12 Ways to Add Personality to Your Small Kitchen (1)

It is not easy to be motivated to cook when you have a narrow culinary space where you barely manage to place the appliances and the cupboard. Discover in this post some ideas to give a personality to your small kitchen and to make it more welcoming than ever.

1. A colorful carpet

A colorful carpet (1)

Whether it’s your small kitchen or any other room in your home, a colorful rug will be perfect to bring a dynamic touch to the decor. Place a nice colorful runner rug in your small kitchen and it will immediately look nicer.

2. More cheerful household appliances

More cheerful household appliances (1)

All kitchens, even the smallest, have a fridge, oven, etc. To give personality to your kitchen, revamp or replace some of the appliances and opt for more cheerful models. Colors will change your decor without you having to take up more space and make the room look narrower.

3. A blackboard or surface painted with slate paint

A blackboard or surface painted with slate paint (1)

Chalkboards come in handy, especially when it comes to jotting down the shopping list. Combine business with pleasure by painting a section of wall or another surface in your kitchen space with slate paint. If you don’t have the patience for this, hang up a chalkboard.

4. Two-tone kitchen cupboards

Two-tone kitchen cupboards (1)

Sometimes kitchen cupboards tend to make the room look narrower and darker. If this is the case in your home, consider painting the lower cabinets a dark color and those attached to the wall a light color.

5. A nice wallpaper

A nice wallpaper (1)

A small kitchen can completely change its appearance thanks to a well-chosen wallpaper. Remember to put some inside yours.

6. Open shelves

Open shelves (1)

Open shelves are one of the foolproof accessories to make a narrow kitchen more physically and visually airy. So, if your kitchen is really small, consider replacing a few cupboard compartments with open shelves.

7. Your favorite color

Your favorite color (1)

Give your small kitchen a real personality by using your favorite color! The shades of colors are numerous so do not hesitate to opt for a monochrome kitchen.

8. A large candlestick or a series of pendant lamps

A large candlestick or a series of pendant lamps (1)

Unfortunately large windows are not common in small kitchens. Solve the problem of natural lighting by installing a beautiful large chandelier in the kitchen or a series of hanging lamps.

9. A striking floor covering

A striking floor covering (1)

Don’t forget the ground! Tiles with pretty patterns can spruce up your kitchen, no matter how small.

10. Black kitchen cupboards

Black kitchen cupboards (1)

Of course, we often advise against the color black inside small spaces; however, it remains a timeless and very chic color. If you would like to have an ultra chic small kitchen, then consider opting for black kitchen cabinets.

11. A multicolored backsplash

A multicolored backsplash (1)

How about a multi-colored backsplash?

12. Storage that extends from floor to ceiling

Storage that extends from floor to ceiling (1)

Have maximum storage and create a special decor in your kitchen by installing storage that extends from floor to ceiling.