25 Inspirations of Designer Chairs for Dining Room (1)

From the Scandinavian style to industrial design, including the vintage side and trendy materials, there are many designer chairs to furnish and decorate your dining room. In this article, chairs of all different styles, designs, textures and formats are collected so that you can find the model of your dreams , or at least find some inspiration.

1. A white seat and wooden feet

A white seat and wooden feet (1)

An enveloping white seat and natural wood legs make this chair a simple, refined piece of furniture perfectly in line with Scandinavian design .

2. The mixture of heather gray fabric and birch

The mixture of heather gray fabric and birch (1)

Real crush for this Scandinavian-inspired chair. Its birch feet come from a responsibly managed forest. Its refined and cozy seat is covered with a magnificent heather light gray fabric. And not to spoil anything, its design is timeless and will go through the years without going out of fashion.

3. Traditional Scandinavian design

Traditional Scandinavian design (1)

This chair is inspired by traditional Scandinavian design. Clean lines and curves , simple materials and a sober black color characterize it. Enough to transform your dining room into an elegant and refined place.

4. A simple and refined chair

A simple and refined chair (1)

What do we like about this chair? Attention to detail ! A seat that envelops, a matching cake that offers maximum comfort and refined wooden legs: this chair has it all. Do not hesitate to mix the colors for even more effect!

5. Smoked transparency

smoked transparency (1)

Choose a designer chair with smoky transparency , place it around a magnificent wooden table and admire the ultra sophisticated and modern result .

6. A set of 4 plexiglass chairs

A set of 4 plexiglass chairs (1)

Bet on total transparency with this set of four virtually invisible chairs . Made of plexiglass, they are very resistant , discreet and offer a rendering similar to that of glass.

7. Wood, plastic and fabric

Wood, plastic and fabric (1)

Mix the materials by choosing both wooden and plastic chairs , enhanced by a heather gray fabric seat . The result is surprising, but above all very pretty!

8. A teardrop-shaped chair

A teardrop-shaped chair (1)

What we love is the drop-shaped seat of this chair with an original and unique look . Enough to give a lot of character and style to your dining room! To finish convincing you, know that its high backrest provides good back support and its enveloping seat offers optimal comfort .

9. A chic contemporary look

A chic contemporary look (1)

This set of two chairs with a contemporary look is simply elegance embodied with a very charming retro touch. We particularly like the cozy velvet seat , the solid wooden feet and the magnificent foam blue color.

10. A sleek chair with armrests

A sleek chair with armrests (1)

Simple and efficient, this chair also seduces us with its small details: its green color, its look of a café chair and its airy side. This resistant chair also has the advantage of being able to be used both indoors and outdoors .

11. A designer chair with micro-armrests

A designer chair with micro-armrests (1)

This chair in 3 words: durability, sophistication and simplicity . We particularly like the micro-armrests where you can rest your elbows without getting in the way and reducing comfort.

12. A zigzagging chair

A zigzagging chair (1)

These chairs are amazing on more than one level! First of all, their zigzag design, then their rocking side. Not to mention their elegant, modern and contemporary look .

13. The combination of metal and leather

The combination of metal and leather (1)

We love the raw side of this wire mesh chair , softened by a soft leather seat . An ideal chair design for an industrial style dining room .

14. A 100% metal chair

A 100% metal chair (1)

Do you have a contemporary or industrial style dining room at home ? Then this chair will find its place there. Robust and solid , this completely metallic seat has a minimalist look that will stand the test of time without taking a wrinkle.

15. A graphic metallic design

A graphic metallic design (1)

The graphic silhouette of this chair is unlike any other… And that’s why we love it! But we also love it because it is handcrafted with an emphasis on ecology.

16. A schoolboy look

A schoolboy look (1)

Back to school benches , or almost, with this retro design chair that reminds us of those we used to sit on in class. Arranged around a large table, they will give a lot of style to the room and to your meals!

17. An inspiration from the 1950s

An inspiration from the 1950s (1)

Inspired by the design of the 50s , these updated chairs perfectly combine style and comfort . A sober wooden structure and a black padded seat characterize this product.

18. A half-Scandinavian, half-retro design

A half-Scandinavian, half-retro design (1)

The half-Scandinavian, half-retro look of this chair makes it one of a kind. The combination of light wood and the color white will bring a lot of brightness and clarity to your dining room.

19. The traditional rattan version

The traditional version (1)

Rattan is now a well-established trend and one that is not about to slow down… No problem for us since we are downright under the spell of this natural material. We find it here in a chair with a rather classic and timeless design, a sure bet to go through time without going out of fashion . And with the little white cushion placed on the seat, we are guaranteed to be comfortably installed in a very friendly dining room.

20. Rattan, bamboo and white metal

Rattan, bamboo and white metal (1)

A real favorite for this rattan and bamboo seat, half chair, half chair . We love its trendy and cozy design, but also its white metal feet. For maximum effect, arrange these chairs around a white table . You will get a bright and pleasant dining room where your guests will want to enjoy meals for hours!

21. Black metal and wood

Black metal and wood (1)

Who says industrial design, says return to raw materials . And with this chair, its black metal structure and its wooden seat, we’re right in it!

22. A refined design in leather and metal

A refined design in leather and metal (1)

Another combination of materials that works very well in industrial design is that of metal and leather . The proof with this superb chair in perfect harmony with the industrial style . On the one hand, we find a black metal structure with a sleek compass base. On the other, we have a seat and back in buffalo leather with a soft touch and a pretty brown color.

23. A soft and cozy chair

A soft and cozy chair (1)

You might sometimes think that industrial design is raw and cold. But this chair proves to us that this style can also be very cozy and relaxing . Its padded and soft synthetic leather seat invites us to relax. As for the thin legs, they add the hint of elegance to make this chair perfect!

24. A timeless chair

A timeless chair (1)

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, offers us a chair for less than 25 dollars. White in color, this chair seduces us with its simplicity, its timeless design and its ability to harmonize with several styles of tables and decor.

25. A sophisticated chair

A sophisticated chair (1)

Finding a sophisticated and designer chair at a good price-quality ratio is possible. The proof with this magnificent chair where attention to detail takes precedence. Its red imitation leather seat is refined and modern. Its black metal feet are thin and elegant. And the whole gives an impeccable result for a modern and minimalist dining room.