22 Ideas of Kitchen Designs With Lavish Black Cabinets (1)

As a neutral color, black never goes out of fashion. Black color is very flexible, it can be incorporated into your interior design in many ways. If you are bold and brave enough, use black in your kitchen. For this, we suggest the black cupboards. They are very elegant, can be incredibly spectacular. They are timeless and modern at the same time.

1. Wooden kitchen cupboards

Wooden kitchen cupboards (1)

If you like wood, incorporate a design with darker colors. The almost black stained wood cupboards are definitely for you. A few golden details will provide a more luxurious setting.

2. The black and white combo

The black and white combo (1)

The purity of white with the elegance and power of black can create an interesting combination in the atmosphere of a kitchen.

3. The layout of the cupboards

The layout of the cupboards (1)

The most common is the U shape. Here, the cupboards are distributed over the three walls. There should be enough space between the three elements.

4. A touch of red

A touch of red (1)

Whether for the modern or rustic kitchen, red goes perfectly with black kitchen cabinets. This marriage will generate energy, dynamism and a positive effect on the appetite.

5. Black cupboards for contrast

Black cupboards for contrast (1)

Black is a timeless color, but it doesn’t have to be the color of attraction in the kitchen. You can use it as an accent color to create a nice contrast in a mostly white kitchen.

6. Elegant and minimalist

Elegant and minimalist (1)

White walls with black kitchen cabinets can be very sleek and sophisticated, but at the same time, this mix brings a nice dose of minimalist style. You can always combine black and white with natural wood to get a very modern look.

7. Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning (1)

The color black will allow you to create a very chic kitchen, but it requires a lot of attention and maintenance. Stains, fingerprints and dust are more noticeable on dark surfaces. To be honest, black closets require more frequent cleaning than others in different colors.

8. Use some colors with black cupboards

Use some colors with black cupboards (1)

The kitchen is a room in the house where light and fresh colors are often used for its decoration, such as cream, pale green and white. The bravest can try warm colors such as red and yellow. But the black which is the symbol of elegance can be used without hesitation for the decoration of the kitchen.

9. Black kitchen with matte black cabinets

Black kitchen with matte black cabinets (1)

Matte black is in the spotlight in contemporary kitchens. Contrary to what you might think, cabinets with a matte finish are just as easy to clean as other finishes. And the result is splendid. The trend is towards cabinets without visible handles and we like it! Black goes perfectly with noble materials such as wood and brick for example. Dare to juxtapose them for a decor with more character.

10. Black and wood kitchen

Black and wood kitchen (1)

Wood, with all its essences, goes perfectly with black cooking. Black finish cabinets with wood countertop, wood cabinets with black backsplash, half wood and half black cabinets, all combinations work wonderfully. You just have to find yours. Would you like to paint your white melamine cabinets black? 

11. Black and marble kitchen

Black and marble kitchen (1)

Black and marble are chic! Marble or imitation marble is also a timeless and practical choice. Resistant, durable and easy to clean, marble is ubiquitous in contemporary kitchens. Dare to use marble on the floor, on the kitchen backsplash, as a counter or on the island level. The result is superb with cabinets with a matte black finish! If you like the look of a black and white kitchen, check out our White Kitchen post to get inspired and take on your brighter side!

12. Black kitchen with color accents

Black kitchen with color accents (1)

Are you the colorful type? The black kitchen pairs perfectly with trendy colors like green and pale pink. Add materials such as wood to create a unique and personalized decor. If you don’t feel like painting an entire wall, add color to the accessories. Colorful chairs or benches, a more popping light, colorful vases or crockery, anything is possible. Be creative! Find more shades in our Kitchen Color Trends 2020 post. And before you jump into painting, check out our top tips and tricks for painting your kitchen, and don’t forget to give your leftover paint a second life after your project.

13. Black kitchen with copper or gold

Black kitchen with copper or gold (1)

In addition to wood, marble and trendy colors, the black kitchen goes perfectly with the gold. That’s good because brass, copper and gold finishes are popular. Integrate them with kitchen accessories, chairs, lighting, taps or even cabinet handles. You can also opt for a copper ceramic backsplash as in the image above. Here are more inspirations for the perfect backsplash in your black kitchen.

14. Choose cool tones

choose cool tones (1)

To paint your kitchen walls with a light touch, choose cool tones. White or gray go stylishly with a black and wood room. They reflect natural light and make the room larger.

15. Contrast soberly with the walls

contrast soberly with the walls (1)

The black and wood furniture will contrast soberly with the walls. A nice way to embrace the trend without a gray area.

16. Beige with black cabinets


Beige is the warm tone closest to wood. It offers a fresher touch to black and wood cooking.

17. Sublime decoration

sublime decoration (1)

In immaculate white, the kitchen is adorned with light. Only downside, it will be essential to maintain and clean your kitchen very regularly. A sublime decoration idea, perhaps not suitable for large families.

18. Charming and elegant kitchen

charming and elegant kitchen (1)

For a charming and elegant kitchen, enjoy a wooden floor. Thanks to a reminder of the woodwork of the worktop, the parquet will give a warm touch to your black kitchen.

19. Raw and dark sides fit perfectly into the codes of kitchens

raw and dark sides fit perfectly into the codes of kitchens (1)

We have seen how to brilliantly embrace the decorating trend of your kitchen. What if we mix trends and styles? The raw and dark sides fit perfectly into the codes of kitchens with a workshop look. A simplicity and an authenticity which invite themselves in your kitchen decoration.

20. Simplicity of black

simplicity of black (1)

The simplicity of black and the naturalness of wood are ideal for adopting the Nordic trend in the kitchen. Functional, the space is more airy and softer. Each meal preparation will be done in the heart of a universe conducive to relaxation and serenity.

21. Home without damaging your decor

home without damaging your decor (1)

We have too little time to enjoy our loved ones. So why have to choose between cooking and enjoying our family. The open black and wood kitchen allows you to no longer cut yourself off from the rest of your home without damaging your decor.

22. Beautiful open kitchen available in black and wood

beautiful open kitchen available in black and wood (1)

Another element to take into account for a beautiful open kitchen available in black and wood: the decoration and style of your living room. The living room and the dining room must remain the centerpieces of the interior.