What was cool yesterday isn’t cool today. And then, twenty years later, the forgotten are making their comeback , orchestrated by designers inspired by styles of yesteryear. These micro trends have a real impact on our wallet. We let ourselves be seduced , and a few months or years later, we can no longer see in painting this object which had yet triggered a real crush.

To avoid this feeling of weariness, there is only one solution: bet on sure values , timeless styles, in short, timeless ones. To help you in your choices, here is a list of 90 decorating ideas that have survived the years without aging.

1. Scandinavian sideboard

candinavian sideboard (2) - Copy

Straight from the Nordic countries and the 1940s and 1950s, the Scandinavian sideboard has never ceased to seduce our modern interiors. In its traditional teak version , or reworked by current designers in unexpected materials such as rattan cane, it is unanimous among decoration enthusiasts. Thanks to its large storage capacity as well as its low lines, it meets the desires of minimalism and character every time.

2. A framed TV

A framed TV

How difficult it is to integrate television into the life of the house. Although the models are more and more discreet, she does not find favor in the eyes of all. The simplest solution : frame it before fixing it to the wall . And if you are not a DIY expert, you have the option The Frame signed Samsung which offers you four frame colors and three screen sizes.

3. A library on racks

A library on racks

Inexpensive and easy to make at home, the bookcase mounted on racks responds 100% to timeless decor. Once the shelves are installed, all you have to do is place your books, plants, photo frames and of course your favorite decorative items. Perfect for giving character and function to a wall that lacked it.

4. A brown leather sofa

A brown leather sofa

Although often associated with industrial style , brown leather sofa now seems to gain ground the more interiors side design. Less raw, more refined lines , it is appreciated when it is mounted on delicate wooden feet or, on the contrary, on a shiny metal structure.

5. Nesting tables

Nesting tables

To save space as well as to punctuate the space, nesting tables are true allies of a timeless decoration. In wood or metal, contemporary or largely inspired by the 1940s and 1950s, for two or three… the selection could not be more complete . If you like to hunt around, don’t be afraid to mix models that are not quite similar but which physically enjoy each other.

6. The Acapulco armchair

The Acapulco armchair

The Acapulco armchair is an emblematic piece of outdoor design. And yet, for several years now, this metal seat braided with scoubidou thread has been making its show in the living room. Associated with the tropical style , it invites itself in all colors, is covered with a pretty sheepskin or cozy cushions to make it even more comfortable.

7. Logs as decorative objects

Logs as decorative objects (2) - Copy

Don’t be afraid to display them anymore ! What if the wooden logs were elevated to the rank of decorative element? Neatly aligned in a corner of the fireplace, nicely staged in a basket or even stacked in a suitable structure… they blend into the decor without the slightest difficulty.

8. A plastic rocking chair

A plastic rocking chair

In the early 1950s, Charles and Ray Eames created this seat with a fiberglass shell , mounted on a metal and wood base. The design has survived the decades without taking a wrinkle, fiberglass has been replaced by plastic and new colors have emerged. In a contemporary or more classic living room, this rocking chair will have no trouble finding its place.

9. A bistro chair

A bistro chair

You don’t need to be on a Parisian terrace to appreciate the charm of bistro chairs. With their turned wood frame and their cane seat, they are clearly timeless. To associate without delay with a table in raw wood, as with a marble table!

10. The dresser in the dining room

The dresser in the dining room (2) - Copy

Although it was not unanimous for a long time to display your dishes, it seems that the dining room seems to be reappropriating this trend. Brought up to date and above all less imposing, today’s china cabinet allows you to hide what you don’t want to show, and reveal the pieces you want to display. Contemporary, Scandinavian or more rustic lines, it comes in all styles.

11. Mismatched chairs in the dining room

Mismatched chairs in the dining room (2) - Copy

Accompanying your table with chairs with different lines is a sure bet in the dining room. Provided of course, to know how to match them correctly! From designers, vintage, Scandinavian, industrial, bistro seating, be careful not to mix too much at the risk of missing the mix and match effect.

