As winter approaches, a transformation takes place in the house to give life to a comforting and warm atmosphere. The objective: to help us face bad weather and temperatures approaching zero thanks to an interior fitted out like a refuge. But who are the best allies to activate winter mode in your decor?

XXL woolen plaids, faux fur rugs, seasonal crockery, auxiliary lighting, thick materials… Find winter decorations and the perfect accessories for a 100% cocooning atmosphere.

1. Large, thick, very warm blankets

Large, thick, very warm blankets (1)

Very thick blankets, very warm, to put on the sofa to be right in the “comfort deco” movement.

2. A leopard duvet cover

a leopard duvet cover (1)

To warm up the atmosphere in your bedroom, bet on bed linen, such as this leopard print duvet cover.

3. A giant plush fleece pillow

A giant plush fleece pillow (1)

For even more comfort, add a giant plush fleece pillow to your bedroom, easy to carry from bed to sofa with its handle.

4. A canopy to transform your bedroom into a cocoon

A canopy to transform your bedroom into a cocoon (1)

A cozy and cocooning and very bohemian decoration trick that works in children’s and adults’ bedrooms.

5. A super cozy rug as a bedside rug

A super cozy rug as a bedside rug (1)

For gentle awakenings, even on cold days and especially if you have tiled floors, place a super cozy faux fur rug as a bedside rug.

6. Fairy lights that hang everywhere

Fairy lights that hang everywhere (1)

Inexpensive, super-efficient. Decorate your bedroom or even your living room with light garlands, easy to hang from anywhere, to warm up the atmosphere and bring a cozy touch this winter.

7. A macrame wall weave to replace a headboard

A macrame wall weave to replace a headboard (1)

To make yourself or to buy, the hanging weaving allows you to revamp a sad and too cold white wall. 

8. Battery-powered LEDs to light up your decor

Battery-powered LEDs to light up your decor (1)

These battery-powered LED string lights bring a warm touch to everyday objects, for example, you just need to slip them into vases or glass jars. They come in different colors, and you can use them for your inexpensive Christmas decoration.

9. Thick velvet curtains

thick velvet curtains (1)

To insulate your interior from the cold outside in winter, hang thick curtains in your living room and bedroom.

10. Velor sleeping pads

velor sleeping pads (1)

In a corner of your living room or bedroom, place velvet mattresses directly on the floor, perfect for creating an atmosphere that is both chic & cozy … You can also use these mattresses for pallet furniture.

11. A sheepskin effect rug

a sheepskin effect rug (1)

As a bedside table or to place everywhere in the living room, here is a cozy and inexpensive accessory to warm the floor in winter.

12. A kit for a cocooning evening

A kit for a cocooning evening (1)

Want to stay at home? Here is the perfect kit for a cocooning evening, it includes a mug, a candle, a pair of woolen socks, a sleep mask, and a puzzle.

13. A very soft heating pad

A very soft heating pad (1)

A super-soft microwave-safe cushion made with natural buckwheat grains and lavender. A cozy accessory that also helps soothe pain …

14. An eco-friendly & economical mini heater

An eco-friendly & economical mini heater (1)

Egloo is the name of this decorative and practical accessory, tested and approved by Homelisty!

15. A giant fur pouf

A giant fur pouf (1)

If you have the budget, and the space in your living room to automatically switch to cocooning mode.

16. A pretty colorful shower curtain

a pretty colorful shower curtain (1)

Add colorful and vegetal touches with this shower curtain, certainly the easiest way to warm up your bathroom decor.

17. Bohemian style bath mat

bohemian style bath mat (1)

Do you like Berber and Bohemian-style rugs? The good news, this model is intended for use in the bathroom …

18. A mermaid plaid

A mermaid plaid (1)

A blanket that is both original and cocooning to chill on the sofa this winter.

19. USB hand warmers

USB hand warmers (1)

In the shape of a unicorn, to warm your hands all winter.

