Gorgeous Kitchen Ideas With a Window Seat (1)

There is nothing better than drinking your coffee while admiring the beautiful view outside or reading your favorite book on a comfortable seat. It is all the more interesting in summer to admire nature and the good weather while being well seated in your apartment. The seats placed near the window generally combine comfort and decoration. Those with glass windows, especially large ones, should take full advantage.

1. A practical and decorative small seat

a practical and decorative small seat (1)

Admittedly, having a long, big banquette alongside the large windows in a spacious kitchen is a great idea. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have so much space. Small seats with storage underneath are the best option for small kitchens or small spaces to set up. By adding a small table to it, you can even use it as an office area a few times.

2. Gray and white kitchen

gray and white kitchen (1)

A gray and white kitchen embellished by a small bench.

3. Upholstery fabric and cushions to complete the decor

Upholstery fabric and cushions to complete the decor (1)

A small seat near the window can also serve as a transition between two kitchen cupboards. As the kitchen is generally made up of wooden furniture, tiling and metal utensils; the upholstery fabric and the seat cushions will only bring a little softness.

4. A way to integrate pretty colors

A way to integrate pretty colors (1)

The bench or any other seat placed near the window does not only have a functional side. It can also help you improve the decoration of your culinary space. As most contemporary kitchens are dressed in white or other neutral colors, the seat near the kitchen window is an opportunity to incorporate some pretty colors. The great thing is that you can change your upholstery and cushions as many times as you want when new trends are born; without spending huge amounts of money and without causing major works.

5. Fabulous modern kitchen

fabulous modern kitchen (1)

A fabulous modern kitchen with a green and white seat and cushions.

6. All-white kitchen

all-white kitchen (1)

An all-white kitchen enlivened by touches of color.

7. Practical and minimalist seating ideas

Practical and minimalist seating ideas (1)

An open kitchen.

8. Comfortable bench

comfortable bench (1)

A refined and comfortable bench.