12. A farmhouse table

A farmhouse table (2)

Friendly and gently reminiscent of the atmosphere of country houses , the farmhouse table does indeed join the list of timeless decorative pieces. Raw, weathered through the years and easy to adopt, regardless of the interior style, it is more than prized on the old market . Fortunately for us, the big brands have sensed its decorative potential, and pretty new versions exude a crazy charm.

13. Stoneware plates

Stoneware plates

With the craze for rustic chic style, stoneware tableware has its role to play more than ever. Staged on a farm table, it gives birth to a dose of simplicity that we are increasingly looking for. For a serene table, you now know what to bet on!

14. Cutting boards

cutting boards

Indispensable in the kitchen when it comes to preparing meals, it seems that the cutting board is also set up as a star decorative element. It is also in the accumulation game , fixed to the wall or simply placed on the worktop, against the splashback, that she enjoys the most.

15. A central island

A central island

Having become a true decorative reference , the central island has not ceased to seduce modern interiors. Welcoming storage, sometimes a bar area, the sink or even the hob, it is this little corner of the house around which we like to spend time and meet up.

16. Small pastel household appliances

small pastel household appliances (1) - Copy

Adding a touch of pizzazz to the kitchen also means choosing a fun and elegant appliance. Available in many colors, toasters, robots, juicers or even coffee makers prove to us that the pastel trend still has a bright future ahead.

17. A brown wood kitchen

A brown wood kitchen

Being as close as possible to nature, even in the kitchen, is a desire that many decoration lovers have in recent years. To meet this strong demand, a trend has emerged : brown wood furniture. You read that right, drink and not imitation! Treated to support the energetic life of the kitchen, it brings warmth and serenity in the blink of an eye.

18. Shelves as wall units in the kitchen

Shelves as wall units in the kitchen (1) - Copy

Replacing wall units with shelves in the kitchen is a decorative idea that saw the light of day many years ago. Well, don’t be afraid to continue, it looks like this last one is on track to last.

19. A wooden salad bowl

A wooden salad bowl

With a decor that advocates a homecoming , wooden tableware has never been so popular. Our favorite : the turned wooden salad bowl that invites itself on Kinfolk tables, natural and especially summer.

20. The jars

The jars

If there is one room in which the zero waste trend has been illustrated in recent years, it is the kitchen! Glass jars have replaced plastic bags and cardboard containers, and are proudly displayed on the shelves . A label to indicate what is there, and that’s the job. A timeless decorative idea that can even make the pantry decorative …

21. Ceramic sinks

ceramic sinks

Modernized to adapt to the most modern kitchens, the ceramic sink does not forget its rustic origins. Very popular in interiors with a country look , it also gives a lot of charm to very designer spaces. With marble, terrazzo, brushed stainless steel and many other coatings, it is neat!

22. Enamel


Very fashionable in school canteens in the 1940s and 1950s, enamel has for many years been shunned in the kitchens. It was without counting on the strong comeback of this era in the inspirations of the designers who gave it a new lease of life. Available in soft colors, the enamel and its glossy appearance are popular today.

23. Storage headboard

Storage headboard

When space is scarce, every square inch is precious. To create additional storage without appearing to be, the headboard made up of several drawers, niches or even cupboards, is ideal. The plus: the upper part, which houses a pretty lamp, plants, photo frames, candles or any other decorative object.

24. A piece of bed

A piece of bed

To save storage while adding a decorative touch, the end of the bed can be found in the bedroom. Bench, chest, baskets, console or dedicated piece of furniture, any long piece can be installed there , provided of course that the latter does not encroach on the passage space.

25. Diverted bedside furniture

Diverted bedside furniture

What if we swapped the traditional bedside table for a piece of furniture that we weren’t necessarily expecting there? Wicker trunk, painter’s ladder, metal pedestal table, old crate or even stacked books, let yourself be carried away by all your decorative desires. Our favorite idea? The vintage bistro chair on which a bedside lamp and books coexist with charm but also practicality.

