Do you find your white walls too bare and empty? Worse, don’t you feel that your house looks like you or that you really are at home? The solution is simple: dress up your walls! From simple wallpaper to more original creations, you will inevitably find the wall decoration you need among our 40 decoration ideas to embellish a wall.

1. Making a wooden wall structure

Making a wooden wall structure (1)

A little imagination and the wall can be a great means of expression. With diverted ice cream sticks, this creative blogger imagined a wall structure with geometric shapes. It immediately brings character to the room by dressing the walls in a very unique way. 

2. Imagine a wall of baskets

Imagine a wall of baskets (1)

You don’t know what to do with those wicker or rattan baskets and baskets lying around in the depths of your cellar? If you are lucky enough to have a large unoccupied wall, take advantage of it! The accumulation of baskets will create a nice play of volumes while bringing an authentic and natural touch to your living room decoration.

3. Create a wall weave

Create a wall weave (1)

It is the big trend of the moment and it is not surprising. Wall weaving is an economical creation that allows you to dress a wall by giving it a natural and warm touch. As its color depends on the wool used, it can adapt to the shades of your living room decoration. At the editorial office, we love affordable DIYs, even to novices like this one!

4. Create from paper

Create from paper (1)

To dress up your wall without necessarily destroying the entire living room decoration budget, you sometimes have to rack your brains! Here, from simple Canson sheets and double-sided tape, is a flight of butterflies. Find the template needed for this tutorial directly online or imagine, in turn, paper creations to decorate your wall. Everything is allowed!

5. Make an array of pom poms

Make an array of pom poms (1)

In writing, we love pompoms that allow us to imagine a host of creations without having a Bac + 7 in manual work. To vary the tables, we have what you need: an army of pompoms glued to a wooden tray.

6. Make a photo garland

Make a photo garland (1)

Another idea that is easy to put into practice but which changes everything! A garland of photos, embellished with blades of grass for a little vegetal note, and here are your transformed walls. Do not hesitate to replace the photos regularly.

7. Decorate and hang plates

Decorate and hang plates (1)

Like the baskets, the plates invite themselves on the walls. When they are like this with their heads in the air, they surprise as much as they seduce. You just have to hang them using a ring to stick behind the plate with extra strong glue. You can find old plates or customize them like here, thanks to a stencil.

8. Copper mirrors for a trendy touch in the living room

Copper mirrors for a trendy touch in the living room (1)

With their copper and amber hues, these hexagonal mirrors staggered on the living room wall are reminiscent of the honeycombs found in bee hives. If the decoration of the rest of the living room remains sober and inspired by the Scandinavian style, it is nonetheless harmonious thanks to the subtle hues of the mirrors on the cushions, the hanging flower pots and the light wood table.

9. An accumulation of frames above the sofa in the living room

An accumulation of frames above the sofa in the living room (1)

Classic, but timeless, the accumulation of frames hanging on the walls of the living room has its small effect. Arranged in a disorderly fashion above the sofa , these artistic paintings give a sacred character to the walls of the living room left bare. The few touches of color present on the illustrations awaken the decor of the living room full of sobriety.

10. Nature reclaims its rights on the living room walls

Nature reclaims its rights on the living room walls (1)

In this living room with a bohemian and gypsy spirit, hanging flowerpots have been hung above the sofa, like a plant mobile. Different in size and shape, the vases each contain a specific plant, thus highlighting the red brick wall in a unique way.

11. A 100% recycled wall decoration in the living room

A 100% recycled wall decoration in the living room (1)

In this light-colored Scandinavian living room, the white walls lacked warmth and personality. To remedy this, a DIY accessory , easy to make, has been placed there. A few slats of raw wood and a light garland are enough to make this original decorative object.

12. Corner shelves to enhance the nooks and crannies of the living room

Corner shelves to enhance the nooks and crannies of the living room (1)

If you have a small living room and your goal is to optimize space and not waste a single inch, go for corner wall shelves! In addition to being practical, they also have the merit of being aesthetic. Chosen in the same shade as the wall on which they are located, the shelves blend into the decor, giving the illusion that the objects placed there are floating.

13. Bohemian atmosphere on the living room walls

Bohemian atmosphere on the living room walls (1)

This resting area installed in a hallway with large windows gives off an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. It is in this same lounge and bohemian spirit that the wall decoration was chosen. To dress the walls and the walls of this space, a painting representing a misty landscape was hung. On the side of the windows, a light garland as well as a macrame plant suspension complete this gypsy look.

14. The living room walls take on a holiday feel

The living room walls take on a holiday feel (1)

To give the living room a holiday home feel, there is nothing like the combination of white and natural materials, such as wood or rattan, in the decor. In this bright living room with exposed beams, fashion accessories have become true decorative objects in their own right. Hanging from the walls next to each other, the straw hats and the wicker tote warms the atmosphere.

