20 Inspiration for an Fountain to Create a Relaxation Area at Home (1)

If it seems at first glance that the indoor fountain is devoid of assets, it is not! Both decorative and well-being , the indoor fountain will allow you to relax at the end of the day, after a hard day’s work for example. Indeed, the sight and the sound of the flow of water provides a feeling of well-being that we find it hard to do without. Its noise will quickly cool you down, de-stress you and may even help you fall asleep. Relax after a long day with an indoor fountain! Discover 20 models that will allow you to release the pressure while taking care of your decor!

1. A pretty little indoor fountain

A pretty little indoor fountain (1)

Both discreet and elegant, this indoor fountain will blend in perfectly with the decor! 

2. Buddha-inspired indoor fountain

Buddha-inspired indoor fountain (1)

This Buddha-inspired fountain will help you relax in the evening. 

3. Fountain on several levels

Fountain on several levels (1)

An original 4-level indoor fountain

4. Garden waterfall fountain

Garden waterfall fountain1 (1)

Let the water flow and soothe you with this fountain that can be placed both inside and outside! 

5. Indoor waterfall fountain

Indoor waterfall fountain (1)

This other indoor fountain with several water levels will also find its place in your home, in a different style. 

6. Indoor fountain and mini garden

Indoor fountain and mini garden (1)

We know that water and plants go hand in hand. So why not unite the two and have them coexist within the same medium? 

7. Indoor wood fountain

Indoor wood fountain (1)

We love this indoor fountain through which nature and wood are honored!

8. An imposing indoor fountain

An imposing indoor fountain (1)

You will have to make room in your home with such an indoor fountain! It is nevertheless worth it as it is original. 

9. Use glass bottles

Use glass bottles (1)

No way to throw glass bottles in the trash! With this original idea, you will be able to use it to run water in a pretty white sphere. The latter is comfortably installed on a pretty base of transparent stones. A feast for the eyes !

10. Bamboo fountain

Bamboo fountain (1)

This time, we will be inspired by natural woods like bamboo . The latter has the advantage of being resistant to weather conditions and therefore to water! So you might as well use it as a very stylish DIY fountain to adorn the garden of our dreams!

11. Use old barrels of wine

Use old barrels of wine (1)

Our next unusual idea is inspired by old barrels of wine . The goal: to create a magnificent mini-pond in a corner set up outside. As a result, a breathtaking view of your entire green space. All refreshed by the water droplets that come out of this celestial fountain.

12. Retro style fountain

Retro style fountain (1)

Make way for a retro style with these three beautiful bottles inside which the water flows slowly. All the ingredients are there to provide us with maximum well-being, both through the soothing sounds of the water and the resplendent look of the fountain.

13. Mediterranean fountain

Mediterranean fountain (1)

This staircase-shaped fountain lets a nice Mediterranean wind soar in the heart of your garden! Plus, you don’t have to worry. The materials that make up the fountain are very well adapted to bad weather.

14. Magnificent waterfall

Magnificent waterfall (1)

This magnificent waterfall offers a breathtaking spectacle in your outdoor corner. The key is an arrangement of water lilies that brings a realistic and even more natural side to your garden.

15. Polyresin garden fountain

Polyresin garden fountain (1)

What a splendid spectacle of fluorescent lights! With this polyresin garden fountain, you will no longer want to stay cloistered inside your home. Day and night, it transports us to a simply magical world!

16. Japanese-inspired fountain

Japanese-inspired fountain (1)

With this Japanese-inspired fountain, you will enjoy a beautiful balance and an undeniable sense of peace. The shapes and colors symbolize delicacy and softness.

17. Water lily fountain

Water lily fountain (1)

Water lilies are also very symbolic in meditation and the search for peace. This is what makes the originality of this small fountain, it is made of golden lily pads and a natural stone base. You can install it in any corner of the house, so you will see it magically transform into a relaxation area.

18. Small fountain with stones and plants

Small fountain with stones and plants (1)

This small fountain perfectly embodies zenitude. For an even more convincing visual effect, decorate it with small round stones, small succulents and candles. Your corner of peace is now ready, take the opportunity to release all the stress of the day.

19. Sleeping buddha fountain

Sleeping buddha fountain (1)

This fountain is composed of a sleeping Buddha. It is both a symbol of meditation, but also a cultural reference. A very decorative fountain that makes us travel.

20. Fountain with LED light

Fountain with LED light (1)

This model is lovely with its resin sculpture. This small fountain will be perfect on an office table. The colors integrate easily with any decoration.