20 Ideas of the Gray Living Room (1)

The gray living room is a classic of Scandinavian decoration. Widely appreciated for its soothing character and for its elegance, it can easily be found in many other genres. Here are 20 ideas for adopting this basic that always works!

1. Living room with different shades of gray

Living room with different shades of gray (1)

Living room with different shades of gray on the floor, on the walls and in the furniture for a dynamic, calm and relaxing room. Although gray is a static color, you can energize it by using various tones.

2. Predominantly in white with its light gray brick walls

predominantly in white with its light gray brick walls (1)

Living room predominantly in white with its light gray brick walls and its furniture in a refined and minimalist style.

3. A living room that plays on all shades of gray

A living room that plays on all shades of gray (1)

From black to white, there are more than 50 shades of gray. In total look or in harmony, they allow you to create very varied atmospheres in the living room!

At first glance, this sofa has all the characteristics of a classic Scandinavian model. This is without counting on its undertones! Depending on the light, it suddenly seems to be adorned with a delicate mauve.

A living room that plays on all shades of gray1 (1)

In an immaculate setting, all you have to do is play with a light gray, an anthracite and a medium shade for each room in the living room to suddenly take on a sacred relief. To achieve its effect, we focus on clean lines and have fun with the materials. Designer pieces and artisanal creations will be perfectly highlighted!

A living room that plays on all shades of gray2 (1)

Two shades of gray are enough to give relief to this contemporary living room. In this environment benefiting from beautiful volumes and generous natural light, we favored a medium gray and a dark gray. Good game!

A living room that plays on all shades of gray3 (1)

In this gray living room, the windows are outlined in black while the section of the wall which accommodates them is dressed in pure white. This very marked contrast is largely softened by the choice of furniture. If the furniture is minimalist, lighting, decoration and green plants play the graphic card: in this cozy environment, their lines are sublimated.

4. A gray living room that takes on color

A gray living room that takes on color (1)

Are you worried about quickly getting bored of your gray living room? Simply dare the color! Especially since gray is a dull color, which does not reflect light. Whether you choose a pastel or vitamin palette, the color will be completely sublimated!

Pink goes particularly well with gray. In the living room, it is perfect for creating a delicate, well-balanced atmosphere. Especially if we leave nothing to chance! Here, the very trendy curvaceous sofa contrasts with the vertical lines of the curtains.

A gray living room that takes on color1 (1)

If you love warm interiors, go for the terra cotta color. This dark orangey red goes wonderfully with a gray living room, especially when it comes to achieving an elegant retro decor. Then bet on vintage furniture – preferably made in an essence of dark wood – and dare the wired brass pieces. To bring a touch of luxury to the whole, dare the marble!

A gray living room that takes on color2 (1)

It is one of the trendiest colors of the moment: with its copper accents, baked orange works wonders in a gray living room. Here, he dresses the curtains. It would work just as well on cushions or on the carpet. Drawing on brown, it warms up the decor, while maintaining a sober and elegant aesthetic.

A gray living room that takes on color3 (1)

If you want to add color to your gray living room while maintaining its soft and cozy atmosphere, choose smoky colors. Here, it is a very slightly gray ice blue which is responsible for refreshing the atmosphere, and bringing a colorful touch.

5. Add the finishing touch to a gray living room

Add the finishing touch to a gray living room (1)

A detail is often enough to raise the level of the decor… especially in a gray living room!

Do you want to highlight a painting? Warm colors or cold colors are more dazzling than the others, when the canvas is exposed in a gray living room. The secret ? Bet on a simple and completely neutral decor, for example by combining gray, white, black and wood.

Add the finishing touch to a gray living room1 (1)

Trendy, the exotic print in an old engraving style! It brings a touch of charm and authenticity to the most contemporary gray living room. To keep an impression of lightness, we forget the classic or panoramic format, and we adopt a single strip.

Add the finishing touch to a gray living room2 (1)

The gray living room is so elegant that it can allow itself a touch of madness! So think about faux fur plaids, to bring a very glam cocooning touch to the decor.

