30 ways to use candles to make christmas atmosphere (1)

Candles are precious elements in interior decoration, especially during the Christmas period. There are many types of candles and they all create a truly intimate and warm atmosphere, to enjoy the most beautiful days of the year together. Let yourself be inspired by our ideas to create a magical atmosphere during Christmas .

1. Use jars as decorative items

Use jars as decorative items (1)

To create pretty, homemade candle holders at a lower cost, take empty glass jars and place a colorful candle in them, preferably large enough. You can then customize the jar with stickers, stencils, and paint, or just a pretty ribbon. For a more vegetal atmosphere, fill your jars with water and float a tea-light candle. Add a few rose petals or branches, being careful that the flame does not touch the plants.

2. Original candlesticks

Original candlesticks (1)

Here are some unusual DIY ideas! Take old spools of wooden threads, cover them with decorative paper or paint them any color you want and place large candles. To make an unusual candlestick yourself, stick a candle in a small pie dish, which you will have previously rounded. Guaranteed effect!

3. Surround the candles with cinnamon

Surround the candles with cinnamon (1)

It’s one of the easiest Do It Yourself to do, and it will last a very long time! In the store, buy several branches of cinnamon and form a small bundle around the candle, which you will tie with rope or a ribbon. For an additional decorative touch, you can stick small accessories reminiscent of Christmas like holly, for example. The advantage? Your candles will be delicately scented with cinnamon!

4. Divert everyday objects

Divert everyday objects (1)

Do you want to change the eternal candlesticks that you bring out every year at Christmas? Use empty bottles or jars you don’t need and paint them the same color as the candles you want to light. You will then obtain candle holders that are perfect for a contemporary or industrial interior.

5. Create poetic candle holders

Create poetic candle holders (1)

With paper, cut out pretty little houses and slip a tea light inside. You will have an illuminated village to lay out all along with your Christmas table. You can also create a candle holder by cutting the shape of a tree out of patterned paper, which you will then stick on a glass jar.

6. Make luminous fruits

Make luminous fruits (1)

For a warm Christmas, make original supports with fruit. Peel clementines and cut stars (or other patterns as you wish). The light from the candle will pass through in pretty orange tones. Another solution: empty small apples to place a tealight candle.

7. Create a bright centerpiece

Create a bright centerpiece (1)

In order to decorate your Christmas table inexpensively, place several candles of the same color but not different sizes on a tray and secure them. If you do not want to install them as a centerpiece on your dining table, put them all in front of a window to light up your room and so that the neighbors can enjoy them from outside!

8. The baroque style candle

The baroque style candle (1)

Back to the Baroque era with these decorative accessories in Christmas colors that tirelessly remind us of the magic conveyed by this event. Successful artistic work for unforgettable end-of-year celebrations!

9. Candles for the holiday table

Candles for the holiday table (1)

It is out of the question to leave the holiday table bare this year! Because it is here that the reunion takes place, around a delicious convivial meal with his loved ones. The opportunity to decorate it with these magnificent candles brings a note of modernity and tenderness to the table!

10. Christmas red

Christmas red (1)

A little romance at Christmas won’t hurt anyone! Because let’s not forgotten that this epic event is there to remind us of the importance of love and family solidarity, especially after a year truncated by all kinds of plagues.

11. The calendar candle

The calendar candle (1)

To immerse yourself in nostalgia for the days that will follow before Christmas, you can bet on this unique calendar candle. Its dazzling whiteness is divinely suited to all styles of decoration.

12. The golden candle

The golden candle (1)

Impossible to miss the magical Christmas atmosphere this year with this assortment of golden candles. A shimmering shade that discreetly immerses us in the magic of this long-awaited night and reminds us of all its beauty. Your guests will not be able to resist it!

13. Scented candles

Scented candles (1)

Make way for an environment with an intoxicating scent this winter for Christmas and the New Year! In addition to bringing an original touch of decoration, candles are also there to beautify your interior. A detail that will make the difference when everyone is gathered at the foot of the tree!

