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The kitchen, a key room in your home, deserves careful decoration, and in line with the overall decor style of your interior. Discover our wall decoration ideas and inspirations to get down to yours.

1. Use paint

Use paint (1) - Copy

The paint for wall decoration in the kitchen must be chosen with care: it is a so-called humid environment. The paint must be washable and intended for humid environments. She will underline a wall, an angle, a ceiling to stage them. I advise you to prefer the satin colors. Using a yellow can bring sunshine to the kitchen.

Use paint1 (1) - Copy

A blue stripe like a horizon line in contrast with the wall and the box shelves.

2. Apply wallpaper

Apply wallpaper (1) - Copy

Make the choice of the original wallpaper in wall decoration for the kitchen is not harmless. He signs a desire to make this room, a room of character. Choose a vinyl or non-woven wallpaper that is washable and stain resistant.

Apply wallpaper 1 (1) - Copy

You can also choose a more vintage wall decoration with geometric patterns, without skimping on colors.

3. A green splashback while breaking rhythms

A green splashback while breaking rhythms (1) - Copy

Hexagonal tiles laid without respecting the original layout (way of arranging the patterns), without stopping on the same line, brings originality and rhythm to this white kitchen.

4. A two-tone splashback full of softness

A two-tone splashback full of softness (1) - Copy

Mixing two colors of the same tile brings graphics, a little color (without it being too present).

5. A solid wood splashback, yes but …

A solid wood splashback, yes but ... (1) - Copy

Here a Securit glass plate protects the wood while leaving the grain and knots visible. A real contrast between the modernity of the kitchen and the more rustic atmosphere brought by wood.

6. An oxidized metal splashback resistant to corrosion and abrasion

An oxidized metal splashback resistant to corrosion and abrasion (1) - Copy

The originality of this oxidized metal splashback creates an inimitable style in a white or pale kitchen.

7. Install shelves

Install shelves (1) - Copy

They are among the first storage tips that we think of, but can have an aesthetic dimension as a wall decoration in the kitchen. The shallow shelves display what they carry, mixing decoration and tools, all in an aerial way.

Transparent or frosted glass shelves lighten wall units, avoid full doors while allowing you to see everything in the cupboard.

Install shelves1 (1) - Copy

Metal shelves for a designer look! These shelving kits adapt to small kitchens while optimizing storage and suspensions.

8. Install a clock

Install a clock (1) - Copy

I suggest you think outside the box and select a clock that is not intended for kitchen wall decor. For a change, to surprise, as with this Kobe model from Maisons du Monde, or in an offbeat style this flip brass clock which recalls the retro manual flip-flaps placed on the desks of our ancestors.

9. Bring nature into the kitchen

Bring nature into the kitchen (1) - Copy

You can opt for hanging plants for even more style in the wall decoration of your kitchen. Hang green plants to decorate and enjoy nature.

10. Dare to install paintings in the kitchen

Dare to install paintings in the kitchen (1) - Copy

Whatever one might think, the paintings are not confined to so-called ceremonial rooms. They can totally invest in the wall decoration of the kitchen. If you are a fan of superheroes or cult movies, dress your walls with them!

11. Install a blackboard

Install a blackboard (1) - Copy

A great way to write pretty words, a shopping list or to draw, learn to write without invading the fridge. You can use slate paint, like the one found at Castorama, a large-format wall slate or a slate sticker from Leroy Merlin.

12. Display old advertisements or vintage accessories

Display old advertisements or vintage accessories (1) - Copy

If you have room in your kitchen, you can display – with humor – old advertisements or plaques with street names you like. More “classic”, the retro enamel signs of street names or old advertisements, a wall decoration that plays on emotion.

These plaques can group together on a wall the places – the streets that speak to you or make you dream.

13. What if you installed a sentence?

What if you installed a sentence

Expressing yourself, displaying your values ​​or recalling positive mantras … Installing phrases in your kitchen wall decoration can do you a lot of good. Words can also be stylish and trendy.

Wall decoration… in words! They embellish and depending on the material used (wood, paper, metal wire) they support the style of your kitchen decoration.

14. Use kitchen bars

Use kitchen bars (1) - Copy

Kitchen bars are a great way to hang tea towels, aprons, and more! In fact, associated with hooks with elements such as pots with handles, baskets with eyelets or knots… These bars take on a decorative dimension while putting at your fingertips what you need or what you like, in the kitchen. 

Use kitchen bars1 (1) - Copy

Compose your aromatic garden: beautiful and good! Using a kitchen bar, hooks and pots, you can hang your bags of dried plants or herbs.

