How to Choose Curtains, Tips and Ideas

In the past, curtains were simple coverings to subtly decorate windows. Today, things have changed, because they have become real decorative elements to discreetly preserve the privacy and brightness of the rooms. Between type of fabric, dimensions, finishes, the choice of a sheer curtain is quite an art. So, focus.

Choosing the right curtains for a living room

Choosing the right curtains for a living room (1)

The curtains help to make a cozy living room . These fabric panels protect visitors, create an intimate atmosphere, add a final decorative touch, block out the light or make the most of the natural light. Unlike dark colors, the colors clear visually enlarge the room. For windows that are too high, it is advisable to make visual breaksby choosing horizontal stripes and increasing the height of the valance. Conversely, in the case of windows that are too low, we will opt for vertical stripes. It is possible to set up a ceiling hanging system and choose curtains with piped pleats.

Choosing the right curtains for a living room1 (1)

The patterns of the living room curtains easily transform the visual perception, whether the ceiling is too high or too low. For example, fine stripes are shown in narrow rooms.

The point on the length and width of the curtains

The point on the length and width of the curtains (1)

The dimensions of the curtains should perfectly fit the doors and windows. Ideally, the best would be to have a meter more and at least 50 cm, because this excess will give the folds on the curtains. Thus, for a door of one meter, you will need a curtain two meters wide. The length, on the other hand, depends on the type of fabric. Indeed, a thick fabric will hold properly in place even if it is the same length as the door or window. For curtains of light fabric, like muslin, it is better to add 40 and 70 cm more to the length. This margin will provide some weight to the interior borders and prevent the curtains from flying the slightest gust of wind. If in doubt, it is recommended to add 10 cm to the measurements for fabrics that may shrink in the wash.

To take window curtain measurements, simply multiply the length of the rod by 1.5 to 2. To get the height, start from the top of the rod to the ground. Here, two options are possible:

  1. Choose a drop of 2 cm above the ground (practical if the color of the fabric is light, because it does not collect dust);
  2. Choose a brittle , more contemporary drape, by adding 5 cm.

Choose your curtains according to the destination room

Choose your curtains according to the destination room (1)

Start by studying the room, its needs and areas for improvement, because each has its specificities. It is therefore essential to adapt the curtains to the space:

  1. In the kitchen, with the projections of grease and the ambient humidity, choose instead Venetian blinds that are easy to dust and clean. But if you absolutely want to install curtains for decoration, then opt for polyester models that are easy to wash in the washing machine.
  2. In the living room, it is a question of choosing a light and discreet fabric to protect yourself from the vis-à-vis, but above all to create an intimate atmosphere by letting the light filter through. The ideal? A sheer curtain in cotton, polyester or linen.
  3. In the bedroom, we prefer blackout curtains to be able to plunge the room into complete darkness at nightfall, but also to create a subdued and Zen atmosphere during the day. Objective ? Block the light.

Colors and patterns for living room curtains

A wide range of patterns and colors of coffee curtain is available in specialty stores. The panels are chosen according to the color of the walls, furniture, floor and ceiling.

  • For a classic and chic decor

For a classic and chic decor (1)

The living room curtains colored solid are perfect for an interior design chic and sober. Choose from among white, light gray, beige and off-white.

  • In the case of a modern decoration

In the case of a modern decoration (1)

As part of a modern decoration, the brightly colored curtains bring a touch of dynamism and modernity.

  • To keep an original style

To keep an original style (1)

The curtains lend themselves easily to any decorative style. To keep a touch of creativity, zebra, leopard or liberty prints are ideal. Geometric patterns are a good choice for those who are worried about overdoing it.

Which fabric to favor for living room curtains?

Which fabric to favor for living room curtains (1)

Polyester is the star in terms of material for living room curtains. In addition, it is multifaceted and can take on the appearance of linen, cotton, suede or organza. A polyester curtain is practical because it is UV resistant, unlike cotton or linen. Likewise, it creases little. The ideal in a living room is to opt for a sheer curtain in linen, cotton or polyester. Polyester and cotton blend in with a contemporary feel, while linen is suitable for a country-style decor. The curtains in taffeta, silk and velvet bring a touch of refinement.