14. The glitter candle

The glitter candle (1)

Need more colors in your home to wow your loved ones at Christmas? Admire the fluorescent colors of these glittering candles with imperious charm. The white foam flowing at the top is sure to melt your guests’ hearts!

15. The candlestick

The candlestick (1)

Worthy of the greatest royal castles, these candlestick candles captivate at first glance with their imposing size. Also, the gray pearls which come to wrap gracefully around, simply leave one speechless. Warmth and light will be there at Christmas thanks to this vintage accessory.

16. LED candle

LED candle (1)

Make way for a chimerical atmosphere to celebrate Christmas and end 2020 on a high note. Whether you spend the evening as a couple or with the whole family, the bright red color of this sublime candle will make everyone agree.

17. Decorated candles

Decorated candles (1)

With its different dimensions, this harmonious set of decorated candles seduces the explosive marriage between red and gray. Store proudly on the holiday table or in a remote corner for a guaranteed magical effect at Christmas!

18. The tree-shaped candle

The tree-shaped candle (1)

What would Christmas be without the famous green fir trees and their delicate natural pine cones? This is why the designers have redoubled their inventiveness to give this occasion of the year its hour of glory! Result: these admirable mini Christmas tree candles, so adorable that we would like to display them all year round at home.

19. In vintage lanterns

In vintage lanterns (1)

Present your candles in beautiful vintage lanterns. Chic and retro effect guaranteed. You can hunt for lanterns and paint them to your liking to put your candles in. 

20. On pebbles

On pebbles (1)

In a long dish, place the pebbles between your candles. 

21. Hanging on the wall

Hanging on the wall (1)

Here is a nice project for DIY enthusiasts. Attach a ring and insert a glass cylinder. Then you can place your candles in it. 

22. On ferns and moss

On ferns and moss (1)

A great activity to do with children: collect moss and ferns on a walk in the undergrowth. Then, arrange your finds in a dish and add the candles. 

23. On the table in glasses

On the table in glasses (1)

If you have old, retro glasses that you don’t use, turn them into candle holders! 

24. In a vase with pine cones

In a vase with pine cones (1)

In a large stemmed glass, put white gravel, pine cones, and a white candle. 

25. Wrapped in pearls

Wrapped in pearls (1)

Here is a super easy decoration to make. Wrap pearl thread on a small glass vase.

26. In a candle holder on pearls

In a candle holder on pearls (1)

Even simpler! Put pearls in a small glass jar and add your candle to it. 

27. In a vintage bird cage

In a vintage bird cage (1)

Here is a very nice idea to arrange the candles. This bird cage has a little fairy tale twist. 

28. Floating on the water with wooden twigs

Floating on water with wooden twigs (1)

With a large glass of water and branches, you can make this decoration really very easily.

29. Under a glass bell

Under a glass bell

Place a fake candle under a glass bell. It is very fashionable at the moment in the decoration catalogs. 

30. On mismatched candlesticks

On mismatched candlesticks (1)

For a more original decoration, put all your candlesticks in a tray. This mismatched effect gives a very fashionable side. 

31. With wood and pine cones

With wood and pine cones (1)

Create a rustic centerpiece with a wooden board, pine cones, and different candles. 

32. On a piece of cut and decorated wood

On a piece of cut and decorated wood (1)

With a small log, candles, small trees, and figures, create a forest scene to place on the Christmas table. 

33. In a saucier

saucier candle decor

Recycle the unnecessary pieces of your table service to create a beautiful composition with candles. Here, this saucier finds a second youth. 

34. With transparent pearls

With transparent pearls (1)

Fill your jars with transparent rain beads and place a small candle on them. 

35. In decorated apples

In decorated apples (1)

Remove the core of a large red apple, and dig a tube-shaped hole. Then slip a small candle into it. You can also decorate the apple if you wish.