natural table decoration for christmas

Spirit of the forest, are you there? Yes, even more at Christmas. A clever mix between Scandinavian decoration and country style, the natural decoration takes over your New Year’s tables. A branch in the center, logs under the plates, pine cones scattered all over the table or even animal figurines‚Ķ The forest takes back its rights, for our greatest pleasure. Play this green card without moderation. Real green moss on the table with eucalyptus branches in napkin holders. Don’t skimp on any detail! And to make everything perfect, take inspiration from our magical and poetic selection …

1. Amber Apple

Amber Apple

Amber apples, at the center of the Christmas table, create a warm atmosphere thanks to their pleasant scent. They are very easy to make, so take advantage of the holidays to create them with the children.

2. Fir decoration

Fir decoration

Fir and pine cone invite themselves to the middle of the table.

3. Cypress apple

Cypress apple

Cypress apples invite themselves on the Christmas napkins to decorate them.

4. Branches


Choose your favorite branches to decorate the center of the Christmas table.

5. Log of wood

Log of wood

We love the logs that we use as a trivet.

6. DIY candle holder

DIY candle holder

Create DIY candle holders by sliding water into a glass bottle and a fir branch. Install a candle and you’re done!

7. Personalized candles

Personalized candles

Personalize the candles on the Christmas table, slide dried flowers and fir branches around it.

8. Plant suspension

Plant suspension

To play on originality, we suspend a plant wreath above the table.

9. Mini fir branches

Mini fir branches

On the plate, to decorate each napkin, place a mini tree branch.

10. Pine cone

Pine cone

On the Christmas table, pine cones are like fir branches: welcome!

11. Fir branches

Fir branches

For a minimalist Christmas table with 100% natural decor, prefer fir branches that dress the wood and enhance the dishes.

12. Fairy lights and flowers

Fairy lights and flowers

On the table runner, we mix the light garland which illuminates the glasses, and the wildflowers which recall the natural decoration.

13. A cake in the theme

A cake in the theme

Respect the nature theme to the tips of your nails by offering your guests a delicious cake in Christmas colors.

14. Succulents at the center of the table

Succulents at the center of the table (1)

Easy to maintain, succulents do not leave thorns on the table. They are arranged in all colors and sizes along with the table.

15. A natural towel holder

A natural towel holder

The vegetal touch is everywhere, even in the smallest details. Like on this towel bar with dried berries and cinnamon.

16. A woody pendant light

A woody pendant light

Too bad we can’t have dinner outside on Christmas Eve … So bring nature home with this incredible pendant made of wooden branches and Christmas balls.

17. A frozen candle holder

A frozen candle holder (1)

Freezing nature for a moment is possible thanks to frozen candle holders. We can’t wait to bring them out to the table!

18. A centerpiece with cucurbits

A centerpiece with cucurbits (1)

Cucurbits are still in the spotlight at the end of the year. Looking at their curves and their colors on the table, you could almost eat them!

19. A wooden tree

A wooden tree

By dint of collecting driftwood on the beach, you don’t know what to do with it.¬†Assemble them into a pretty wooden tree!

20. Colorful flowers

Colorful flowers

When we talk about natural decor, we immediately think of green. But there’s also a whole bunch of colorful flowers, fruits, and vegetables to brighten up the table.

21. A vegetable suspension

A vegetable suspension

We love nature so much that we would like to hang it from the ceiling. Take the test, you will not be disappointed with the result.

22. Logs under the plate

Logs under the plate (1)

No need to look any further to find a bribe, go for the wooden log. Guaranteed success!

23. Dried leaves

dried leaves (1)

Don’t be demoralized to see the leaves fall. Collect them to dispatcher them in pretty jars with a light garland.

24. Forest animals

Forest animals

Forest animals invade the table to the delight of young and old. We love the DIY Christmas ball version.

25. Mini trees

mini trees

To reproduce an entire forest of fir trees, take a small wooden log and a tree branch. Clever, isn’t it?