30 Christmas Decoration Ideas of Living Room to Copy (1)

The holiday season, the show is putting on its 31st for a cheerful, even magical atmosphere. Cocooning atmosphere, traditional or more neutral colors, light garlands, fir branches, DIY decor … Accessories and decorative objects spread the magic of Christmas into the living room. We make you discover 30 ideas with top Christmas decor!

1. Nordic style

Nordic style (1)

Dare a Nordic style to enhance your living room. The white color reminiscent of snow will bring out the bright green of your tree. This style has the particularity of being very sober. It is, therefore, suitable for all minimalist spaces.

Nordic style 1 (1)

Do not hesitate to decorate your decoration with white or wooden armchairs, this will create a soft and charming winter atmosphere. Place your tree wherever you want, it will in any case be the centerpiece of your decoration.

2. Shabby style in the living room

Shabby style in the living room (1)

Insert this beautiful Shabby style into the layout of your living room. Beautiful, refined, and elegant, it will bring your living room to life and shine. There are many shabby chic-style decorations. It will therefore be very easy for you to adopt this theme for Christmas.

Shabby style in the living room 1 (1)

Often, the chosen shades are pastel because they give a colorful and cheerful atmosphere. You can of course stay more classic or on the contrary, choose electric colors. The important thing is that you like it.

3. Vintage style

Vintage style (1)

Vintage style is making a comeback in all interiors this year. You can choose furniture from the 70s as well as the 50s. Either way, these styles are very strong (vinyl, glitter, etc.), so you don’t need to overcrowd the space.

You can, however, add a few paintings to the walls. Place your decorated tree and here you are in a friendly and colorful retro atmosphere.

4. Classic style

Classic style (1)

Dare the classic style for the arrangement of your living room. To do this, nothing simpler. Choose furniture that has character. Place Christmas socks above the fireplace and decorate your tree with golden garlands to recall the classic side. You can also hang garlands on the walls.

Classic style 1 (1)

A Christmas wreath is also ideal. The important thing is to decorate the whole in a harmonious way. If you don’t know how to set up your living room this holiday season, classic styling is an option that always works.

5. Country style

Country style (1)

Bring America home with a country flair. This arrangement will put warmth in your home. Of wooden furniture and decor entirely artisanal up this cozy style. In addition, if you are a handyman, you can make your furniture and accessories yourself.

Country style 1 (1)

It is therefore an economical and natural decoration that will impress all your guests. As for the ornament of your tree, opt for balls and garlands in colorful tones. A simple, practical, and charming layout.

6. A living room with a subtle Christmas decor

A living room with a subtle Christmas decor (1)

This living room has adopted the Christmas spirit with subtlety. Without fuss or grand pageantry, the stay relies on festive but discreet decor. If a Christmas tree stands in the middle of the room, it has been dressed in simple ornaments in neutral tones. To complete the decor, a golden garland runs along the wall while a star made from branches plays hide and seek behind a picture of a snowy landscape.

7. Christmas is displayed on the living room walls

Christmas is displayed on the living room walls

If there is a lack of space in the living room, nothing like investing the walls to hang a space-saving Christmas decoration! In a corner of the living room, a luminous star has found its place against a wall, above a raw wood console. Just behind a garland hanging from the ceiling, an illustration of a snowy fir tree stands on the partition as an alternative to the real fir tree, sometimes too bulky.

8. Cozy atmosphere in the decorated living room

Cozy atmosphere in the decorated living room (1)

Red remains a reference color not to be overlooked for Christmas. It is all the easier to introduce it into an atmosphere when you already have a piece of red furniture, like the velvet armchair that sits in this living room. A few garlands embellished with nuanced ornaments, ruby-tinted candles, fresh or dried flowers, and in the blink of an eye the living space takes on muted accents.

9. A Christmas lounge with a cocooning spirit

A Christmas lounge with a cocooning spirit (1)

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to transform the living room into a convivial and festive corner for the end-of-the-year celebrations. As in this fireplace corner, place a multitude of candles on the floor, bet on cushions and a fluffy faux fur rug, and drop a pretty string of lights cascading from the edge of the fireplace. The decorative touch that kills? The DIY star made from branches placed above the fireplace. Wrapped in a sparkling garland, it shines with a thousand lights.

