of this Christmas wreath are arranged vertically to ensure an aesthetic wreath. The finesse of this decorative element makes it elegant. The raffia ribbon lends a natural style to the ensemble. The whole is sublimated by a discreet floral touch.

12. Red and white theme wreath

Red and white theme wreath (1)

This elegant wreath embodies Christmas very well with its red and white colors. The finesse of the decorative element it represents allows it to embellish everything around it. The large red ribbon is embellished with a miniaturized Christmas tree to remind the festivities.

13. Country style wreath

Country style wreath (1)

This beautiful Christmas wreath offers an unmatched design. The cork stoppers are arranged to highlight this object whose appearance imitates the appearance of a buoy. The natural color of the caps is embellished with green and red. The ribbon is the final touch that makes this crown a rare piece.

14. XXL cork wreath

XXL cork wreath (1)

This chunky wreath made of cork stoppers has a simple yet unique design. The fabric ribbon stands out by embodying Christmas with the red and green color dominating the rest. The authentic appearance of the whole allows this object to be considered a rare piece.

15. Use minimum corks

Use minimum corks (1)

This wreath Christmas pleases by its design simple but particularly elegant. The natural colors of the caps add a touch of originality to the decorative object. The hanging knot and the grapes for their part recall the appearance of a mistletoe.