DIY unique christmas wreaths (1)

The wreath is an essential symbol of Christmas, traditionally it is hung on the front door to welcome guests. However, now you find wreaths on windows, on a console, above the fireplace, or on a wall. You choose the place you want to decorate. As you will see on these models, the crown is a fairly simple decoration to make and requires little.

1. A Christmas wreath made of corks

A Christmas wreath made of corks

Notice to collectors! Cork stoppers give themselves a second wind by being displayed side by side for Christmas in the form of a wreath like no other.

2. A Fimo Christmas wreath

A Fimo Christmas wreath

The undisputed star of DIY workshops, Fimo clay is now used to make original Christmas wreaths, like this one with Ginkgo patterns.

3. A Rudolph Christmas wreath

A Rudolph Christmas wreath

It’s not always easy to find wreath ideas to make with the children during the end of the year holidays. Our idea: this model in woolen pompoms which of course recalls the faithful companions of Santa’s sleigh.

4. A crown of barley sugars

A crown of barley sugars

A little cute peach tree that we hang in the tree, barley sugar becomes a surprising wreath when several of them are attached to create an original composition.

5. A crown made with old bulbs

A crown made with old bulbs

Here is a nice recycling idea to reproduce if you have in a corner of the cellar an old Christmas light garland that no longer works. Collect the bulbs, assemble them with glue and enjoy the original crown that this association produces.

6. A crown in paper assembly

A crown in paper assembly

Uncommon, this wreath features embossed paper flowers. In addition, there are blond wooden balls and a glittery deer image to remind the season.

7. Wreaths with candle

Wreaths with candle

Wreaths are placed at the window to bring the Christmas spirit inside but also outside and as this holiday is placed under the sign of sharing, they are perfect. We love the candles that subtly light up the room.

8. Flowered wreath

Flowered wreath

Multiplying the wreaths makes it possible to accentuate their presence. In this case, they must be quite light like in this photo. The Christmas flowers bring fancy touch that is quite unusual at Christmas. The freshness and natural appearance of these wreaths are very pleasing to the eye.

9. Named wreath

Named wreath

These crowns of different diameters are very chic and refined, we like the golden touch. If they are very simple to make, they are nonetheless very attractive.

10. White paper wreath

White paper wreath

On this crown, simplicity is in the spotlight. It is very beautiful, but it remains sober and unique. We particularly like the fact that it is white, reminiscent of the snow that we expect during this period. You have to be very patient to achieve it, but it is worth it.

11. Dried branches with wooden hearts

Dried branches with wooden hearts

This crown is reminiscent of the forest and as nature is honored today in all circumstances, it is perfectly in tune with the times. It is easy to make and gives the mountain a little chalet feel with its wooden hearts.

12. Christmas tree wreath

Christmas tree wreath

This wreath is very current and trendy while recalling the most classic Christmas codes with fir branches and multicolored circles, with the presence of red. Everything is done with a subtle touch to give it a lot of lightness. It is a very beautiful wreath that will perfectly accompany this festive period and that you will make very easily.

13. Star wreath

Star wreath

This wreath, which is very easy and quick to make, is very light and perfectly evokes the end-of-the-year celebrations. It will not take you long to make it and you can easily adapt it to your needs.

14. Popcorn wreath

Popocorn wreath

Very funny, original, and delicious, the popcorn crown is sure to amaze family and friends. Keep it out of the reach of your children if you want to keep it for a bit! You will need a lot of patience to craft it, but nothing too complicated!

15. Cloth pieces wreath

Cloth pieces wreath

Once again this wreath is easy to make, but it is advisable to start a little before the holidays. It will occupy your winter evenings and it is made from recycled elements.

16. Wreath of woolen balls

Wreath of woollen balls

A pretty cool recycling idea to create a very original wreath. The balls then come to take place to bring shine and to evoke Christmas. It’s a simple idea, but we must remain very vigilant on the association of colors which must remain perfectly harmonious.

17. The geek option

The geek option

Here is a Christmas wreath that goes off the beaten track. Cut a circle out of cardboard, take apart an old broken electronic device and glue a melting pot of components onto the cardboard. With a red USB cable as a knot, the effect is stunning and the guests will be speechless, in a house as a student studio!

