40 Ideas of Kitchens Arranged on one Wall (1)

If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you may need to install one of these kitchens arranged on a wall. You will see that the design of this type of kitchen needs to be even more creative and precise. The 40 kitchens arranged on a wall in this selection will surely give you plenty of good decor ideas to create your own.

wall kitchen1 (1)

Tired of the color of your wall cabinets? So why not repaint them with a slate paint? Both fun and practical, this type of paint will allow you to customize your cabinets at will.

wall kitchen2 (1)

If your only available wall in your kitchen is not very tall, then try to exploit the height. By installing a double row of wall cabinets, you can increase your storage space in the kitchen.

wall kitchen3 (1)

A positive point for kitchens arranged on a wall: the plumbing is much easier to install.

wall kitchen4 (1)

Open kitchen shelving can help make the kitchen appear larger than it actually is.

wall kitchen5 (1)

The shelves in this kitchen contain hundreds of different items, ranging from planters to storage boxes to crockery. I find the whole particularly coherent and practical.

wall kitchen6 (1)

Do you like things simple and practical? Then this little kitchen is made for you. In order not to be too sanitized, a pretty graphic and colorful splashback has been installed.

wall kitchen7 (1)

For a “wow” effect, go all out. See how this colorful splashback makes all the difference.

wall kitchen8 (1)

You can also play subtly on the colors. I find the green, red and yellow combo very successful.

wall kitchen9 (1)

Let’s continue our selection of wall-mounted kitchens with this fairly simple one-piece kitchen. Here too, the color makes all the difference.

wall kitchen 10 (1)

Let’s move on with color. I’m not necessarily a fan of this green color but I find that it goes pretty well with this strip of marble.

wall kitchen11 (1)

My advice: find inspiration for the marriage of colors in nature. Here, darkened green and blue cabinets meet an unexpected flash of bright yellow.

wall kitchen 12 (1)

If you can’t have an L-shaped kitchen, create an L-shaped design.

wall kitchen13 (1)

Pendant lights add glamor and a bit of curves to a kitchen of this type.

wall kitchen14 (1)

A white kitchen always looks clean and fresh but can be a bit sterile. If you don’t like the color, add plants.

wall kitchen 15 (1)

A white kitchen always looks clean and fresh but can be a bit sterile. If you don’t like the color, add plants.

wall kitchen16 (1)

On the contrary, if you want your kitchen to stand out, create an outdoor setting.

wall kitchen17 (1)

Use your kitchen to create a setting for your dining room; as for this symmetrical kitchen in black and white.

wall kitchen18 (1)

Let’s continue our selection of wall-mounted kitchens with another fine example of symmetry, this time in black and wood.

wall kitchen19 (1)

Don’t want to see your kitchen? So opt for a model while wall cupboards.

wall kitchen20 (1)

The light can also be used to create a glow along your cabinets.

wall kitchen21 (1)

If you want to add debt in an original way, this kitchen should be of interest to you. Here, the splashback is only placed on two small areas.

wall kitchen22 (1)

If you’re running out of space in your kitchen, here’s a little tip. Add a maid or a small cart.

wall kitchen23 (1)

If your countertop is under the eaves like in this gray and white kitchen, don’t stop the wall cabinets short of slope. Consider installing custom cabinets on the descending wall to maximize your storage space.

wall kitchen24 (1)

This type of arrangement is ideal even if you don’t have a lot of space … but then really not a lot of space …

wall kitchen25 (1)

This kitchen is not very big either but has everything one could need in a kitchen.

wall kitchen26 (1)

Let’s continue our selection of kitchens arranged on a wall. I selected this kitchen for you because I find these cabinets very original and very modern. They’re also very handy for seeing what’s in each closet.

wall kitchen27 (1)

Here, the doors of these cabinets helps to add a bit of complexity to a relatively simple kitchen design.

wall kitchen28 (1)

Small tip: if you choose to install a high-rise kitchen, consider incorporating a ladder into your creation.

wall kitchen29 (1)

This airy Scandinavian kitchen plays a lot on the light; natural light emanating from the window.

wall kitchen30 (1)

Add some rustic charm with a Belfast sink.

wall kitchen31 (1)

A built-in microwave saves space!

wall kitchen32 (1)

A wooden dining set warms up the look of this very simple blue kitchen.

wall kitchen33 (1)

Here the wood cabinetry offers a calming combination with the blue wall cabinets and the addition of edgy tiles.

wall kitchen34 (1)

A vertical stripe draws attention to the height.

wall kitchen35 (1)

Use an accent color to paint the interior of a shelf.

wall kitchen36 (1)

Use tiles to add some color.

wall kitchen37 (1)

Add glass to your kitchen to make it a little more original.

wall kitchen38 (1)

For a more fun cuisine, opt for bi-material!

wall kitchen39 (1)

Also consider making a cluster of color. It’s simple and inexpensive!

wall kitchen40 (1)

Finally, let’s finish this selection of kitchens arranged on a wall with a rustic kitchen model. I love this combination of wood tones to achieve an interesting laminate look.