6. Gray and white

Gray and white (1)

Mixing gray and white in a living room is sure to create a chic, very elegant and refined atmosphere. This allows you to create a , quite in tune with the times while remaining fairly neutral. The gray will know how to be sublimated by the white while not suffocating this color.

Zen and relaxed atmosphere in a mostly white living room but with gray accessories, such as the sofa, centerpiece, a soft rug and an original coffee table!

Gray and white1 (1)

Gray and white can be combined with wood, light or dark, to bring a Scandinavian side to your living room, for a zen and very refined atmosphere.

Gray and white2 (1)

Combine a large sofa, with white walls and some green plants to create a vegetal and natural atmosphere that feels good (especially during these somewhat complicated periods of confinement …).

7. Gray and pastel colors

Gray and pastel colors (1)

Gray, rather in its light shades, can perfectly be associated with pastel shades, even in a living room! This creates a cozy atmosphere, quite cozy and comfortable, very soft, but with a lot of modernity.

Gray and combine perfectly to create a soft, cozy and dreamlike atmosphere in your living room.

Gray and pastel colors1 (1)

The currently popular in interiors and by combining it with gray, you are sure to create a refined, very soft decoration.

Gray and pastel colors2 (1)

Purple is making a comeback in interiors and mixing it with gray is really THE good idea to create a tasteful and chic interior decoration.

8. Gray with wood

Gray with wood (1)

And why not create a little Nordic chalet atmosphere in your living room? Nothing could be simpler: light gray, light wood and some elements of nature.

9. Gray and blue

Gray and blue (1)

If there are two colors that go together perfectly, it’s gray and blue! These are two colors that know how to highlight and make your interiors very elegant, modern, while remaining quite sober.

It is also possible to mix several shades of blue with gray to add to the modernity of your living room without overloading the room!

Gray and blue1 (1)

Contemporary and refined atmosphere: gray and blue have the advantage of being able to perfect a decoration simply, without overdoing it.

Gray and blue2 (1)

Gray walls, blue and soft armchairs, sofas and cushions, everything to make your living room a comfortable and cozy room where it will be good to lounge.

10. Gray and intense colors

Gray and intense colors (1)

You can also decide to invigorate your decor a little by mixing gray, more classic, with a color that pulsates like red or orange! With light gray, this avoids too dull colors and with darker gray, it emphasizes the lines of the decoration in a very elegant way.

Gray also goes very well with red and allows you to spice up a room while remaining quite sober and elegant.

Gray and intense colors1 (1)

If you want to warm up the atmosphere of your room, mix gray with hints of mustard yellow. These two colors know how to highlight themselves perfectly.

Gray and intense colors 3 (1)

Do you dream of modernity and color does not scare you? So mix gray with pieces in vibrant colors, like orange!

Gray and intense colors2 (1)

In total look, fuchsia can be too aggressive, but coupled with gray, it reveals its vitamin beauty and makes your living room a separate room, full of modernity and energizing!

11. Gray and black

Gray and black (1)

Gray and black perfectly match to create a rather contemporary or even decoration that will remain light and refined. It is also possible to refresh the whole by adding a few touches of white.

12. Paint a section in gray

Paint a section in gray (1)

Here the depth of the room is highlighted by a section of anthracite wall.

13. Ethnic spirit

Ethnic spirit (1)

In an ethnic spirit, this living room gains in sophistication thanks to elements from elsewhere.

14. Gray color sofa

Gray color sofa (1)

Here gray punctuates the living room. The color of the sofa echoes that of the wall opposite it.

15. With pink decors

With pink decors (1)

With pink cushions to enhance the gray decor.

16. Gray with mustard

Gray with mustard1 (1)

To add a touch of modernity to your living room, mix gray with mustard!

17. Mix shades of gray and materials

Mix shades of gray and materials (1)

For a contemporary living room, we mix shades of gray and materials. 

18. Shades of green with gray

Shades of green with gray (1)

Shades of green go wonderfully with gray! The proof with this show.

19. Gray with yellow

Gray with yellow (1)

Gray goes wonderfully with yellow!

20. By small touches

By small touches (1)

Go for gray in small touches: on the sofa, the armchair, the carpet or even the cushions!