18. Berry wreath

Berry wreath

For Christmas wreaths to make simply, there is a ring of floral foam, or flower spike foam, which can be easily purchased online. Then just stock up on berries and small dried flowers with a firm stem, before composing a DIY wreath by planting them one by one on the wreath.

19. The Pasta wreath

The Pasta wreath

For Christmas, wreaths to make with the kids for cheap? It’s possible. Again, we start by cutting a ring-shaped template from thick cardboard, unless you buy a wooden shape. We then glue the composition of pretty pasta, we spray it all in gold, it only remains to add knots and a few pine cones.

20. Gourmet wreath

Gourmet wreath

In the series of original Christmas wreaths to make yourself, we offer you the chewable version. You get a fir wreath, real or fake unless you make it with fir branches. We surround it with pretty cookie-colored ribbons, then we stick real cakes in it…

21. Baubles wreath

Baubles wreath

Among the Christmas wreaths to make without any particular talent, the bauble wreath is one of the most stunning. You don’t even need wire, we recycle an old metal hanger, twist it to give it a circle shape, and then open it by untwisting the top with pliers. Then just slip bauble balls on the wire until it is completely covered, before closing and hiding the hook under a knot or branches.

22. The pastel option

the pastel option

No, the Christmas wreaths to make are not necessarily traditional. For a soft decor, you can opt for a romantic theme with balls and subjects in pastel shades to fix on a wreath of twisted wood … or any other neutral wreath lying around the house. The secret? Feathers, flowers, lace, or iridescent colors, we play to the bohemian side!

23. Gift theme wreath

Gift theme wreath

With fir branches tied together, a beautiful, natural, green, and fragrant wreath is obtained. With garlands of pearls, red bows, and above all, small hanging gift packages, we get these Christmas wreaths to make like an advent calendar! A great tip for opening a chocolate every day while waiting for Christmas …

24. A minimalist crown

A minimalist crown

Although the traditional Christmas wreath will bring back your fondest childhood memories, do you find it too busy and somewhat extravagant? Then opt for a minimalist crown that will fit perfectly into your interior with a Scandinavian and refined spirit. Composed with few materials (fir branches or eucalyptus branches, glass balls…), it is easy to make and naturally elegant.

25. Recycled branches with style

Recycled branches with style

You have two possibilities here: choose long flexible branches to wind them directly between them in a circle, or take small pieces of branches and assemble them. Hazel, olive, fir, bay leaf, or eucalyptus … You have the choice! Then all you have to do is decorate it with fabric ribbons, or any other decoration of your choice.

26. A cardboard and a paper crown

Cardboard Wreath

For the more urban who do not have the opportunity to collect plants during Sunday walks in the forest, you can opt for homemade cardboard wreaths. The choice of shapes, colors, and size is up to you, for a party decoration that looks just like you.

27. Tree bark in the shape of leaves to create an original Christmas wreath

Tree bark in the shape of leaves to create an original Christmas wreath

Here is a nice decorative idea to create a Christmas wreath that changes! To make it and bring a chic country touch to your interior, cut out thin tree bark in the shape of leaves. Another alternative: glue imitation wood paper on cardboard previously cut into the shape of leaves. Guaranteed effect!

28. A crown of pompoms

A crown of pompoms

For a festive atmosphere, you can make a wreath made from pompoms of various colors.

29. A crown of cardboard straws

A crown of cardboard straws

Like an old sun mirror, create an amazing wreath inexpensively using straws in red and white.

30. The cabin wreath

The cabin wreath

Because a homemade Christmas wreath can turn into a real festive decor, we work it vertically, hanging branches and berries on the bottom of the wreath before placing a small house and figures inside. Even candles, a Santa Claus, or any other subject depending on the theme and the decor to invent!

31. Christmas wreath in a frame

Christmas wreath in a frame

Play the originality card, use a frame! This will be so unique and decorative too.

32. Christmas wreath gifts

Christmas wreath gifts

Want an interior that is out of the ordinary? Add gifts to your Christmas wreath.

33. Christmas wreath advent calendar

wreath advent calendar

Create an advent calendar Christmas wreath for a touch of originality!

34. Geometric Christmas wreath

Geometric christmas wreath

Opt for geometric shapes!

35. Fruity Christmas Wreath

Fruity Christmas Wreath

Create a Christmas wreath yourself using dried oranges.