26. The open walk-in closet

The open walk-in closet

If for some the open dressing is a completely unacceptable idea, for others, who like order and have their wardrobe in front of their eyes, this is the trend that must absolutely be followed in the bedroom. Racks in aerial raw wood, copper tubes fixed to the ceiling, valet in a clothing store style, let your wardrobe blend into the decor, always keeping in mind that the deco success of this idea lies in the impeccable storage of your belongings.

27. Floral bed linen

Floral bed linen

It does not go out of fashion but is constantly reinventing itself. Floral bed linen is a classic that the bucolic-style rooms never tire of. While some prints are modernized every year, others retain their authentic identity. Traditional team or modern team? It’s up to you to decide.

28. A cabin bed in the kids’ room

A cabin bed in the kids' room (1) - Copy

More refined and above all configured so as not to encroach on the entire bedroom, the new generation of cabin beds has more than one argument to make us succumb. An adventurous or more poetic version, it becomes for the blond heads a space conducive to creativity where everything becomes possible.

29. The Parisian wardrobe

The Parisian wardrobe (1) - Copy

Manufactured in the 1940s and 1950s for small urban interiors , Parisian wardrobes have the ideal dimensions for rooms that suffer from a lack of square meters. Especially in the children’s room, where space is most often reduced. Appreciated in its repainted vintage version, it has also been reworked by the big brands who have largely drawn inspiration from their retro lines to design their models.

30. The savannah look for kids

The savannah look for kids (1) - Copy

The arrangement and decoration of the little one’s room can sometimes turn out to be a real headache when they grow up. To be sure not to be mistaken, head for sure values such as the savannah style, which is reinvented each year to stay on the podium of timeless decors. Lion soft toys, giraffe stickers, tent-style bed… the selection is wide.

31. A canopy

A canopy (1)

The canopy has this little thing that instantly creates a bit of magic in the room. If in the baby’s room, it has been installed for a long time, it gradually finds its place in the space of 5-10 years. In washed linen, very worked, it overhangs of course the bed but not only. Fixed in a corner of the room, it instantly transforms into a play area in a contemporary hut style. We love it, the children love it!

32. Contemporary play mats

Contemporary play mats (1) - Copy

We all have in mind the classic car circuit play mat , which could not be more unsightly. The latter, which never manages to fit into the decor of the bedroom, has been replaced in recent years by much more elegant models . Pastel colors , black and white graphics, relaxing designs… you just have to find the one that will please the most in the children’s room.

33. A tepee

A tepee

A play or reading space, the tepee is a permanent guest in the children’s room. Those who love to create huts will be served, by choosing to adopt a colorful Indian tent, it is a daily refuge that you offer them. Totally in trend, not a brand does not have its tailor-made tepee. It is therefore impossible not to find the perfect model.

34. A lion’s paw bathtub

A lion's paw bathtub (1) - Copy

The centerpiece of the bathroom, the antique lion’s foot bathtub is a strong character asset. Installed against the wall or in the middle of the island-style room, it creates a highly retro relaxation area. Style side, it’s the foot: it harmonizes with all atmospheres. You just have to get started!

35. Walk-in shower

Walk-in shower (1)

With or without a tray, the walk-in shower has established itself as a benchmark in contemporary bathrooms. Inspired by Roman baths, it has the advantage of adapting to all spaces and above all of having an infinite aesthetic palette : stone wall, mosaic floor… waxed concrete wall, pebble floor…, what a joy to be able to let your imagination run wild in this room!

36. A bamboo towel rail

A bamboo towel rail

In a very minimalist and natural spirit, the bamboo ladder transformed into a towel warmer is a timeless decorative idea. Easy to transport and move as needed, it can also be taken to travel to another room in the house.

37. A slow bathroom

A slow bathroom

Take the time, feel soothed … the bathroom goes into slow mode and becomes the ultimate relaxation area . On the decorative side, this translates into a decluttering of the room , the use of natural materials and products, the addition of a few candles and of course one or more plants to detoxify the atmosphere.

38. Wall faucets

wall faucets

If you are embarking on your bathroom renovation soon, this is the perfect opportunity to integrate your faucet into the wall. For the sink as for the shower or the bathtub, the wall systems bring a very contemporary style, totally in tune with the times. The most popular : matte black and the brushed brass model.