15. Install a hanging vegetable garden

Install a hanging vegetable garden (1) - Copy

Having flowers, herbs, radishes or salad in your kitchen is possible! This model of hanging vegetable garden allows a vegetal and gourmet wall decoration. Personally I have been a follower for two years and I am delighted!

16. Reuse pallets for an original decoration

Reuse pallets for an original decoration (1) - Copy

Whether it is boxes or pallets that you have cut out, it is possible to create a custom-made wall decoration.

17. Create an anti-mental load wall decoration!

Create an anti-mental load wall decoration! (1) - Copy

Reduce your mental load, empower everyone with a clear and transparent schedule. This is the objective of this more than useful wall decoration.

18. Place wooden boxes as shelves

Place wooden boxes as shelves

We can also choose to divert wine boxes, wooden boxes to create original shelves, at low cost. Varying the orientations and sizes of the crates is also a good way to have a nice wall decoration in your kitchen.

19. Create your own tiled frieze

Create your own tiled frieze

You don’t always have to follow trend catalogs, you can let your creativity run wild and arrange the tiles however you want. A completely personalized arrangement of patterns (layout) with these Azulejos tiles with ironic, offbeat, symbolic patterns.

20. Mirror games

Mirror games (1) - Copy

If you have a relatively small area, your kitchen wall decor can allow you to cheat. While it is not possible to push the boundaries of the room, you can create a feeling of space with mirrors. Thus, on a free section of wall, arrange in a large, rectangular, horizontal or vertical, depending on the interior layout. You can also have fun by mixing several wall mirrors of different styles. This solution also makes it possible to reflect natural light and therefore to illuminate a dark kitchen.

21. A rustic touch

A rustic touch (1) - Copy

If you are a fan of old country houses, you can easily create a rustic kitchen wall decor . For this, you just have to dress a section of wall with paneling. Far from being old-fashioned, this coating made up of more or less wide wooden slats is back in fashion. It allows you to create a warm and authentic room, bringing it an undeniable charm. For the on-trend touch, paint your paneling in a pastel shade. Finally, place a few plants on the ground to accentuate the natural side.

22. A mineral effect

A mineral effect (1) - Copy

In addition to wood, another natural element returns to the fore for an authentic kitchen wall decoration . This is the facing stone. It gives a very contemporary and warm raw appearance. There are different shades and sizes of stones, so you can choose the model that best matches your furniture. For a New York touch, you can opt for a red brick wall. If the installation of these materials seems complicated to you, know that you can simply stick a coating that imitates them on the partitions.

23. Aesthetic storage

Aesthetic storage (1) - Copy

To create a kitchen wall decoration that is both useful and aesthetic at the same time, opt for a beautiful arrangement of shelves. They come in all colors and sizes, so you can customize your wall to suit your tastes and available space. You can simply hang a few rectangular shelves with invisible fixing or alternate boards with cubes, for a more designer effect. Once your composition is done, arrange your cookbooks, frames with photos, pretty dishes, jars or even bottles of wine. Your decorative storage wall is ready!

24. A green wall

A green wall (1) - Copy

Do you like plants, but don’t have a garden to grow them? Imagine a small space of greenery thanks to a vegetable kitchen wall decoration . If your surface area is limited, use the section of wall above the sink for example. Attach metal credenza bars to which you will hang hooks. There are also hanging kits that allow you to attach mini-shelves in steel or stainless steel. Usually these accessories are used to hang kitchen utensils, but you can also use them to hang different small pots of herbs and flowers. Basil, parsley, mint, thyme… you have all your plants on hand!

25. When art makes its entry into the kitchen …

When art makes its entry into the kitchen ... (1) - Copy

In the original kitchen wall decoration , we naturally find works of art: paintings or design objects occupy a very special place and give your kitchen a refined, elegant and chic side! In XXL version or in accumulation, paintings and posters are spectacular and stunning. In a few minutes, you completely change the atmosphere of this room . We present you some examples which could inspire you and convince you.

You can also display your children’s finest artwork as well as family photos or vacation memories. They then give an intimate atmosphere to this room which suddenly seems much more cozy and loses its technical side which is sometimes a little cold. There are a number of perfectly suited themes, from humorous recipes to pictures of spices in pretty warm colors, to fruits and vegetables for those who prefer.

When art makes its entry into the kitchen ...1 (1) - Copy

The advantage with this type of acrylic print painting is that it is splash proof. Here, an exotic pattern that invites dreams and travels with pretty colors and a clean and modern graphics that are very suitable for this designer kitchen. Enough to create a perfect and elegant kitchen for entertaining your friends and family. It is also necessary in this room to make room for what is beautiful!