The spirit you want to breathe into the room is also a criterion to take into account when choosing your decorative curtains. Thus, cotton and polyester (the most common on the market) will blend well with a contemporary atmosphere.

Linen and cotton will be popular for a natural decoration with a country spirit, although they should be doubled to avoid fading due to UV. As for silk, taffeta and velvet curtains, they bring a touch of sophistication to the room in no time.

What colors should I choose for my curtains?

What colors should I choose for my curtains (1)

Final touch of a decoration, the curtains are chosen in the very last place according to the color of the walls, the floor, the ceiling and the furniture, even the beams. They provide warmth and have a real influence on the general atmosphere of the room. Hence the importance of choosing their color carefully! Note that in general light colors (white, cream, beige, mouse gray …) enlarge surfaces, unlike dark colors (black, navy, dark green …).

Choose between made-to-measure or ready-to-hang curtains

Choose between made-to-measure or ready-to-hang curtains (1)

Those who are short of time prefer ready-to-hang curtains , available in different sizes. To obtain a perfect drape, it is recommended to apply an iron-on tape which will serve as a hem. Custom-made confections, for their part, are interesting for atypical living room windows.

Tips for protecting yourself from people and the cold

Tips for protecting yourself from people and the cold (1)

Curtains associated with a light sheer curtain effectively protect people vis-à-vis without blocking the light and the view . You just need to install a double rod to place the curtains in front and the curtains behind. In addition, it is advisable to opt for thermal-lined curtains to avoid unpleasant sensations of cold in front of the bay windows. With a metallic insulating fabric on the back, this type of curtain is always blackout.

Some inspirations:

1. Polyester sheer curtains

Polyester sheer curtains (1)

Polyester curtains are the most common on the market. They have the advantage of being easy to maintain. For washing, it is recommended to gently clean the sheer by hand and with Marseille soap. In addition, they can offer a multitude of aspects: polyester sheer with linen look, polyester sheer with cotton look, polyester sheer with organza look, etc.

2. The sheer curtain

The sheer curtain (1)

This type of sheer is a good compromise, because it offers the simplicity of cotton. It is also characterized by the small touch of charm and authenticity of linen.

3. Linen sheer curtain

Linen sheer curtain (1)

The linen is a natural fabric that gives a touch of sweetness and authenticity to the piece. In addition, white linen is a versatile fabric. It is suitable for many spaces and can be mixed with colorful rooms like a turquoise blue wall.

4. Cotton sheer curtain

Cotton sheer curtain (1)

For a more matte and softer aspect of the curtains, it is recommended to opt for cotton.

5. Polycotton sheer curtain

Polycotton sheer curtain (1)

As its name suggests, the polycotton sheer is a mix of cotton and polyester . It has the advantage of being easy to maintain and ultra resistant.

6. The organdy sheer

The organdy sheer (1)

This sheer curtain offers a subtly mat finish. Real ultra light cotton muslin, organdy combines practicality and elegance.

7. The organza sheer curtain

The organza sheer curtain (1)

Organza is a synthetic material that provides a silky appearance to sheers and curtains. This material also lets light flood the whole room.

8. Sheer curtain in Shantung

Sheer curtain in Shantung (1)

Shantung is a silky fabric that easily catches the light.

9. Jacquard sheer curtains

Jacquard sheer curtains (1)

Those who prefer patterns will find what they are looking for in Jacquard sheer curtains. Indeed, Jacquard textiles have the particularity of integrating the creation of patterns within the fabric itself, like a floral motif. Thick and heavy, this material effectively hides the room from prying eyes.

10. The cheesecloth sheer

The cheesecloth sheer (1)

Slightly opaque, the cheesecloth is a light and fine fabric. It conceals the interior of the house while allowing light to pass through.

11. Design and contemporary sheer curtains

Design and contemporary sheer curtains (1)

Elegant and trendy, modern sheer curtains bring an ultra stylish decorative touch to a room. It can be printed, plain or even composed of a set of materials to offer an original effect.

The designer style curtains are perfect for bringing an ultra hype, ultra trendy touch to a room. From geometric patterns to graphic prints, through metallic effects, all these patterns will breathe a contemporary air into the decor of the home.