20. Warm slippers

Warm slippers (1)

To never leave your home again this winter …

21. A metal lantern

a metal lantern (1)

Who says winter, necessarily means less light in the house. The opportunity is therefore found to adopt nomadic lights that will follow us according to our desires and needs. The most suitable for the situation: LEDS lanterns or those in which pretty candles slip in.

22. A knitted pouf

a knitted pouf (1)

To add warm and welcoming decoration to the living room, we put on the extra seats on which friends and families meet throughout the winter in the living room. To create a cocooning and comforting atmosphere, we use knitted poufs.

23. A washed linen bed set

A washed linen bed set (1)

If washed linen keeps freshness in summer, it also has the advantage of retaining heat in winter. For a cocooning bed at will, no need to swap our summer sets for winter ones. Linen ones do the job all year round. To still warm the sleeping area, we put on a quilt or a thick blanket in warm shades.

24. A candle that inspires the Hygge

A candle that inspires the Hygge (1)

Hygge, a Danish art of living that promotes cocooning and well-being at home, is expressed at Maisons du Monde in the form of scented candles slipped into a pretty glass container. Chic and warm!

25. Thick curtains on the windows

thick curtains on the windows (1)

When winter arrives, the light sails of summer give way to warm and cocooning curtains to beautifully frame the windows. With its discreet Jacquard patterns and its soft, neutral color, this ecru model from Maisons du Monde will find its place in a living room as well as in a bedroom.

26. A winter mug

A winter mug (1)

The dishes also change their face during the winter! In the cupboard the plates and cups with tropical patterns and place for seasonal designs. If snowflake designs are still on the rise, we are also turning to forest animals, such as this porcelain fox mug that will delight older children.

27. An imitation fur rug

an imitation fur rug (1)

Here is a shocking ally to face the cold season in the house! The faux fur rug is as decorative as it is warm for the feet, which benefits from it at the foot of the bed. Another idea to use them: on an armchair in the bedroom, on a bench around the dining table, and even directly on the sofa in the living room!

28. A corduroy sofa

a corduroy sofa (1)

A star material this winter, corduroy is taking over sofas at Maisons du Monde with chic models at low prices. Whoever does not dream of lounging for hours in the warm chocolate-colored Holden model raises their hand ?!

29. A knitted plaid

a knitted plaid (1)

To spend winter in all serenity, we put for the sofa on accessories that advocate 100% cocooning. At Maisons du Monde, it’s this XXL woolen blanket that seems perfectly suited to our evenings and weekends, rolled up warm in front of a series or a good book.

30. A light cotton tablecloth

A light cotton tablecloth (1)

With its light gray color and discreet stripes, this tablecloth from Maisons du Monde is the blank page of a winter table. To accompany without moderation with woven placemats, seasonal crockery, and festive accessories when Christmas and New Year come: clear balls, minimalist trees, and elegant LEDS garlands.

31. An amber glass vase

An amber glass vase (1)

While in summer, we seek transparency at all costs to make the decor lighter, in winter, we do not hesitate to add here and there a few pieces in amber or smoked glass. Like this gradient tinted vase that brings texture and warmth to the decor.

32. A faux fur cushion

A faux fur cushion (1)

Just like the rugs, the cushions also play the faux fur card in winter decoration. We adopt them without risking the wrong note on a leather sofa as on a fabric sofa. They are also perfect as a decorative cushion on the bed, or on a rattan armchair in the bedroom.

33. A crochet basket

a crochet basket (1)

To slip into the decor of the living room or bedroom each winter: this cotton crochet basket.

34. Extra soft & comfortable plaids

Extra soft & comfortable plaids

Indispensable for winter, and therefore to accumulate in the living room. Take advantage of the different colors to revamp your sofa with cocooning linens.

35. An original light garland

An original light garland

Faithful accomplice of cozy and cocooning atmospheres, the light garland is getting a makeover this winter with an original design, easy to adopt in any room. Here, small flasks filled with sand add a decorative note to the wall, perfect at the head of the bed or above the sofa.