20 Ways to Adopt Berber Rug in Your Home

In the living room, in the bedroom or even in the entrance, the Berber carpet definitely never leaves the decorative interiors. We love it first for its geometric patterns and its softness. Finally, a Berber carpet is a timeless decorative piece, which will adapt to all styles, bringing it character and elegance. It is all this that makes this piece a real must for decoration. Discover 20 ways to adopt the Berber carpet at home!

1. Industrial softness

Industrial softness (1)

In perfect harmony, the rug brings a little softness to the industrial style.

2. Ethnic touch

Ethnic touch (1)

Here, the graphic design of the rug complements the ethnic style of the room.

3. Color the floor

Color the floor (1)

In a room with relatively neutral tones, the colorful carpet awakens the whole.

4. Vintage Tradition

Vintage Tradition (1)

The pretty vintage dressing table is sublimated here by the lightly colored carpet.

5. Bohemian chic

Bohemian chic (2)

The colorful Berber carpet harmoniously complements the bohemian chic style.

6. In the bedroom too

In the bedroom too (1)

Little daily happiness to get out of bed and put your feet on a soft carpet!

7. Black, white, design

Black, white, design (1)

In this old interior with designer decoration, the Berber carpet finds its place perfectly, between tradition and modernity.

8. Simply elegant

Simply elegant (1)

In this living room, the carpet occupies the first role by coming to sublimate the furniture.

9. Bathrobe!

Bathrobe ! (1)

A Berber carpet when you come out of your bath? We love!

10. Must have

Must Have (1)

The Afaw rug, designed by La Redoute Interior, is so successful that it has its own Instagram account!

11. Fine lines

Fine lines (1)

The carpet comes to dress the room with finesse and elegance.

12. Escape room

Escape room (1)

A sweet escape without leaving the living room? We say yes!

13. Fluorescent touch

Fluorescent touch (1)

The fluorescent yellow by micro keys brings pep and energy to the living room!

14. Welcome home

Welcome home (1)

A nice carpet like this one at the entrance seems to tell us “take a seat, you are in the right place!”

15. Small room but big carpet

Small room but big carpet (1)

Think about it! In a small space, the carpet dresses the room by bringing warmth and character! 

16. Colorful entry

Colorful entry (1)

We love this pink entrance which is warmed by the colorful Berber carpet. 

17. Accumulation

Accumulation (1)

In the living room, Berber rugs pile up for a warm vintage atmosphere. 

18. Bedroom

Bedroom (1)

The pink Berber carpet invites itself under the bed for a cocooning atmosphere.

19. Carpet accumulation in the office

Carpet accumulation in the office (1)

In the office, Berber rugs blend together for a warm atmosphere. 

20. Dining room

Dining room (1)

In the dining room with black parquet, the Berber carpet creates a friendly atmosphere and illuminates the room.