20 Ideas to Decorate a Black Kitchen (1)

From matt to lacquer, from very light to darker, black and its variations bring elegance, beauty and charm to your kitchen. Indispensable, black comes to your home, to your kitchen. Do you think black goes with everything? You are right! For a guaranteed elegant atmosphere, opt for black, infallible in your kitchen.

1. Combination of white and wood

combination of white and wood (1)

White and black are a classic, but with a hint of wood it’s even better! 

2. A retro kitchen

A retro kitchen (1)

The mix of black and pastel blue, ideal for a retro kitchen!

3. 100% industrial black kitchen

100% industrial black kitchen (1)

We love bricks and black for a totally industrial look!

4. Totally black kitchen

Totally black kitchen (1)

Do you like pitch black? Ideal for an elegant kitchen!

5. The matte black worktop for your kitchen

The matte black worktop for your kitchen (1)

For a modern and trendy effect, opt for a matte black worktop!

6. Bluish black kitchen and white tiles

Bluish black kitchen and white tiles (1)

Black that draws on blue, a wooden worktop and the final touch, white tiles: the dream vintage effect!

7. Black lacquered kitchen

Black lacquered kitchen (1)

Small kitchens are also adopting the trend, as here by focusing on lacquered black and a touch of white!

8. Black and wood

Black and wood (1)

Black and wood, a perfect mix to create a warm and modern atmosphere!

9. Black kitchen and mosaic

Black kitchen and mosaic (1)

The black of the furniture brings out the mosaic, what could be more simple and pretty?

10. Black and red kitchen

Black and red kitchen (1)

In red and black, we will exile our fear! 

11. Marbled black

Marbled black (1)

Black furniture, a marble sink and a golden faucet: we couldn’t be more chic!

12. Lacquered black and brick wall

Lacquered black and brick wall (1)

The lacquered black makes the bricks spring up for an industrial chic look with character as we like!

13. Vintage and industrial

Vintage and industrial (1)

To break up the vintage, add an industrial side with the detail of the matte black sink!

14. Rough tiles

rough tiles (1)

For a cuisine of character, opt for a raw and varnished splashback!

15. Black and white marble

Black and white marble (1)

The nuances between the white marble of the worktop, the speckled one on the floor and the black of the furniture, make your kitchen charming and elegant!

16. Fully black kitchen

Fully black kitchen (1)

The furniture without visible handles in the kitchen gives it a touch of sobriety that accentuates the sophisticated spirit!

17. Marble

Marble (1)

We love the mix of marble and black. It is perfect for a chic but contemporary kitchen! 

18. New York atmosphere

New York atmosphere (1)

We dare the total black look, including on the worktop! In addition, the brick wall which gives a very New York industrial atmosphere to the room! 

19. Green and black

Green and black (1)

We love this combination of black and green. A tip: opt instead for almond green or sea green to tone down the too dark shade of black.

20. Black and raw materials

Black and raw materials (1)

Why not try to combine black with raw and natural materials, such as wood, marble or even cork? It will highlight the material and sublimate the style of decoration!