39. The lantern

The lantern (

Centuries old, the lantern has lost none of its usefulness and style. Legendary and timeless piece, it can be walked from the house to the garden, in solar version or equipped with a candle. In woven bamboo, wood or even metal, we let you fall for the look you like.

40. The Chilean

The Chilean

The time for relaxation has come! The deckchair with the traditional fabric seat is a real invitation to relax in the garden. Ideal for reading a book, it is also a decorative element in its own right. Offered in a wide choice of prints, it is often in its most plain coat that it is adopted. Practical, foldable and space saving, it is often found as essential for the development of a small garden.

41. The brazier

The brazier

To enjoy your outdoors, even when the temperatures are cool, it is essential to set your sights on the most trendy outdoor object of the moment: the brazier. Friendly, we install all around ottomans and low armchairs in order to meet to grill some delicacies.

42. Teak garden furniture

Teak garden furniture

Known for its legendary resistance , teak has been one of the leading trends for the garden for several seasons. To be adopted without moderation as a dining table or garden furniture, this is a timeless decorative trend for the outdoors!

43. A hanging chair

A hanging chair

The one who replaced the traditional swing would he also dethrone the hammock ? The woven rattan hanging chair is featured in the pages of all summer catalogs . Installed by many indoors , it is especially in the garden that it makes us dream. A touch of poetry, we like to relax there from the first rays of summer.

44. Pallet garden furniture

Pallet garden furniture

Easy to make yourself and above all inexpensive , the garden furniture made of pallets has been a must have for many years. Dressed in cozy pallet cushions and mounted on wheels for a more nomadic spirit, it has this chic recuperation side in line with the current upcycling trend.

45. Brass

Brass (1)

From small decorative objects to furniture, through lighting and fittings, brass makes interiors shine in more than one way. Its golden aspect, with soft reflections or patina, is as similar to the Art Deco spirit of the 1930s as to the more contemporary creations of the English designer Tom Dixon, to name but one. To be adopted without risk of a false note, but always sparingly!

46. 70’s decor

70's decor

In an XXL version or in a small size , the Dame Jeanne is this blown bottle that was used in the past to store wine. Become a decorative element in the 70s , it is today diverted into a soliflore or even a lamp when a delicate garland of LEDs is slipped in.

47. Portable lamps

Portable lamps

As their name suggests, portable lamps have the ability to be moved around at will . It is certainly for this reason that they are a must-have for a timeless decoration. Practical, they are installed on a shelf in the living room to create a reading corner, as on the headboard in the bedroom to replace the traditional bedside lamp.

48. Decoration with green plants

Decoration with green plants (1) - Copy

Soothing, purifying and above all very aesthetic, green plants have never left the podium of decoration trends. Scattered around the house , they take hold of nooks and crannies, shelves, side tables and even walls. To multiply without moderation!

49. Rattan


Very fashionable in the 1960s and 1970s, then neglected for several decades, rattan made its comeback almost ten years ago. Riding on more current designs and on the renewed interest in naturalness, it has the ability to blend into any decor . Armchair, sideboard, coffee table or even shelf, each piece leaves it a little space, both in its raw version and in its tinted version.

50. Marble


Long considered luxurious and impractical on a daily basis, marble has been reinventing itself for several seasons in order to adapt to the interiors of as many people as possible. Sober and minimalist, it adorns tables as well as kitchen worktops, not to mention small decorative accessories. If the white version is unequivocally the most popular, the black and green colors are also doing well.

51. The palm tree pattern

The palm tree pattern (1) - Copy

In vogue for several seasons, the tropical trend seems to be settling down in favor of less loaded prints. The star : the palm leaf motif, which takes center stage, both on walls with panoramic wallpaper, for example, and on household linen. To reign in a refreshing spirit, a bit of a change of scenery, there is nothing better!

52. The Tolix stool

The Tolix stool

Created in 1934 by the French Xavier Pauchard, the Tolix stools have not aged a bit. Considered icons of industrial design , they are as popular in loft-type interiors as in more classic spaces. No doubt thanks to the multitude of colors in which they have been declined in recent years!

