There is a lot that can be said by what is being worn by a person, although it should not always be the be-all and end-all when it comes down to appearances.

The way an individual presents themselves could be considered an art form in itself, which is perhaps why there is no real strict dress code when it comes to visiting an art gallery or a museum. 

Fashion is a way in which individuals are able to express themselves, just as Dorit Levinstein is able to express herself through her brilliant art sculptures that are known to be rather unique pieces within the art world.

However, as with almost anything when it comes down to the way someone dresses for a particular occasion, there are some suggestions about what should and what should not be worn when visiting an art gallery. 

Nonetheless, many of them are just opinions and are not required, but they can help a visitor to feel as though they fit in within the crowd, rather than appearing a little out of touch, or perhaps a little too removed from the art on display.

Of course, working out what to wear can all depend on a number of different factors that are out of a potential visitor’s hands. For instance, the type of event that is taking place could easily dictate the dress code, whilst there may even be explicit rules stating what the attire should be and what is not allowed. 

Unwritten rules

Whilst it might not have been explicitly stated by the art gallery or the museum, there will be some clothes that will generally be frowned upon if worn as part of an outfit whilst attending an exhibition or a show that has been provided. For instance, shorts and footwear such as sandals, sliders and flip flops are considered a no-go, whilst even trainers can potentially be frowned upon if they are not of a smart nature.

Sophisticated and Sexy

A female looking to visit an art gallery should be looking sophisticated and sexy at the same time, according to some art gallery owners. They believe this look will make them fit right in, although they do warn that it is vital that it is not overdone, as appearing too sexy or too sophisticated could actually work against them.

It has been recommended that a black or white jumpsuit or pantsuit could be the perfect outfit for the occasion, whilst failing that, a blazer with a midi dress, fun skirt or flared pants will be perfectly fine. Accompanying the look, though, should be a pair of heels.

Coats and Blazers

For the gents that visit an art gallery, having a coat or a blazer is seen as a huge positive and one that is considered highly popular amongst owners. These items of clothing will typically fit into the ‘Sophisticated and Sexy’ category spoken about earlier, whilst they do not look incredibly formal or over the top and making an individual appear to be overdressed for the occasion.

In addition, it is widely accepted that a trench coat can be used, whilst women could also look to equip their outfits with a black blazer, if possible, as they will remain well within the accepted dress code.


Speaking about equipping outfits with things that can complement them, there are a number of different accessories that can also help to provide a look that an art gallery is perhaps looking for, whilst there are some accessories that should perhaps be avoided for such an occasion. 

Smaller items of jewelry that do not necessarily show off as a statement will generally be acceptable, such as small earrings and rings and necklaces can help to fit the ‘Sophisticated and Sexy’ look that seems to be the way to go, whilst a watch that is modest can also be a great touch.

Those that prefer to wear jewelry that has a novelty element to it, such as themed watches or rings, might want to take them off when visiting an art gallery as it might not be the place for them.

In addition, bags and shoes can help to complete the entire outfit, although it is wise to try and keep the colors to a minimum as the whole overall outfit does not want to be drowned out by an accessory that has been added. These items can still help to make the entire outfit stand out, but not so much whereby it is the only thing that does.