easy crafts for kids (1)

Christmas tree, garlands, gifts… great, this atmosphere that reigns at Christmas time and makes children’s eyes shine! Discover our DIY and decoration ideas to amaze them even more.

1. Cardboard garlands

Cardboard garlands (1)

Make garlands with ribbon and shapes cut from construction paper.

2. An advent calendar

An advent calendar (1)

A string of painted (or ribbon-covered) clothespins lined up for a cool advent calendar or just to hang your Christmas cards.

3. A crown of buttons

A crown of buttons (1)

To amuse the children, we let them DIY beautiful crowns with buttons.

4. A fabric garland

A fabric garland (1)

A garland to make with the children with pieces of fabric as in the time of our grandparents.

5. An ornament with a photo

An ornament with a photo (1)

To display your best family photos in a holiday setting.

6. A super original Christmas garland to make with peanuts!

A super original Christmas garland to make with peanuts! (1)

A DIY Christmas garland to make with peanuts. An amazing and funny garland to make with peanuts. A manual Christmas activity that will certainly appeal to children!

7. A silver and shiny garland with pasta

A silver and shiny garland with pasta (1)

A pretty silver garland to make with pasta, difficult to buy cheaper for the decoration of your house on the occasion of Christmas… You can choose to decorate the pasta with paint, glitter… The type of farfalle pasta is suitable particularly good at the realization of this DIY.

8. Rolls of toilet paper to transform Christmas decoration

Rolls of toilet paper to transform Christmas decoration (1)

Rolls of toilet paper to transform into an original DIY Christmas decoration. Recycle your paper rolls as an original Christmas decoration! An idea for a manual activity to do with children.

9. A Christmas tree with straws

A Christmas tree with straws (1)

This craft allows you to use the straws used for sipping by the family. Choose them in different colors. Then put them together to create a conceptual Christmas tree. The icing on the “Christmas tree”: it’s super easy to make and accessible to children from 3 years old.

10. Cups transformed into bells

Cups transformed into bells (1)

Here is a creative idea for recycling coffee capsules. Transformed, these become small Christmas bells, perfect as a table decoration or to hang on the tree.

11. A wonderful Santa Claus puppet

A wonderful Santa Claus puppet (1)

You have a badly framed photo of your child, but you want to keep it. Transform it, with this cool DIY. You will use it to make this Santa Claus puppet. Your child will be able to say: “this year, it’s me Santa Claus !”. Check out this tutorial …

12. A wreath in rolls of toilet paper

A wreath in rolls of toilet paper (1)

Always in a recycling spirit, you can DIY rolls of toilet paper or paper towels to create a magnificent wreath for your entryway or fireplace. Few utensils are required: paint and glue. A fun and easy craft to do with your kids!

13. A Christmas candle holder

A Christmas candle holder (1)

No need for snow to know that the holidays are (soon) here. Christmas decoration or glowing light, this candleholder was made from a recycled jar, red pompoms, black buttons … It’s homemade, that do-it-yourselfers in short pants and adults can adopt.

14. Too cute reindeer heads

Too cute reindeer heads (1)

Nice, these critters! With chestnuts, your toddlers will make pretty reindeer heads with you. For this, you need accessories, to buy in the store, such as movable eyes and mini pom-poms. It’s easy to do … and too cute!

15. Wooden snowflakes

Wooden snowflakes (1)

We are fond of these snowflakes! With this tutorial, you will be able to design beautiful snowflakes from them, using small pieces of wood that you have at home or in the garden. It’s a little complicated DIY to do, for ages 6 and up.

16. A felt Christmas tree

A felt Christmas tree (1)

Oh, the good idea! By following this tutorial step by step, you will create a beautiful felt tree … to install on your real Christmas tree at home. This fabric is inexpensive. And, you and yourself, you will be able to sing “my beautiful Christmas tree, king of the forests …”.

17. When pine cones become the fir

When pine cones become fir (1)

Simple and funky! With your pitchout, prepare a funny Christmas decoration, easy to make and inexpensive. With small pine cones transformed into pretty decorated Christmas trees. After collecting pine cones, you paint them and bring them to life as mini trees.

18. Christmas balls with corks

Christmas balls with corks (1)

Here is a funny decoration idea that will amaze your little elves. Find out how to recycle little caps from milk bottles by turning them into funny and colorful Christmas balls. Enough to brighten up your pretty Christmas tree this year!

19. Christmas crafts: it’s in the box!

Christmas crafts it's in the box

Bricks of milk, tins, eggs, shoes, cheese… the good idea, this year, is to recycle as a family with Christmas odds and ends.

20. Plant pine cones in the decoration

plant pine cones in the decoration (1)

The tree in your Christmas decoration, a must… but have you thought of pine cones that can also turn into decorative objects that are too cute and very easy to make with your elves?

21. We recycle Santa Claus

We recycle Santa Claus (1)

Plastic cups or egg cartons for the hat, rolls of toilet paper, felt (or cardboard), cotton, buttons, wiggly eyes… these beautiful Santa Claus!

22. Rudolph the Christmas reindeer and his friends

Rudolph the Christmas reindeer and his friends (1)

This year, Santa’s reindeer have the right to take a break in the tree! A DIY with toilet paper rolls that will stick your kitties together!

23. It is not noodled this idea!

It is not noodle this idea!

Pasta lying around at the bottom of a box? Here is a DIY that will feed the creativity of your little ones!

24. Snow stars… in paper

Snow stars… in paper (1)

These stars are lovely… and so easy to do. Rolls of toilet paper felt patterns (or cardboard), and here is!

25. It skates!

It skates! (1)

With pipe cleaners and a few small pompoms to keep your ears from cold!

26. A bear that is not cold in the eyes

A bear that is not cold in the eyes (1)

An original decorative idea for the toilets this winter!

27. Christmas heroes

Christmas heroes (1)

Rudolph the reindeer, Santa Claus, the snowman … made with cardboard plates, cotton balls, scrapbooking papers, pipe cleaners, ribbon, pom poms, etc., these are very funny characters for getting into the Christmas spirit.

28. Invite Santa’s reindeer

Invite Santa's reindeer (1)

He is Rudolph and he will love to be hung on the wall to observe the preparations for the party.

29. Advent wreath

Advent wreath (1)

To wait before Christmas, suggest to your elves to make this beautiful advent wreath. A cardboard plate cut in the center, paper decorations, and here is!

30. Frosted fir trees

Frosted fir trees (1)

It’s amazing what you can do with popsicle sticks! Funny little trees for example, which you will then decorate together with small pompoms, shiny pipe cleaners, rhinestones, or buttons before hanging them on the branches of the tree with a string.