35 Creative Tips to Decorate Your TV Wall (1)

Decorating your TV wall doesn’t have to be easy. Formerly placed on the mantelpiece, televisions are now attached to the walls. Lacking in comfort and warmth, these installations often create an imbalance and lead to a term decoration. Take inspiration from these wall decor ideas to make this large black box a piece of style.

1. Decorate your TV wall with pictures

Decorate your TV wall with pictures (1)

Why not decorate your TV wall with photos, a poster , light illustrations and other framed images? Same size wall hangings can help you project a seamless appearance in which your TV will belong to a large wall. At home, I had photos developed at Photoweb. The site now offers to receive its wall poster already framed in a beautiful black or wood frame.

2. Decorate your TV wall with accessories

Decorate your TV wall with accessories (1)

In addition to frames, you can decorate the wall where your television is mounted with some decorative accessories. For example, you can add lanterns, baskets, planters and knick-knacks.

3. Add a rustic touch

Add a rustic touch (1)

Dress up your wall with a whitewashed look where you can safely mount your TV. You can opt for a wood panel background. You will be able to fix your television as well as to place it on baskets for example.

4. Decorate your TV wall with circular shapes

Decorate your TV wall with circular shapes (1)

Create a circular wall made of beautiful plates, mirrors, fabric scraps or murals in hoops. The rounded shape contrasts with the rectangular ones and softens the space.

5. Wall decoration with wallpaper

Wall decoration with wallpaper (1)

Perhaps the easiest way to decorate your TV wall is to choose a pattern and color from tons of wallpaper designs to make them fit into your home’s interior. Treat your wall with pastel colors, contemporary marble, old-fashioned earthy tones, geometric, nautical, floral, elegant embossed designs, and so on.

6. Decorate your TV wall with texture

Decorate your TV wall with texture (1)

Mounting your TV on a wall covered with a thin layer of concrete provides a bold textured effect. Brick can also add character to your living room.

7. Color your wall!

Color your wall! (1)

Do you have children at home? Just paint your wall in an attractive color. You can design the TV wall without the need for a hammer and nail.

8. Build a library

Build a library (1)

Install your TV in a bookcase and enjoy all the space and versatility of decorating throughout the seasons. Mix books, small potted plants, and family photographs in the compartments.

9. Disguised television

Disguised television (1)

Why not frame the television and make the big screen a decor in itself? You can hide it completely by installing obstructing doors or using several nifty frames to cover the screen when you’re not watching TV.

10. Decorate your TV wall with tiered shelves

Decorate your TV wall with tiered shelves (1)

A minimalist approach is to place the shelves above and below your television. Multi-level shelving not only clears up space, it also lessens the impact of technology in your living space; because it draws the eye to magnificent collectibles and decorations on display.

11. An accent wall painted black

An accent wall painted black (1)

If your TV area is in an open area, painting an accent wall to demarcate the space is a great idea. In addition, by choosing black paint or a very dark shade of gray, your television will be less visible in your decor. This is a solution that will help you to forget its presence a bit.

12. From wood floor to wall

From wood floor to wall (1)

Using driftwood (typically used for the floor), it is possible to create an impressive wall panel to hang the TV on and decorate your TV nook. If you have a large wall that you want to demarcate the space on, this option is for you! Inexpensive, the boards are easy to install. You can find tutorials on YouTube renovation channels as well as on Pinterest. Choose pale shades so as not to weigh down the effect on the wall.

13. Modular storage

Modular storage (1)

If you need storage in your TV space, add modular storage! In addition to hiding the television with books and small decorations, you will also get lots of storage. Add cabinets with doors to hide audio equipment or other items you don’t want to see on a daily basis. Vary the styles, textures and colors to add even more originality to your project.

14. Asymmetrical lines

Assymetrical lines (1)

If you want to highlight a wall, this project is for you! When preparing your wall, before applying paint, add crown molding to your wall. You can use tack-free glues of the “nailless” type to hold them in place. Diagonal, square, rectangle, go for large patterns to give length to your wall. By choosing a dark color (check out the trendy colors! ) Paint the wall and moldings completely.

