Wall decoration is important, whether in the living room, in the bedroom or even in the bathroom. It dresses in the blink of an eye a too simple and all white wall, and allows to show its personality and its style. The frames on the wall, above all make it possible to make an interior lively and animated, especially if they contain photos, memories , posters that make us happy. If you like sober interiors, opt for black and white frames and photos, with agolden frame to make the room more elegant . If, on the contrary, you want to bring a little pep to your interior, do not hesitate to mix the colors, the styles, the materials!

A wall of frames immediately covers a room. But it is necessary to succeed in this installation, which is not that simple. Here are our ideas.

1. Dress up one of the walls in your living room

Dress up one of the walls in your living room (1)

Painting one of the living room walls a different color is very fashionable these days. A neutral or bright color will set the tone for the entire room. To dress up this wall, anything is allowed: vacation photos for a personal touch, vintage or pop posters , paintings , .. Harmonize the photos and paintings with the entire room (sofa, lamp, table, etc.).

Choose frames that contrast with the background color : if the wall is beige, choose black or wood-colored frames; if it is dark, take white, chrome or even aluminum frames.

2. Combine green plants and nature decorative paintings for a plant theme

Combine green plants and nature decorative paintings for a plant theme (1)

To create a green setting and invite nature into your interior, simply mix photos and illustrations of green plants with real potted plants. This is the great wall decoration trend of the moment!

3. Relive your travels through your souvenir photos

Relive your travels through your souvenir photos (1)

Do you love travel? Hang your best memories on the wall! Find the map of the world you like (in poster, in cork, in wrought iron origami style) and connect the countries you have visited to your framed souvenir photos.

4. Choose a unique layout for your frames

Choose a unique layout for your frames (1)

Are you (a little) maniac? A tidy frame layout should please you! Hang your photo frames in 3 columns : two in portrait format framing a column of frames in landscape format. It’s neat, precise and orderly!

5. Customize the dining area with your family photos

Customize the dining area with your family photos (1)

Delimit the dining area by lining the two walls that form a perpendicular angle with your family photos. Coordinate frames and marie-louise, favor the chic and aesthetic side of black and white to give your dining area an elegant and retro touch.

6. Hang your family portraits in the living room

Hang your family portraits in the living room (1)

Family portraits tell a story and fix time. They highlight happy moments that we want to remember. Tip : add some black and white family photos to bring a modern touch to the living room. In addition, they will be easier to integrate into the decor.

7. Personalize your staircase

Personalize your staircase (1)

Create a happy jumble of your class photos, your vacation memories, your family photos… that you hang on the stairs of the house. You will give life to this place of passage borrowed several times a day by all the members of your family with your fondest memories!

8. Adopt the “mix & match” trend

Adopt the mix & match trend (1)

Assert your style through a daring mix of shapes, images, letters . Alternate letters and frames of different sizes with a few dominant elements. Your staircase is transformed!

9. Recreate a family tree

Recreate a family tree (1)

Stick a family tree wall sticker in your stairwell. Place a framed photo on each branch, and here is your family tree!

10. Decorate the stairs with a composition of frames

Decorate the stairs with a composition of frames (1)

A composition of different frames with family photos allows you to climb the stairs with a smile. A nice way to think about those we love!

11. Create a cozy & intimate atmosphere in your room

 Create a cozy & intimate atmosphere in your room (1)

Hang black and white photos and images , landscapes above your headboard for a cocooning atmosphere. For a serene and relaxing atmosphere, combine personal photos and inspirational images . The wall will reflect your moods and your personality! You can also hang picture frames on a wall wand above your bed or even decorate a niche with photos. Complete it with a bedside lamp and everything you need for the night.

12. Bring a touch of chic simplicity

Bring a touch of chic simplicity (1)

To change complicated compositions, why not choose an expression of two or more words , which you will distribute in several frames? An example ? Sweet Dreams will be divided into 2 frames, with a fine and delicate typography and a chic and uncluttered frame.

13. Put posters on the dresser

Put posters on the dresser (1)

For the wall decoration, you can choose some posters to frame. Then just put them on the dresser. No need to drill through the walls ! An ideal solution for tenants. The frames placed on a piece of furniture offer the possibility of decorating differently, simply and quickly. And you can change them whenever you want!