15. A hippie chic wall decoration

A hippie chic wall decoration (1)

Wall weaving, shelves adorned with falling plants, message board, wooden ladder casually leaning against the partition … The walls of this vintage and warm living room are not lacking in decorating ideas!

16. Clean shapes in paint

Clean shapes in paint (1)

The clean lines and naive forms are on the rise. To occupy yourself during the confinement, while bringing a real extra soul to your walls, play the watercolorist! For this project, simple paint samples are sufficient (you know the tiny 100ml jars). Remember to dilute the paint with a little water and apply only one coat to create this transparent effect, like a watercolor.

17. An arty composition in painting

An arty composition in painting (1)

Inspiring, original, this project is nevertheless disconcertingly easy! A bench repainted in a very soft pale yellow, a flat geometric pattern on the adjoining wall in tone-on-tone mode … And here is an entrance staged in a very contemporary way. An elegant decoration which also has the merit of illuminating a slightly dark room.

18. Patchwork cement tiles

Patchwork cement tiles (1)

The solution to revamp a rather gloomy kitchen wall, simply? Compose a splashback in cement tiles. In a predominantly white room or, as here, on a black stand, you can have fun summoning models of different colors. At stake: an arty and hyper visual cuisine!

19. Offset moldings

Offset moldings (1)

When the moldings do not follow the established codes , the result is graphic and arty at will! A decorative tip to easily reproduce with scraps of champlats, picture rails … to paint … or not!

20. Hats on the go

Hats on the go (1)

A few hats fixed in series on a wall and it is all the space which takes on the sun and makes the house go to summer time.

21. A section of wall covered with wallpaper

A section of wall covered with wallpaper (1)

With a little wallpaper , the atmosphere of a room can change dramatically! This tropical model placed around a door brings a breath of change of scenery to the entrance, harmonizing delicately with the wooden furniture and the touches of pink stuck in the decor.

22. Irregular borders

Irregular borders (1)

A little colored paint lying around in the garage? It is used to dress one or more wall bases. Like these flat blue with irregular edges. Full of freshness, they bring a modern touch to this bedroom and a very appropriate little arty look. A project of the Int2 Architecture studio.

23. Giant graphics

Giant graphics (1)

Triangle, semicircle … Simple and effective, XXL graphics are the essential expedient to transform a wall without charm, with a single pot of paint. Made in a tangy shade, it is even more seductive!

24. A wired decoration

A wired decoration (1)

At the Valencia Lounge Hostel in Valencia, a thread of color comes to play on the arty headboards. Rummage in the cupboards, thread, a little colored wool, are surely there …

25. Executives in the spotlight

Executives in the spotlight (1)

Want to swing the walls of the living room? As here, summon a series of frames of all sizes on a wall previously painted in a luminous shade. And be sure to select models of the same style to maintain a nice overall unity.

26. Solar storage

Solar storage (1)

Painted in a supercharged hue, this tubular metal storage unit infuses a room with lots of cheerfulness and warmth.

27. Photo of your loved ones

Photo of your loved ones (1)

Choose the right support carefully. If you love crafts and are a little creative, then this garland and photo collage is for you. Indeed you can develop your prints and using pretty clips, hang them on a garland. Place it around a mirror, on a piece of furniture or in a corner. Photo collage, on the other hand, is a very good alternative when you have too many photos and you can’t choose. You can stitch up to 81 photos and print them on a variety of media such as photo canvas or poster and frame .

28. A panoramic photo or landscape triptych

a panoramic photo or landscape triptych (1)

Nothing like a picture of a heavenly beach or a breathtaking view of the mountains! Bring nature to you by decorating your walls with landscape photos. Two options are available to you: panoramic photos , recommended for a sunset photo for example, or triptych photos for a more sophisticated look and a modern or designer living room decor.

Both give the impression of having a 360 degree view and a certain depth to your walls. Why not print the most beautiful photo of your last trip or your last walk in the middle of nature? Go there the result is worth it!

29. Optical effect with stickers or wallpaper as a living room decor idea

Optical effect with stickers or wallpaper as a living room decor idea (1)

See it big with XXL-sized photos and wallpaper. Yep, who said you can’t print your photos on wallpaper? It is an excellent alternative to painting and above all much more original! Indeed there are thousands of patterns: flowers, polka dots, arabesque, stripes, of all colors … By lining a single section of wall in your living room, it can totally revive your living room and make it a real space. of life where everyone enjoys spending time there and getting together.

Stickers or decorative adhesive films are a good tip for making imitations or optical effects : bricks or stone, landscape … you can even make it look like your living room leads onto an imaginary garden or balcony with stickers!

