Colorful Kitchen Island Ideas to Beautify Your Interior (1)

Modern homes are currently defined by neutral colors. Usually, the base color is either white, gray or brown. The same is true for the general decor, or at least for the majority of the furniture which is also neutral in color. The advantage is to have a great freedom in relation to the decoration by going from one style to another and by adopting the trends which pass. However, the downside is that it can also make an interior, even everyday life, monotonous. The solution would be to have a colorful kitchen island that would bring a colorful touch without breaking the neutrality, simplicity and sobriety of the general decor.

The timeless blue

The timeless blue (1)

There are a few colors that go everywhere. Although gray seems to have taken over in modern and contemporary homes, blue is almost timeless. Why? Because it adapts to all styles of decoration: from minimalist to rustic, including modern, Scandinavian, coastal and Mediterranean designs. To find the right blue island for your kitchen, choose the right shade of blue, the right material, and the right finish.

White marble countertops

White marble countertops (1)

White marble countertops are more and more popular. This is great because a white marble countertop goes very well with a blue kitchen island. Kitchen islands with a dark shade of blue shine in the interior of traditional and coastal kitchens. Modern and refined kitchens do best with shades of blue that tend towards gray.

Sublime red kitchen islands

Sublime red kitchen islands (1)

Red does not always have a good reputation in interior design because it can make a decor too aggressive or too visually overwhelming if it is not used well. However, this problem is unlikely to happen with a red kitchen island in neutral decor. This island will create a beautiful visual impact in both traditional and contemporary decoration. Red combines perfectly with black in modern kitchens. A kitchen island can also make Mediterranean cuisine sparkle. Choose matte red if you are worried that your island will be mistaken for the intruder.

White kitchen with two central islands in light blue

White kitchen with two central islands in light blue (1)

It is also more affordable to change the color of the kitchen island only to keep up with modern trends. Painting the entire kitchen a new color is a very expensive project. This is why painting just the kitchen island is not only more affordable to do now, but will also be more affordable to do later if you feel like it.

The blue kitchen island

The blue kitchen island (1)

When it comes to decorating the kitchen island in blue, navy blue is arguably the best choice. There are still a lot of kitchens that can’t visually support blue, so make sure your kitchen isn’t one of those spaces too if you want to have an island in blue.

Although there are always exceptions, the blue kitchen island goes perfectly with a white kitchen, a blue or gray countertop, or a kitchen with a wooden floor.

Gray or charcoal kitchen island

Gray or charcoal kitchen island (1)

Gray is the most popular color for kitchen island decor after blue. Choosing a neutral color like gray is almost always a better choice in case you want to sell your home since neutral colors are likely to appeal to more people. And gray is by far the most popular neutral color for kitchen island decor, yet it’s not the easiest color to decorate with.

Every gray has a shade. It is important to make sure that the shade of gray you are going to choose goes well with other shades in the kitchen. Some of the more popular quartz and marble countertops lean towards a soft shade of purple or blue-purple. So you have to choose a gray with these same shades. If you choose the wrong shades, you will unbalance the decor of your kitchen.

Green or teal kitchen island

Green or teal kitchen island (1)

Green or teal kitchen islands look great, but unfortunately don’t go very well with many kitchens unless you are starting out with a brand new kitchen that you haven’t chosen the main color for yet. And although green is not such a popular color for kitchen decor, neutral colors with green undertones are often chosen.

While there are always exceptions, generally green and teal are good choices for kitchens with wood or white furniture, with white, black, or green countertops, and which have tiled backsplashes that have the same shade of green or teal in it.

The black kitchen island

The black kitchen island (1)

Black kitchen island color is very beautiful and it can be a great way to coordinate black appliances with black island. While there are always exceptions, in order for the center kitchen island to blend well with the rest of your kitchen, it should ideally be in black or gray, have a kitchen countertop in black, furniture in white or wood or a tile or wood kitchen floor that can easily accommodate a strong enough color such as black.