14. Think of wall sticks

think of wall sticks (1)

We use the wall sticks to put paintings and framed photos . For a more modern effect, alternate small and large frames, portrait and landscape formats, and complete with small decorative objects and soft toys.

15. Create a trendy safari wall decoration with black & white animal photos

Create a trendy safari wall decoration with black & white animal photos (1)

Photos of giraffes, lions and elephants,… Align black and white animal photos to create a safari atmosphere in your child’s room. With a black frame, or directly taped to the wall with masking tape for a less formal DIY look!

16. Mix the frames with other wall decoration objects!

Mix the frames with other wall decoration objects! (1)

For a lively and endearing wall decoration , collect all the objects your child prefers: drawings, family photos, wall weaving, pennants, macrame, moldings, and arrange the frames between the wall shelves and the original coat hooks. A good idea that mixes photos, posters and small decoration.

17. Set up a sober, sophisticated & modern office area for your child


White wood planks on the wall, sconces and framed drawings: the combo is just perfect for a clean and modern office area in a children’s room. Very chic, hang a pretty lamp just above the frame!

18. Make a personalized towel bar

Make a personalized towel bar (1)

It is quite possible to revamp the bathroom with a beautiful wall decoration, for example by adding photos of family members on the towel rack . No one can go wrong with the towel, and this is the opportunity to bring the room to life!

19. Add a “feel good” poster

Add a feel good poster (1)

Posters with positive messages are trendy and keep you smiling, even early in the morning. Toilets too often have a neglected decoration . A poster with a motivating, unusual or funny message will find its place perfectly in this place, which is mostly limited to its functional aspect, and will add a contemporary decorative touch.

20. Give character to the entrance with photo frames

Give character to the entrance with photo frames (1)

The entrance hall is the first room in the house your guests experience, and the first impression is the most important! It is therefore necessary to take care of its decoration and make the space welcoming. Frames with family photos are a nice way to create a cozy atmosphere.

21. Collect the frames on a wall

Collect the frames on a wall (1)

For maximum effect in the room, surf the “accumulation” trend: paintings, engravings, photographs, postcards, frame your prettiest frames and accumulate them on an entire wall, from floor to ceiling, to create a very inspired merry mess. For an extra touch of madness, also consider varying the sizes of the frames. In short, give free rein to your inventiveness like an artist to make your piece spectacular.

22. Vary the sizes of your frames from one wall to another

Vary the sizes of your frames from one wall to another (1)

To bring more volume to your room, take care to vary the size of your frames from one wall to another in order to create a very aesthetic imbalance. On the right, an XXL frame, on the left a smaller frame. Result: the room plays the disproportion to perfection and your walls are neither too wise nor too loaded. A perfect compromise!

23. Create a symmetrical shape with your frames

Create a symmetrical shape with your frames (1)

Do not hesitate to be more picky in your staging by defining a precise shape. Define the space on the wall on which you want to hang your frames, above a console or a desk for example. Then, take inspiration from the shape of the cabinet to create a set of frames in the shape of a rectangle or square, while making sure to space the frames between them. The result will be very chic!

24. Use frames in a hallway

Use frames in a hallway

If you’re worried about overloading a room with an entire wall of picture frames, consider investing in too often forgotten places like the hallway . This part of the house proving difficult to furnish, the walls turn out to be a nice alternative to decorate the place. To avoid the total look, a little too stuffy in this cramped space, you can counterbalance your wall decoration with lots of small frames on one side and a huge one on the other.

25. Combine frames and mirrors

Combine frames and mirrors (1)

You will understand the trend is towards the marriage of genres. For a mismatched touch in a room, no longer hesitate to bring together mirrors and frames on the same section of wall and especially to mix them. If they also have different shapes – square frames and round mirrors – it will be even more decorative!

26. Create a row of frames

Create a row of frames (1)

Create a continuous and very visual effect by exploiting the angle of a room with a series of frames. The frames follow one another from one wall to another in a logical sequence like a frieze. You are free to vary the sizes of the frames to give even more volume to the whole. In addition to waking up your walls, this technique will allow you to exploit the angle of a room, which is generally difficult to decorate.

27. Place your frames on the ground

Place your frames on the ground (1)

For an arty spirit, largely inspired by New York lofts, it is no longer a question of hanging only your frames on the wall, they must also be left on the floor … walls and decorate the lower part of the latter. To polish this staging, consider layering the frames on the floor or flip one or two. Guaranteed collector effect!