53. The jute rug

The jute rug

Covering floors with natural materials is in perfect harmony with the decor line which advocates a return to basics. Following this wave, jute rugs can be found on their own or on top of each other in all the rooms of the house. Squares, rectangular, round, openwork… the models are available in many shapes and in all sizes . It is now essential for a timeless and timeless decor.

54. The April Vase at Tsé & Tsé

The April Vase at Tsé & Tsé (1) - Copy

Designed by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy in 1991, the Vase d’Avril is today considered a timeless classic . Inspired by Japanese ikebana, this vase isolates, thanks to its 21 tubes, each flower in order to highlight it. Ideal for unstructuring a bouquet with refinement!

55. The triptych mirror

The triptych mirror

Recognizable among a thousand with its three removable panels , the triptych barber mirror has survived the ages without ever losing any of its decorative power . Used mainly in the bathroom, it does not hesitate to travel to the other rooms, bedroom and living room at the top of the list. The advice for a bright wall: mix old and new models in various sizes.

56. The light garland

The light garland

Inside and out , the light garland makes its little LEDs sparkle to illuminate the decor. Suspended from the ceiling or at the head of the bed, placed on a fireplace mantel or in a metal basket, hung from the trees above the dining table in the garden, there are a thousand and one ways to stage it. Nomadic, it changes in addition to place according to your desires.

57. Handcrafted pottery

Handcrafted pottery

Very popular in the 60s and 70s, handmade pottery struggled to get off the sidelines. And yet, thanks to a new generation of craftsmen, it is regaining its letters of nobility . Appreciated by consumers in need of quality, it also responds to this desire for unique pieces and mastered know-how.

58. The Wabi-Sabi spirit

The Wabi-Sabi spirit

Appreciate and sublimate imperfections. Here is all the art of Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi poised to dethrone all the others. Simplicity and assumed minimalism , refined aesthetics where each piece, chosen with care, gives pride of place to authenticity … appreciating the beauty of the passing time and the transmission from generation to generation is undoubtedly the new cool .

59. Flax


Timeless and airy … linen and its pleasant embossed appearance have established themselves as a safe bet on the household linen shelves. As an adornment in the bedroom to embellish the bed as a tablecloth to dress the dining room table , we let ourselves be charmed by its undeniable natural appearance.

60. Mustard yellow

Mustard yellow

Inspiring the sunniest days of the year, mustard yellow has that little extra something to warm up interiors . Whether used in painting on the walls, in bed linen or in small decorative accessories, this color close to ocher can suit a rustic space as well as a more modern decor . It’s a trendy color for this year again!

61. The Hygge style

The Hygge style

Right inherited from our Danish neighbors, Hygge is a way of life that promotes well-being at home and a cocooning spirit. Warm materials, subdued atmospheres and natural materials are to be favored. For that, we rush directly towards the lamps equipped with a dimmer , the candles, the merino wool throws or the comforting cushions.

62. White square tiles

White square tiles (1) - Copy

Considered banal by some, square white tiles have nevertheless fervently accompanied kitchens and bathrooms for years. Perhaps the latter will reconcile with him, because today he knows how to reinvent himself . No big change, but a simple staggered installation accompanied by an elegant black seal makes all the difference.

63. Wall accumulation

Wall accumulation

What if decorating your interior with personality without cluttering it up required a judicious display on the walls ? The accumulation of frames, a timeless trend , never ceases to energize the room in which we dare it. At the headboard in the bedroom, above the sofa in the living room or on the wall in the hallway, this collection spirit brings an ounce of singularity as we like them.

64. The wired decor

The wired decor

Made from very fine metal wires, the objects and furniture stored in the “wired” category easily fit into the graphic and minimalist universe . Baskets, suspensions, side tables, shelves, they create a feeling of lightness in accordance with our desires for more refined interiors.