12. Scandinavian-style sheer curtain

Scandinavian-style sheer curtain (1)

Nordic decor enthusiasts will find what they are looking for with the Scandinavian-style sheer curtain. Symbolizing the sweetness of life, this type of sheer comes in soft and comforting shades with geometric prints.

13. Rustic-style sheer curtains

Rustic-style sheer curtains (1)

Sheer curtains with bucolic prints, sheers in linen look, curtains with cement tiles prints … Country-style curtains bring authenticity and charm to the decor of the house.

14. Sheer curtains in a classic chic style

Sheer curtains in a classic chic style (1)

This type of sheer has the advantage of being sober and timeless. Whatever the chosen pattern, printed, plain or sober, the piece will always have a chic allure.

15. Romantic style sheer curtains

Romantic style sheer curtains (1)

The romantic style curtains bring softness to the house. Small prints, soft tones, rosettes … romanticism invites itself into the living rooms for a touch of tenderness and charm.

16. Blackout curtains: effective protection

Blackout curtains, effective protection (1)

If your problem is to block the light, or to insulate yourself from the cold or the heat , choose blackout or insulating curtains. They preserve your privacy and provide a feeling of comfort. They are preferred in a room without shutters.

17. Sheers: a charming asset

Sheers, a charming asset (1)

On the contrary, to let in the light, opt instead for curtains. They dress the windows lightly and shelter exterior looks. They are suitable for a bedroom with shutters or in a living room.

18. Classic curtains: a decorative role

Classic curtains, a decorative role (1)

Classic curtains are comfortable , because they modulate the light and protect from people.

19. Thread curtains: a touch of fantasy

Thread curtains, a touch of fantasy (1)

Some more original curtains can have an exclusively aesthetic role.

20. Sheers + curtains: a successful combination

Sheers + curtains, a successful combination (1)

You can also combine a sheer curtain with curtains. During the day, preserve the view of your interior while letting the light pass through with the veil. In the evening, find more privacy with thicker curtains.

21. Eyelets: timeless and refined

Eyelets, timeless and refined (1)

Very widespread and very practical, the eyelets slide easily on the rod . They offer regular waves and a contemporary look to your decoration. Use this type of fastener if you regularly open and close your curtains.

22. The gathering braid: classic and refined

lighThe gathering braid, classic and refined (1)t and delicate (1)

This finish highlights the pleats of your curtains according to the spacing you want. This hanging system fits in a chic or romantic living room or bedroom.

23. Light and delicate

light and delicate (1)

These are small ribbons that are tied directly around the rod. I love them for their very decorative and aesthetic style . Choose this system if your curtains are kept closed most of the time or if your curtain is used to partition a space.

24. Clip rings: elegant and practical

Clip rings, elegant and practical (1)

They are more and more popular. Like eyelets, they make it easy to open and close curtains. In addition, it is possible to easily unhook its curtains to ensure their maintenance. This finish is best suited for fine and light textiles.

25. Patterns to wake up your decoration

Patterns to wake up your decoration (1)

Choose curtains that recall the tones or patterns of the small elements of your decoration, such as a cushion or a vase for example. Reserve patterned curtains for large, bright rooms so as not to overwhelm your decor.

26. Bright colors to give pep’s

Bright colors to give pep's (1)

You can play on trendy colors to create contrast if the rest of your decoration is sober. Color is a good idea to give the room some depth.

27. Discreet colors for sobriety

Discreet colors for sobriety (1)

You want colorful curtains but prefer discreet shades. How about a pastel curtain to bring softness to your room?

28. Geometric shapes for a graphic interior

Geometric shapes for a graphic interior (1)

The graphics and colorful curtains agree with solid colors . Geometric shapes are sure to add character to your windows.

29. Linen: refined and natural

Linen, refined and natural (1)

The linen curtains, very light and airy, let in the light .

30. Velvet: chic and warm

Velvet, chic and warm (1)

If you want to warm up the atmosphere and have a cozy effect, it is better to favor velvet curtains. It is a thick fabric, which beyond the style, allows the light to be obscured. They are suitable in a room in the Art Deco style.