30 Ideas to Have a Cocooning Christmas Decoration (1)

At Christmas, the whole family gets together to share some good times. The house then becomes a warm and soft cocoon, starting with the living room where you like to hang out on the sofa in front of a warm fireplace. The proof in pictures with these cozy atmospheres to recreate at home.

For a cocooning Christmas, adopt the hygge style without hesitation at home! Plaids, cushions, candles… Focus on these 30 decorating ideas for a cocooning Christmas.

1. Fireplace decoration

Fireplace decoration (1)

The fireplace is a central element of the living room, it is twice as much in winter and especially at Christmas. The fireplace is also the symbol of hygge. For Christmas, we do not hesitate to decorate it!

2. At the Fireside

At the Fireside (1)

If you are lucky to have a fireplace in your home, take the opportunity to make this place a cozy and cocooning space!

3. Cozy and traditional Christmas

Cozy and traditional Christmas (1)

A Christmas tree, red decoration, plaids, cushions … The cozy and traditional Christmas atmosphere is undoubtedly present in this living room!

4. Table decoration

Table decoration (3)

For Christmas, you will necessarily find yourself around a good meal! The decoration of the table is essential: plants, wood, candles for a natural and hygge spirit!

5. Warm decoration

Warm decoration (1)

For an even more warm and cocooning Christmas, certain decorative objects must be adopted compulsory. We think in particular of candles (not one but several), blankets, faux fur throws.

6. Cushions and plaid

Cushions and plaid (1)

For the holiday season, replace your classic cushions with cozy models in faux fur or winter prints. To be placed in accumulation and with a plaid!

7. Christmas by the fireside in a cozy living room

Christmas by the fireside in a cozy living room (1)

Christmas by the fireside and in the mountains … If not everyone is enjoying a Christmas, here are a few ideas to recreate this warm chalet atmosphere. Soft cushions, an animal skin rug, a few candles, and of course a nice wood fire crackling in the fireplace.

8. Christmas by the fireside in a cocoon with a Scandinavian spirit

Christmas by the fireside in a cocoon with a Scandinavian spirit (1)

Despite cool colors, this living room exudes warmth and friendliness. Specialists in cozy interiors while the thermometer shivers outside, Scandinavians have plenty of great ideas for warming up the atmosphere: plush throws, faux fur cushions, and rugs, and, of course, a cozy fireplace.

9. Country-style cocoon

Country-style cocoon (1)

This wood-rimmed fireplace is surrounded by a fir tree and cozy and comfortable furniture. They all contribute to the warm atmosphere of the room, despite the whiteness of the wood and the armchairs. For an old country building atmosphere in which you immediately feel good.

10. Raw materials

Raw materials (1)

Back to authenticity and nature! On your Christmas table, bet on rustic materials: raw wood, stoneware dishes … The colors are softer and the natural tones prevail!

11. A cozy corner

A cozy corner (1)

For Christmas, we take the time to savor every moment. Nothing better than to plan a cozy corner in the house: a calm and warm space to drink a good tea, read a book …

12. Light decoration

Light decoration (1)

The bright decoration is essential during the end-of-the-year celebrations. In addition to the candles, also plan for fairy lights to place in the four corners of the room.

13. Beige cocoon

Beige cocoon (1)

Dressed in cream tones from floor to ceiling, this living room with its refined decor is energized by a few touches of gold here and there, and cushions with chocolate accents on the sofa. The natural fir tree and the fireplace, even with ethanol, give it life and warm the atmosphere.

14. Industrial cocoon

Industrial cocoon (1)

Here, the fireplace, combined with the bricks, the glass roof, the contemporary decoration, and the very clean lines of the log shelter, create an industrial and trendy atmosphere.

15. Chic cocoon

Chic cocoon (1)

What could be nicer than a New Year’s Eve by the fire? Dressed in gold and blue, this very chic-looking living room is no less warm thanks to a pretty blond wood floor and a soft carpet. The fireplace, in which the flames dance, gives it a soul and still warms up this festive atmosphere a little.

16. Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree decoration (1)

The decoration of his Christmas tree is chosen with choice! For a cocooning Christmas, opt for a natural decoration (wood, fake fur, plants …).

17. A reading corner

A reading corner (1)

The reading corner is perhaps the coziest space in a house along with the living room, so don’t forget to decorate it for Christmas! Hanging garlands, cushions in Christmas colors …

18. Wooden decor!

Wooden decor! (1)

Opt for an authentic Christmas! Create a party decor that is larger than life with a wooden centerpiece. Warm and cocooning atmosphere guaranteed for Christmas!

19. Golden cocoon

Golden cocoon (1)

Here, the combination of fire, golden vases, and cushions, create a sparkling and pleasant cocoon, where it is hot just to look at it …

20. Cocoon that changes rooms

Cocoon that changes rooms (1)

Here, thanks to the absence of a door, the chimney fire distributes some of its heat around the table. And in fact, a bit of its cocooning atmosphere. In addition to the fireplace, the continuity of the floor, and the decoration, the omnipresence of white and fir trees reinforce the impression of never really leaving the living room.

21. Rustic cocoon decoration

Rustic cocoon decoration (1)

This interior has the warm atmosphere of old family houses, where it is good to meet. Old-fashioned furniture in worked wood, red brick fireplace, Christmas tree with festive, traditional, and generous decor, everything invites you to gather around the fire to share good times. A big, thick rug to cover the stone floor with a soft layer and keep your feet warm.

22. Bedroom decoration

Bedroom decoration (1)

The cocooning Christmas decoration does not stop only in the living room. The bedroom can also be decorated: place a plaid or a blanket on the bed, decorative objects in the four corners of the room …

23. Outside decoration

Outside decoration (1)

Have you also thought about decorating your exterior? Opt for a Christmas decoration at the entrance of your house: garlands, candles, a resting area with a bench and cushions …

24. Natural cocoon

Natural cocoon (1)

Here, the light and heat emitted by the stove combine perfectly with the orange and brown hues of the bricks and furniture, which diffuse very natural notes. Cutting wood in advance certainly does not have to do it in the cold, but also to form a small pile of logs which brings a more authentic touch to the decor.

25. An illuminated cocoon

An illuminated cocoon (1)

Furniture and walls are adorned with white and immerse the room in full light. The fireplace also generates a small light source whose halo matches the colors of the parquet, the frame, and the golden decorations. The black fireplace brings out the fireplace which then becomes the central point in the middle of all this white.

26. Way of life

Way of life (1)

Once your cocooning Christmas decoration is finished, take the time for yourself, and enjoy a good hot chocolate around a fireplace.

27. Candles

Candles (1)

Opt for miniature candles that will make your Christmas decor warm.

28. Smoke-free cocoon

Smoke-free cocoon (1)

This is a good way to use a condemned fireplace. A few well-arranged candles stay in the Christmas theme and provide the warm and cozy touch of fire, less smoke! The candles under a bell create a play of soft and soothing reflections, almost hypnotizing.

29. Retro cocoon

Retro cocoon (1)

An old parquet, moldings, complaints, imposing wrought-iron candlesticks and, as rare sources of light, candles and a large fireplace where a fire crackles … it feels like a Christmas of the last century. With the only comforting warmth of a fire …

30. Ultra-modern cocoon

Ultra modern cocoon (1)

Although very refined and linear, this living room with its ultra-contemporary look is bathed in a warm atmosphere. The fringed rug brings a touch of comfort to the feet, the cocoon-shaped armchair envelopes and energizes the whole, while the fireplace brings the room to life. An XXL-sized natural Christmas tree to breathe a real Christmas spirit into this large, soberly decorated living room.