10 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen in Black and White (1)

White for its simplicity and black for its elegance … the black and white duo remains timeless in terms of decoration. It is particularly integrated into the kitchen to give it a modern touch. How to adopt this style in the rules of the art? Here are some ideas to get inspired.

1. A dynamic combination

A dynamic combination (1)

Unlike some weird color combinations, black and white never goes out of style. It’s a classic duo that has the power to stay stylish over the years. And yet, two black and white designs can be totally different.

2. An absolute contrast in the kitchens decorated in black and white

An absolute contrast in the kitchens decorated in black and white (1)

Technically speaking, you need at least two colors to make a real palette. However, a black and white kitchen can be sufficient on its own without the need to add a third color. Nevertheless, everyone is free to bring their accent color to accompany the black and white duo.

3. A touch of color

A touch of color (1)

The black and white duo is splendid. Nonetheless, their beauty can shine even more alongside an accent color. Black and white storage cupboards can be sublime when there is a third color around.

4. A good association

A good association (1)

How to combine the two colors is up to everyone and the possibilities are endless. Some choose a white storage cupboard to go with the black kitchen island while others prefer the opposite. Another option would be to use black and white together on the same surface; like the floor or the backsplash. Apart from the stainless steel appliances, those in black and white are also sumptuous.

These two totally opposite colors have a big impact on the mood in a room. Used on a large surface, they bring incomparable elegance. If you use it on smaller spaces or on small grounds, you will get a dynamic and fun atmosphere.

5. How to make a black and white kitchen decor

How to make a black and white kitchen decor (1)

In case you would like your kitchen to be totally decorated in black and white, it would be nice to choose a dominant color instead of using them with the same proportion. If white is the main color, the decor and atmosphere obtained will be fresh. Otherwise, black and as the main color, will establish an incomparable elegance. To soften the decor, go for the right accessories. Emerald green, different shades of gray… all colors can accompany black and white. It is enough to balance the whole well.

6. To marry with wood

To marry with wood (1)

If the black and white atmosphere evokes a modern and classy spirit, it can sometimes exude a certain coldness. In order to add a touch of conviviality, it is advisable to use a warm material such as wood . A work plan wood may especially warm throughout the kitchen. If space allows, an XXL table or a wooden kitchen island is also placed in the center of the room to receive family and friends in a warm atmosphere. In addition, wood is ideal in terms of storage. An open niche can accommodate various items such as jars or decorative objects among others.

7. Play with matt and gloss

play with matt and gloss (1)

Particularly in a black kitchen, the question very often arises: to choose matt or gloss? The play of reflections is very important in the black and white decoration. Indeed, a matte set can be too heavy, while a shiny dressing can hurt the eyes. Thus, to establish a certain coherence in the decoration, it is necessary to find a right balance between the two.

If the furniture has been chosen mat, shiny zellige (see opening photo) can be used as a wall decoration to avoid a too monotonous result. A shiny tile can also dress the walls of the kitchen to give depth to the room. Black or white, it goes perfectly with furniture with a matte finish, whatever the material used. On the other hand, if the fronts of the furniture are lacquered, the walls must be sober to temporize the shine. In large spaces, this type of decoration reflects a pronounced luxury taste.

8. Reheat with patterns and colors

Reheat with patterns and colors (1)

Trinkets in different colors can, for example, be placed all over the kitchen to refresh it. A colored tile can also dress a part of the wall and the furniture can be painted in order to awaken the eye.

Be careful, ensure that it matches the floor to avoid overloading. Regarding tiling, the graphic ranges are very suitable for black and white kitchens. They bring an artistic and quirky touch to the clean lines of the decor.

9. Focus on original details

Focus on original details (1)

White kitchen and black studded windows: in decoration, the devil is hidden in the details and this gives all the character to this room by responding to the splashback in black and white patterned tiling. 

In any case, regardless of the accessories chosen, the space in the kitchen must be respected . It is essential to avoid cluttering the room since it is dedicated to culinary preparations and moments to share. If the space is quite cramped, prefer a wall decoration such as a watch, a table, or simply patterned tiles so as not to interfere with movement.

10. Bring the decor to life

Bring the decor to life (1)

To warm up the atmosphere of a black and white room like the kitchen, details count. We focus on decorative objects and accessories that will break the “laboratory” effect. 

A real living room, the kitchen must reflect a certain personality . Instead of following a straight and clean decorative line that can sometimes be too strict, it is advisable to add your personal touch. The basic idea is, in fact, to break the standard black and white.