26. Decorative letters

Decorative letters (1) - Copy

Queens of the original kitchen wall decoration, large letters or words enliven the walls while sending a message. It is an option that comes in different shapes, metal or wooden letters and message stickers. It’s up to you to choose what will best suit the ambiance of your space. You place them on a wall that is a little too empty and immediately your room changes.

The word bar in XXL letters awakens the entire decor of this kitchen with white furniture and charcoal gray walls. In metal, they highlight the color of the wall and stand out perfectly. They are reminiscent of the words that appear on the cabinet under the sink.

Decorative letters1 (1) - Copy

A lot of humor in this sticker placed on a section of beige wall which soothes the bright red of this kitchen.

27. A creative idea to dress up your walls

A creative idea to dress up your walls1 (1) - Copy

A simple shelf with beautiful crockery, decorative objects and other small things very pleasant to look at occupies the empty surface of a wall and at the same time provides you with multiple services. It can be made up of cubes or it comes in the form of several shelves, preferably installed with invisible fixings. You choose the length and color so that a certain harmony emerges from the room.

This very design and refined shelf accommodates your most beautiful dishes, your cookbooks and other objects that you care about. It is perfect for occupying an entire section of the wall very easily. Here the pretty crockery with clean lines is exposed to take care of the aesthetic and stylish aspect. A few vases and animal silhouettes complete the picture. It is a quality decor!

A creative idea to dress up your walls

Two white shelves are placed on this small piece of wall to occupy it and accommodate pretty baskets and beautiful crockery. This one was painted in two complementary tones. Matching the color of the furniture, they are pretty and bring elegance and charm.

28. Everyday objects as decoration

Everyday objects as decoration (1)

Thanks to the fixing bars attached to the wall, you can hang a few utensils or saucepans which then become decorative objects. Ikea kitchen wall decor offers many models suitable for all styles: modern, design or more classic and even vintage. Make your choice according to the spirit of the room.

Butcher’s hooks also allow you to display the items you need every day. Convenient to have everything on hand. Depending on the nature of all these utensils, you vary the atmosphere of this space. In chromed metal, colored plastic and patterned, with original shapes, they are available in a thousand ways. It is the same for the pans which can bring a touch of color, a retro side or sleek and modern.

Your most beautiful plates will no longer be buried in your cupboard, but they will bring life and color to your kitchen wall to make it a true work of art. The warmth is indeed there as is the very friendly and unique side of this room.

Everyday objects as decoration1 (1)

Pots, colanders and other utensils take their place on this wall, giving it an authentic and a little industrial and vintage feel. This type of black and wood decoration can be declined in your own way depending on what you have on hand, the colors and the materials of these objects in particular.

29. Decoration based on wallpaper or painted patterns

Decoration based on wallpaper or painted patterns (1)

A few strips of wallpaper, stickers, paint , sometimes it doesn’t take much to give your kitchen personality and character. Wallpaper is rarely used, yet it is making a comeback with every touch. It can dress a wall or a section of your kitchen wall to bring elegance and refinement to the room. Graphic, nature, tropical, flowery… the choice is very vast.

The stickers affixed to this colorful wall are a real nod to the functions of this room, but they are also used as an original kitchen wall decoration. They also allow to sit the dining area of ​​this space.

Decoration based on wallpaper or painted patterns1 (1)

A perfect vintage kitchen wall decoration with this wallpaper that seems straight out of a bygone era. The classic furniture and the designer tulip table contrast nicely with this decorative option on the wall. Do not hesitate sometimes to mix styles with subtlety to create a unique and very personal atmosphere.

Decoration based on wallpaper or painted patterns2 (1)

A wallpaper that has a lot of presence by its color and tone-on-tone floral patterns has been affixed to the wall above the hob. A good idea to completely transform this kitchen and give it a very chic side. Choose durable, washable paper. Note the tulip table and its bright white designer chairs that soothe the orange of the furniture and the wall.

30. Ideas for a retro kitchen decor

Ideas for a retro kitchen decor (1)

Your kitchen can also be retro! In terms of furnishings, nothing like vintage furniture to give your kitchen an old charm: retro sideboard, old lighting, etc. As for wall decorations, you have several possibilities!

Kitchen wall decor ideas – Printing on pvc tarpaulin – myposter Seeing bigger? Opt for printing large photos, by choosing images in black and white or even in sepia, you will perfectly combine aesthetics and retro style. You can also choose beautiful photos of landscapes or scenes from life from the past and display them on the walls to give the room some grandeur and take you back in time. Finally, finalize your decoration with objects unearthed in flea markets, with a shelf filled with your finds: old radio, metal boxes, etc.