30 Inspirations for Blue Decoration to Create an Attractive Atmosphere (1)

Midnight blue, sky blue, indigo, turquoise… we never tire of this primary color! Dare to use blue in all its shades and hues to create an atmosphere that is sometimes energizing and refreshing, sometimes soothing and serene in your home.

1. Paint the window

The window frames of this white kitchen were repainted in an April Sky Blue by Benjamin Moore. Thus enhanced, there is no need to dress the window with curtains.

2. Bedroom decor in blue

Bedroom decor in blue (1)

With its large surface, the Parsons table next to the bed is practical and pretty. Its airy and light look adds an avant-garde touch to the decor of this bedroom. The blue of the headboard, the cushions, and the armchair enhance the whole.

3. Deep indigo walls

Deep indigo walls (1)

The walls of the restroom are deep indigo. The owner has added a sofa in the same tone.

4. Blue roof

Blue roof (1)

This chalet’s fireplace dominates the space, while deep blue ceilings, dark walls, and natural stone floors add warmth. A rattan sofa and armchairs covered with Sunbrella covers invite you to linger.

5. Wallpaper of the living room

Wallpaper of the living room (1)

If this space is perfect for reading, it is just as perfect for entertaining friends. In the niche, the Fornasetti wallpaper attracts attention, as does the blue sofa and its cushions with various textures.

6. Sofa and cushion covers

Sofa and cushion covers (1)

The black striped rug gives character to this entryway. The superposition of the different fabrics and patterns in shades of blue brings a beautiful dynamism to this space, without visually overloading the composition.

7. Kitchen decor

Kitchen decor (1)

Designer Nicola has chosen a soft and light decoration in shades of blue for her bright kitchen. Pastel blue cabinets have been combined with a more pronounced blue island, for more character.

8. Turquoise blue door

Powder blue door (1)

Wanting to give a playful and colorful touch, at the entrance, the owners chose a serene turquoise for the main door. This matches the gray facade of the house.

9. Blue living room

blue living room

The paneling creates a seaside atmosphere in this basement. The domain of the owners’ boys, this space combines robustness and comfort. Sunbrella blue fabric covers the huge sectional sofa, and a ridged wool rug adds softness underfoot. The two coffee tables come in handy, as they can easily be moved when young people want to play video games or organize a movie night.

10. Gray-blue in the kitchen

Gray-blue in the kitchen (1)

The gray-blue of this country kitchen highlights white crockery and chinoiserie.

11. Add little soft blue

Add Little soft blue (1)

Soft colors evoke calm and elegance. In the guest bedroom and the rest of the house, traditional wooden double windows are accented by rich gray frames.

12. Modern bedroom

Modern bedroom (1)

Quilted bedding and lattice mirrors over the bed add texture and pattern.

13. Ocean-inspired blue

Ocean-inspired blue (1)

The living room marries the ocean-inspired blue and white palette. A cathedral ceiling accommodates the two-level wrought iron chandelier.

14. Blue-gray paneling in the kitchen

Blue-gray paneling in the kitchen (1)

The open storage creates a relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen where the blue-gray paneling emphasizes the ceramics of Eva Zeisel.

15. On the dining table

On the dining table  (1)

To echo the fresh and frank flavors of the buffet, a blue and white palette is crisp. A white linen tablecloth on a barn wood table brings a casual look. The large ceramic bowl filled with fresh flowers is a must-have for spring.

16. Warm bedroom

Warm bedroom (1)

The owner likes to move objects and modify the furniture or the decor. “It helps create change in the house,” he says. The palette creates a fairly masculine vibe, softened by warm textures and finishes.

17. Dark blue in the kitchen

Dark blue in the kitchen (1)

A dark blue accent wall gives the kitchen a luxurious look. In the kitchen, the designer chose a stylish ceiling lamp for its vintage look. She installed 12 ”deep kitchen cabinets in the center of the back wall to create storage space. Symmetrically hung on either side, she placed attractive mirrors on chains, as well as brass sconces.

18. Blue-green hue

Blue-green hue (1)

Embellish a pillow with a stylized monogram embroidery or personalize a linen throw. Tailor-made wool linens and a padded headboard give a masculine touch and anchor the room to the walls in a blue-green hue.

19. Children’s room

Children's room (1)

For the little one’s bedroom, the owner, Nicola Marc, covered an antique bed with the broken rattan frame with a playful fabric and painted it royal blue. The canopy emphasizes the height of the ceiling. A painted panel surmounted by an old shelf presents a family collage. Handmade Christmas stockings are a staple in the owner’s home. The Christmas stocking for the nursery was made by the seamstress and is a mixture of textures. The base is in quilted natural linen and the top fabric has pretty patterns.

20. Turquoise metro-style tiles

Turquoise metro-style tiles  (1)

Inspired by pools from the 1960s, the owner used turquoise metro-style tiles for the backsplash. This color, coordinated with the white and gray walls, amplifies the seaside spirit of the space.

21. Vintage decoration with blue

Vintage decoration with blue (1)

A very large black framed mirror and forsythias highlight the size of this small space. Vintage finds transform this condo entrance into a stunning, traditional space.

22. Different shades on the wall

Different shades on the wall (1)

In this traditional space, different shades of blue on the walls and the fireplace mantel blend harmoniously to create a warm effect. Above the fireplace, a beautiful hand-embroidered paisley-patterned fabric acts as a work of art. Sumptuous custom-made cushions bring a sofa to life. The burgundy frieze made with a stencil is a subtle decorative detail.

23. Turquoise blue for a refreshing decor

Turquoise blue for a refreshing decor (1)

For a more refreshing atmosphere, choose turquoise blue which both energizes the room while offering a soothing atmosphere. With white, the duo is at the top!

24. Deep blue that invites you to travel

Deep blue that invites you to travel (1)

In this interior, the blue makes the room travel to exotic countries thanks to its deep hue. With chocolate and dark wood, the scene is set.

25. Bright blue for a modern atmosphere

Bright blue for a modern atmosphere (1)

In this interior with a total blue look, several shades are used to give depth to the decor. However, we choose rather bright shades of blue that energize the whole room.

26. Grayish blue for a seaside effect

Grayish blue for a seaside effect (1)

How not to think of the seaside style when you talk about blue? We then choose a slightly grayish blue that evokes the colors of the sea. We combine it with natural materials such as wood.

27. Almost white blue for a clean look

Almost white blue for a clean look (1)

Here, the blue is so clear that it can appear white depending on the brightness of the room. We associate it with a concrete and natural fiber decor for an original seaside atmosphere.

28. Ice blue for a designer atmosphere

Ice blue for a designer atmosphere (1)

With this light blue almost gray, the atmosphere becomes pure and designer. We then associate this color with refined furniture and colors such as black and white to accentuate the effect.

29. Blue for an urban look

Blue for an urban look (1)

In this bathroom, make way for an urban atmosphere with a denim-inspired blue backdrop that we combine with modern materials such as metal for a dynamic city-style look.

30. Frost blue for a soft atmosphere

Frost blue for a soft atmosphere (1)

In this living room where calm and voluptuousness reign, the very light blue frosty style contributes to the soothing and very Zen atmosphere of the decor.