10. The living room fireplace takes on a festive feel

The living room fireplace takes on a festive feel (1)

A fireplace, fir branches, reindeer, candles … The codes of classic Christmas are used here and revisited in a playful way. We particularly appreciate the logs embellished with light garlands.

11. A Shabby chic and natural living room decor for the holidays

A Shabby chic and natural living room decor for the holidays (1)

Nature, almost wild, comes to wake up this living room with its chic and clear decor. Special mention for the ferns, lit with candles, cascading down from the wooden beams as if nature had reclaimed its rights.

12. At Christmas, a pop air blows in this retro living room

At Christmas, a pop air blows in this retro living room (1)

The Christmas balls, while color and shine, boost the potted tree. The pop ornaments are in total harmony with the decoration of this living room tinged with vintage notes.

13. A chic graphic party decoration for the living room

A chic graphic party decoration for the living room (1)

These are the black and white lines that punctuate this living room for the holidays. We particularly like the tree drawn on the wall with its pompom garland that seems to match the small trees printed on the sofa cushion.

14. A Christmas decor as warm as the living room

A Christmas decor as warm as the living room (1)

In shades of beige, this living room spreads an impression of comfort; a sensation reinforced by the use of the mesh on the carpet, the cushions, and the upholstery of the armchair. Even the Christmas decor goes with it: suspensions, stars, trees, and the essential wool sock.

15. Minimalist spirit for the decoration of the living room

Minimalist spirit for the decoration of the living room (1)

Giving your living room a festive air doesn’t mean much. Here, simple paper Christmas trees arranged on the coffee tables breathe an invigorating winter breeze into this living room.

16. Not just any rose

Not just any rose

Christmas roses are an essential element for a classic decoration. These pretty red flowers can be the most beautiful effect in the center of the table.

17. Discreet stars

Discreet stars (1)

The success of a Christmas decoration depends on every detail. In your living room, hang little stars cut out of gold cardstock all over the place.

18. Welcomed by a star

Welcomed by a star (1)

Before even entering the living room, everyone must already be imbued with the spirit of Christmas. Hang a large bright star on the doorstep.

19. Hanging Christmas garlands

Hanging Christmas garlands (1)

Why not hang little Christmas garlands in your living room? On a mirror, in front of a beautifully decorated table, the effect will be there. A charming idea to also transpose on the kitchen door or on the stairs for example.

20. Glass decorations

Glass decorations (1)

Create the Christmas atmosphere as soon as you enter your living room by arranging small decorations under glass on the steps of the staircase or on the fireplace. These very trendy items in a bell will give a precious and chic effect to your living room. 

21. Beautiful branches

Beautiful branches (1)

To decorate your living room and dining room on Christmas Eve in a more modern way, opt for decorated branches at the center of the table. Guaranteed effect.

22. Christmas cushions

Christmas cushions (1)

Every detail counts. So that the Christmas spirit completely invades your living room, invest in small cushions with patterns that recall the holidays.

23. Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold (1)

For a luxury Christmas, bet on a decoration entirely set with gold and silver.

24. Fir trees everywhere

Fir trees everywhere (1)

What element, more than a tree, can be synonymous with Christmas? Even more trees. With these pretty candles, Christmas will take hold of your decoration.

25. Wooden decoration

Wooden decoration (1)

For your Christmas decoration, put nature in the spotlight by using decorative elements in painted wood.

26. A pallet fireplace

A pallet fireplace (1)

When the end of the year celebrations approaches, we often imagine ourselves snuggled up in a thick blanket by the fireplace. The fireplace then becomes an essential decorative element for Christmas. Make your own fireplace mantel out of pallets.

27. Put your tree up

Put your tree up (1)

Did you want a very tall tree? Make it gain height by installing it on a console or a pedestal table.

28. Starry details

Starry details (1)

Nothing more festive than pretty stars. For a successful Christmas decoration, sprinkle it in your interior. As in the picture, you can also use them for coasters.

29. Faux fur for real gifts

Faux fur for real gifts (1)

To entice Santa Claus to come, nothing better than pretty faux fur socks with everyone’s first name. A good decorative idea to hang up to receive sweet gifts.

30. A forest Christmas

A forest Christmas (1)

For a Christmas decoration closer to nature, opt for raw wood elements.