65. The jumble

The jumble

To create a decoration of your own , this requires the adoption of pieces that make it easier for us. The pell-mell, to be placed on a console or to be fixed to the wall has joined the rank of timeless. Accompanied by clips or hooks, we hang our prettiest photos , our sweet words, our memories … in short, everything we care about and wish to have daily in front of our eyes.

66. The terrarium

The terrarium

Staging your plant decoration is what the terrarium trend offers. Available in many sizes and shapes, it welcomes succulents and cacti in a small ecosystem that requires little maintenance from its owner. Ultra decorative, it settles in the four corners of the house, but beware, a nearby light source is essential for its survival.

67. A glass bell

A glass bell

To highlight a very personal object in the manner of cabinets of curiosities, an accessory is essential today: the glass bell. Welcoming treasures of nature, dried flowers, light garland and other creations, they stage like a trophy each piece you want to slip inside. Timeless, the glass bell is used all year round, but also for the holidays, as for the decoration of the Christmas table .

68. Sheepskin


Largely inspired by Scandinavian atmospheres, sheepskin has been warming our interiors for several seasons. Placed on an armchair to make it more cozy, installed on a bench in the dining room for more comfort or placed on the bedside companionway for gentle rises, it is a key trend that delicately accompanies our winters. In summer, it can be found to decorate small balconies, bringing a warm touch.

69. A glass roof

A glass roof (1)

Formerly reserved for workshops, the glass roof is today a real must have for trendy interiors . For example, we like the ideas of a glass roof in the open kitchen . Used to bring in light , separate spaces or even to create additional rooms without partitioning, this facade made of metal and glass has more than one trick up its sleeve.

70. The spirit of the collection

The spirit of the collection (1)

An accumulation of frames, plants, minerals, stoneware pots, old cameras… the collections are still on the rise. We avoid the dozens of frogs that invade the shelves and we focus on simple, minimalist and beautifully made objects. On the installation side, choose bookcases, fireplace mantels or even simple shelves. Note that scattering them around the house is also a great idea.

71. Country style

Country style (1)

Country chic interiors have that sweetness of life in which you immediately feel at ease. Forgotten, the too rustic aspect and hello to the soft colors that cover sofas and light wood furniture. From the entrance to the kitchen via the living room or the bedrooms, not a single room is left out, even for homes in town.

72. Scandicraft style

Scandicraft style (1)

New breath for the Scandinavian style that we were slowly starting to tire of. The clean lines and minimalism that characterize it are joined, with the Scandicraft trend, by some fantasies. The biggest change is without a doubt the addition of braided fibers, softer materials and subdued bohemian inspirations. The new Scandinavian style makes this trend timeless.

73. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus (1)

Star of florists, eucalyptus is that green touch that any trendy interior must have at home. As a fresh bouquet on the table or hanging upside down on the bedroom wall , it also plays the game of the flower crown or the herbarium once slipped into a delicate golden frame.

74. Farrow & ball’s off-black paint

Farrow & Ball's Off-Black paint (1)

The Farrow & Ball brand is to painting what the baguette is to French culture. A true reference, it offers a unique color chart where each color counts. This is particularly the case with its Off-Black color, this matte black that highlights the other shades with which it is associated. To create an atypical atmosphere, regardless of the room, it is a sure bet.

75. A string shelf

A string shelf (1)

An essential reference in Scandinavian design, the String shelf , created in 1949 by the Swedish Nisse Strinning, still has a bright future ahead of it. Airy, ingenious and above all very practical, it is an ally of storage in every room of the house. Modulate according to needs and available space, you can simulate the best layout for your home online.

76. White candles

White candles (1)

Decorative trends that never run out are also the great classics that we don’t always think about. This is the case with white candles, with which many decorations can come to life, from a fireplace mantel, to a tray on a coffee table, including personalized jars.

77. Berber carpets

Berber carpets (1)

We might have thought that this trend would eventually run out of steam, and yet, it seems more registered than ever in the must have of the moment. The Berber carpet, and more precisely the Beni Ouarain model , has not finished warming living rooms and bedrooms in the years to come. Its artisanal side is probably not for nothing.