28. Keep only the frames


For a very arty effect, only keep the frames to decorate your walls. Obviously no question of keeping plastic frames without a soul, no. Only valuable frames with pretty gilding or weathered wood have the right to invest the walls. Place them on the floor or pile them up on the wall to create a rather surprising work of art.

29. Play on the color reminder

Play on the color reminder (1)

Use the wall color to define what you are going to frame. Example: on a yellow wall, take care to choose a frame with a touch of yellow. This will prevent you from sinking into a too colorful decor that multiplies the colors. Using just one color is often a guarantee of good taste.

30. Place your frames against the wall

Place your frames against the wall

The advantage with executives is that they can invest even the smallest amount of space. On a piece of furniture or a ledge, place your frames against the wall . Align them all along this surface and have fun varying the sizes so that your wall is decorated without having drilled the slightest hole, smart!

31. Instagram-style wall

Instagram-style wall (1)

For those who wish to exhibit both their vacation memories, snippets of their life and their pet or kitty, this decorative idea is for you! An assembly of several small photo frames on a wall giving an Instagram-style look.

32. Theatrical headboard

Theatrical headboard (1)

To both emphasize your bedroom wall and create a headboard, use a chalkboard frame. This decorative touch will make the wall where it will be affixed the star of the room, giving it a lot of character! You might as well hang an empty frame on a wall, then paint the interior with chalkboard paint.

33. Heap of executives

Heap of executives (1)

Place a pile of frames on a chair rail or a console to perfectly complement your decor. To avoid the pizza effect, make sure to use a maximum of 2 to 3 colors in order to obtain a homogeneous result and to unify the style of your frames.

34. Recycling of utensils

Recycling of utensils (1)

Do you like to recycle and imitate the Pottery Barn style ? Here is a wall decorating idea for your kitchen that will get people talking. Beautiful frames and old utensils will be useful to you to set up this original decoration. We paint everything, we add jute to the bottom of the frame, we glue the utensils … And voila! Once again, we unify everything by using the same color of paint.

35. Polaroid photo exhibition

Polaroid photo exhibition (1)

For those who are nostalgic for this period of photos taken from life, bring a vintage touch to your decor by displaying your Polaroid photos in a frame. We all have an old frame somewhere with a broken window just begging to be reused. We affix ropes from side to side, then we hang our photos with pliers.

36. Shelf frames

Shelf frames (1)

Here is an idea that I find sweet and poetic for a child’s room. Just glue the bottom edge of the frame to a shelf. We paint them the same shade and attach to a colored wall, which will skillfully bring out the whole thing.

37. Exhibition wall

Exhibition wall (1)

Exhibition In addition to photos and frames, hang items you like on your walls. Mixing all of these items together can create a happy marriage, once again you limit yourself to the color choices.wall

38. Jewelry holder

Jewelry holder (1)

Ladies, this idea is for you! To all those who love jewelry and want to store it in an organized (and pretty!) Way, here is the solution for you! Your collection thus exposed, it is much easier and faster to choose them in the morning.

39. On shelves

On shelves (1)

Don’t feel like drilling or nailing your frames? Simply put them on a shelf! 

40. Sober

Sober (2)

We like these sober and colorful frames at the same time. 

41. Black White

Black White (1)

For a more chic and elegant look, opt for black and white frames! 

42. Naked

Naked (1)

Or just install bare frames, for a design and artistic side! 

43. Pink

Pink (4)

For a soft and cocooning side, we opt for frames in pastel pink colors. 

44. Above the sofa

Above the sofa (1)

Nothing like frames above the sofa to dress up the living room! 

45. XXL frames

XXL frames (1)

We adopt frames on the wall that go up to the ceiling for an XXL rendering! 

46. In the bedroom

In the bedroom (1)

A few frames are enough to simply dress the wall of this room. 

47. In the dining room

In the dining room (3)

And in the dining room, these perfectly aligned frames set the tone! 

48. Of all shapes and colors

Of all shapes and colors (1)

We validate this wall of frames with different shapes and colors, to think outside the box!

49. Frames in toilet

Frames in toilet (1)

Decorate your toilets in an original way and install frames of all shapes!

50. Curiosity cabinet

Curiosity cabinet (1)

We love this wall decoration in the entrance which reminds us of a pretty cabinet of curiosities!