30. An artistic idea for living room wall decoration

An artistic idea for living room wall decoration (1)

Let’s take it a step further with an artistically personalized photo board! Your photo printed on Plexiglas can be an original modern living room decoration idea. This support provides vibrant colors and an ultra shiny appearance in addition to allowing light to pass through. Ideal for a vivid, multicolored photo.

31. A photo wall!

A photo wall! (1)

The photo wall is as the name suggests a grouping of photos: round, heart-shaped, quotes, landscape photos, photos of your family, friends, color or black and white, retouched, photo montages… anything is possible! As for colors, choose images in harmony with each other and which go well with your interior: black and white or sepia for a sober and aesthetic rendering , photos in bright colors for a touch of pep on a white wall , etc.

To give dynamism to your wall, play with formats by combining small Polaroid-style prints with XXL posters ! In particular, you can give a shape to your composition for a non-linear and too classic rendering. Here is a selection of media to create your photo wall: posters, canvases, washi tape and especially frames! Wooden frames , colored frames , frames vintage, plastic or aluminum , mix everything according to the decor of your living style.

32. Paint and wallpaper

Paint and wallpaper (1)

To decorate the living room walls and create a very cocooning atmosphere , paint and wallpaper remain your best allies. On the condition, however, not to fall for the easy way. We therefore take the time to choose patterns and colors carefully!

The essential of the moment is the very trendy panoramic wallpaper . It is most often used to dress the wall facing the door, in order to bring depth to the room. If you are worried about a lack of taste, adopt the exotic engraving-style print: it is as effective in a contemporary living room as in a stylish interior!

33. Diverted furniture and lighting

Diverted furniture and lighting (1)

Purely functional furniture and lighting are a thing of the past! Today, they are not afraid to be very decorative, especially in the living room, where they are displayed without complex!

As we have seen … to easily decorate the walls of the living room, a few meters of masking tape and a roll are enough: a simple strip constitutes a motif that will always have its small effect … especially if you “forget” to move a piece of furniture by creating your decor!

Diverted furniture and lighting1

The increasingly modular and customizable storage solutions allow creativity to run free. Here, the interplay of suspended storage facades creates a contemporary canvas that perfectly decorates the living room wall!

34. Classic wall decorations… but not too many!

Classic wall decorations… but not too many! (1)

What about authentic wall decorations? We continue to love them in the living room, and we even love to have fun with them!

Photos, paintings and drawings… The wall of frames remains a safe bet to dress up the living room wall! A particularly smart choice for people who tend to get bored easily, since it is easy to reorganize the frames, or even to renew them.

35. Embroidery

Embroidery (1)

Pretty embroidery, a well chosen frame, and here is a lovely decoration for the walls of the living room. The secret ? A perfect dosage! Here, flowers and butterflies provide the only touch of color. And a wall decoration that could have been a bit kitsch suddenly becomes terribly sophisticated!

36. Quirky ideas

Quirky ideas (1)

Delicate and refined, like this, baroque, quirky… the wall decorations are available in an incredible variety of styles! To decorate the walls of the living room, we think of favoring a luminous model, which will help to create a relaxing atmosphere after dark.

37. Plant decoration

Plant decoration (1)

What if the plant decoration was invited on the walls of the living room? For maximum effect, we dare the trellis effect! And if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t panic: just combine trinkets and artificial plants to create a rather stunning winter garden.

38. Light garlands

light garlands (1)

Creative and unique, this tip is perfect if you do not want to transform your interior but simply add a little something extra to a wall that is a little too “bare” or if your lamp’s cable is too long on your nerves.

You will easily find garlands of all shapes and sizes to create an original wall decoration. They give the room a cozy atmosphere and are ideal for a cocooning room. To hang them discreetly, bet on the brand’s Transparent Hooks . These handy little accessories know how to be discreet by blending into the decor. They attach easily without drilling and remove without leaving a trace; and they can be reused at will: just change the adhesive strip. Perfect for repositioning your garland whenever you want!

39. Giant wall shelves

Giant wall shelves (1)

Your style and your desires are constantly evolving, and this is reflected in the decoration of your home? So, you will love this tip! On your white walls, install large shelves!

Books, trinkets, photos, little cacti or little houseplants, candles: accumulate whatever you like on them. You can even define a unique theme for each shelf if you want to create a bohemian, exotic or Scandinavian atmosphere . When you don’t like it anymore? You just need to change the layout or the objects on your shelves.

40. Clocks

Clocks (1)

In the same vein as mirrors, you can also hang multiple wall clocks. Set each of them to the time of a different city, from New York to Paris via London, and you have the interior worthy of a real globetrotter!