78. The botanical trend

The botanical trend (1)

The garden extends into the house. Palm leaves, tropical style, herbaria, accumulation of green plants, dry bouquets … green is trendy, and all year round ! Often adopted to add freshness to the decor , the botanical spirit is the touch of greenery that nature-seeking city dwellers dream of.

79. Wooden crates

Wooden crates (1)

In perfect harmony with the reclaimed spirit that reigns supreme in the decorative universe, the wooden crate offers itself a second life in our interiors. Used as a basket in the living room to store throws, upright as a bedside table in the bedroom, stacked to create an original bookcase in the living room or even transformed into a flower box for the balcony, it is definitely full of resources!

80. The bohemian chic style

The bohemian chic style (1)

Make your interior travel … Bohemian chic decor is the power to create a feeling of escape using objects brought back from distant lands or inspired by know-how from around the world. If natural materials have an important role to play, old pieces are also popular . For a successful decor: the mix and match is essential , but the dosage must be perfect.

81. Canteen trunks

Canteen trunks (1)

Your interior is sorely lacking in storage to organize the ambient mess? Here is a very simple idea that you will never get tired of: the metal canteen. Pastel to slide the toys of the little ones into their room, sober for the bric-a-brac of the older ones, they simply stack up or hang out nicely in a corner.

82. IKEA’s Billy Library

IKEA's Billy Library (1)

In February 2019, IKEA’s famous Billy Library celebrated its 40th anniversary. So much in tune with the times , the latter now furnishes interiors around the world. Available in a multitude of sizes and colors, it can also be decorated with glass doors. Practical whatever its use , it is decidedly unanimous.

83. Hungarian Point parquet

Hungarian Point parquet (1)

Inseparable from the Haussmann style, Hungarian Point parquet is a bit like the holy grail of old apartments . With its slats arranged diagonally and oriented towards natural light, it energizes the space by giving it a crazy charm. To reproduce in new without hesitation!

84. Terracotta pots

Terracotta pots (1)

Accessory at a mini price , the terracotta pot has long been reserved for the use of the garden. But it was without counting on the plant mania and the bloggers who knew how to ennoble it by giving it a place of choice inside the house. Ideal for a simple and authentic decor , they are proudly displayed from the bedroom to the living room.

85. XXL suspensions

XXL suspensions (1)

Think big! Unusual, offbeat, and often surprising, the XXL trend is reinventing the way of arranging spaces. Adopted by lighting, and in particular by suspensions, it allows in this case a play of shadow and clarity that we are not ready to get tired of.

86. A retro speaker

A retro speaker (1)

New look for a new life. Completely integrated into our daily lives , the Bluetooth speaker has never stopped reinventing itself in recent years. But those for which our heart balances are the models with retro inspirations , easy to adapt to all styles of interiors.

87. A knitted pouf

a knitted pouf (2)

Practical and easy to move as needed, the pouffe is a must have. But not just any! Our favorite : the XXL knitted wool version that warms up the mood in the blink of an eye.

88. A piece of furniture

A piece of furniture (1)

Authentic and practical , craft furniture carries with it a story that we love to tell when we succumb to its charm. Draper’s tables, haberdashery counters, administrative columns or even hardware furniture, they take place in the house to find their primary function or to be diverted.

89. Cement tiles

Cement tiles (1)

Those lucky enough to live in the old can already enjoy the charm of decades-old cement tiles. For others, fortunately, the return of the retro and the authentic has caused a real tidal wave among DIY stores which today offer models inspired by those of yesteryear but also more contemporary versions of this colorful tile. . Used to delimit spaces or to give character to an entrance , it hits the nail on the head every time. To adopt it, no need to break everything, we now use the adhesive cement tiles.

90. A trolley on wheels

A trolley on wheels (1)

Long confined to transporting food between the kitchen and the dining room, the trolley on wheels is now much more than a serving hatch . First, its very contemporary design allows it to slip into any room and regardless of the utility you want to give it. Then, its practical aspect does not leave us indifferent either. From the mini bar to the library through the plant holder and the simple shelf, its uses are multiple and to be defined by their future owner.