15. Build a piece of furniture

Build a piece of furniture (1)

If your living room is large and the wall the television is mounted on is large, make the most of that space. By adding a cabinet around your television, you will have a complete wall with lots of storage. You will be able to build your furniture according to the dimensions of your space.

16. Wooden slats

Wooden slats (1)

Very modern, this option is inspired by Asian decors where the wooden slats are very present. Sold in square panels in most cases, you can easily install them according to your decor. Consider installing the slats vertically if you have a small space . You will thus create an effect of grandeur.

17. Floating shelves

Floating shelves (2)

Is your TV corner narrow and located between 2 walls? To avoid overcrowding the space, add floating shelves above the TV. By choosing this option, you will be able to decorate your corner without adding too many elements. You could even add a long bookcase to create an effect of height in your space.

18. A very low cabinet

A very low cabinet (1)

For a clean look, simply choose a long, low cabinet. You can place your television directly on it or hang it on the wall. Choose a piece of furniture with doors to hide as much as possible all the items you need in your TV area.

19. Industrial style shelves

Industrial style shelves (1)

Do you like industrial style? U.S. too! Incorporate a pretty black shelf into your decor. Several models on the market are modular and can easily be adapted to the size and height of your wall.

20. Camouflage a big TV

Camouflage a big TV (1)

To break the “black hole” effect of a huge TV on a pale wall, prioritize the dark colors and materials behind the TV itself. By reducing the contrast, it will appear less imposing when closed and will blend in with the decor.

21. Decorate with greenery

Decorate with greenery (1)

For those who own several plants, this concept is for you! Place the plants on either side of the TV, a large one on the ground and another lower directly on the furniture to give a perfectly balanced look.

22. Hide the device behind wooden doors

Hide the device behind wooden doors (1)

Demand is high for this kind of project! Most people want to hide the TV completely in order to showcase prettier items, such as reclaimed wood doors and a decorative bookcase. You can get them online or in store.

23. Hide TV behind a world map

Hide TV behind a world map (1)

What a good idea! So simple and beautiful! In one small movement, it is possible to hide the TV, then make it reappear!

24. Direct the gaze elsewhere

Direct the gaze elsewhere (1)

In a refined environment, the television becomes the bête noire … Especially in a decor imbued with whiteness and lightness! That said, the visual impact must be found elsewhere by creating a collection of objects placed close to said beast, which could even be off-center from the furniture.

25. In the games room

In the games room (1)

Let’s move on to the family room, this often neglected room since it has multiple functions, such as the children’s playroom! In this case, the important thing will be to think of “storage” for the toys. Your kids spend so much time putting together LEGO blueprints, so why not put them on a shelf as decorative items? For the rest, classify, classify and reclassify in a storage cabinet with compartments is the best solution.

26. In the bedroom

In the bedroom (2)

Although many say that a TV in the bedroom “kills” couples, if you decide to include one, you might as well do it beautifully! Why not hide it behind a frame? In this way, attention and interest in the object will be less present in the thoughts of its occupants.

27. In the kitchen

In the kitchen (1)

Many of us like to watch TV in the morning, and some even have this device on the kitchen counter … Please don’t do that, but instead integrate it into the cabinets so as to free up the counter surface for preparing lunches. Think functional and aesthetic!

28. Decoration

Decoration (1)

Dress up your television tower with picture frames and mirrors. Together, they will create a graphic and trendy wall! 

29. Make it disappear

Make it disappear (1)

The sliding door which allows the television to disappear easily. 

30. Mirror

Mirror (1)

We like: the mirror that hides the television and brings an additional decorative touch to the living room! 

31. Integrate it into the decor

Integrate it into the decor (1)

This XXL piece of furniture in the middle of which the television is just one element among others without being the center of attention and decoration. 

32. Tone on tone

Tone on tone (2)

The idea of ​​black on black. It offers an elegant wall and makes the television disappear. 

33. Niche

Niche (1)

The niche that frames the television. Without highlighting it, on the contrary, it brings finesse and personality to the whole.

34. Wall composition

Wall composition (2)

In the same spirit as the previous niche, this wall plays with colors and shapes to create a graphic and unique composition.

35. Elegance

Elegance (1)

In the middle of this black and elegant ensemble, the television completely disappears.