20 Ideas of Colorful Kitchen Designs to Inspire You (1)

More and more kitchens are painted white lately. So in order to have a unique kitchen, we thought to share with you some inspirations on colorful kitchens. Discover in this post some kitchen designs with bold accents in the colors of the rainbow.

1. A red accent wall

A red accent wall (1)

This open plan kitchen shines with its bold red wall and simplistic red light fixtures. Wood accents counterbalance the light accent wall. With this color, this space looks very cheerful, which is a change from the ordinary.

2. A small kitchen embellished with colorful stripes

A small kitchen embellished with colorful stripes (1)

This tiny kitchen has a myriad of colors, ranging from pink to green, and everything in between. The striped curtain has a double function: it hides unsightly accessories while bringing a good dose of bright colors.

3. Mustard yellow in the spotlight

Mustard yellow in the spotlight (1)

This unique kitchen features simple wooden shelves, with a granite countertop. But the cupboard and shelf compartments are painted mustard yellow. We also see a patterned backsplash that goes well with the yellow.

4. Rainbow colored dishes

Rainbow colored dishes (1)

Often, open plan shelves are filled with tidy white plates. Here, this is not the case. There are several types of tableware with almost any color of the rainbow represented. Beautiful, isn’t it?

5. A multicolored kitchen island with triangular patterns

A multicolored kitchen island with triangular patterns (1)

This super bold kitchen island is painted with triangle patterns in a myriad of colors. We find some of these shades on the stools.

6. A patterned tile

A patterned tile (1)

There is nothing subtle about this kitchen with bold patterned tiles on the walls, rose gold stools as well as the checkered armchair. Green plants add another colorful accent.

7. Green cupboards

Green cupboards (1)

This kitchen is not that daring as the others, but green cupboards are a special and unique choice for a kitchen. They allow other colors to really shine, including those of copper pots and kettles.

8. A turquoise and yellow kitchen

A turquoise and yellow kitchen (1)

While the cupboards and counters in this kitchen have a traditional finish, the accent accessories add hints of yellow and turquoise blue. It’s a great way to add color without making permanent changes.

9. Colorful stools

Colorful stools (1)

This almost white kitchen has four stools in different colors, and that has a striking visual impact. We also notice other colorful accents throughout the space, bringing a memorable daring vibe.

10. Pop and tangy kitchen

Pop and tangy kitchen (1)

Acid colors on the walls, on the furniture and for the decoration: with a pop kitchen, you will always cook in a good mood, in a dynamic room full of pep’s!

11. A vintage style kitchen

A vintage style kitchen (1)

To create a vintage-style kitchen, no hassle: all you need to do is find a few pieces of furniture (furniture or appliances) with a retro look, and voila!

12. Tone-on-tone kitchen

Tone-on-tone kitchen (1)

Do you love a color and want to put it in the spotlight in a room in your home? Dare to cook tone on tone, by declining this color almost everywhere!

13. A kitchen with colorful splashback

A kitchen with colorful splashback (1)

If you like color but are worried about getting bored of too colorful a kitchen, play it safe by putting your favorite color on one element only: the worktop, the splashback or other for more subtlety!

14. A color block kitchen

A color block kitchen (1)

If you are not afraid to get bored, the color block kitchen – especially if it is a warm and bright color like yellow, orange, blue, etc. – is ideal for creating a warm and cozy room. conducive to conviviality.

15. A natural-style kitchen with mosaic splashback

A natural-style kitchen with mosaic splashback (1)

To create a kitchen corner in nature mode, nothing complicated: favor soothing shades of green for the lighting and decoration, add a few plants, and make a green and white mosaic splashback for the graphic side.

16. The blue kitchen

The blue kitchen (1)

This contemporary deep blue kitchen features a minimalist design . Simplicity counterbalanced by the choice of materials: brass with golden reflections and precious marble. The good idea: the matte finish, very trendy this year!

17. Green kitchen: a very natural atmosphere!

Green kitchen a very natural atmosphere! (1)

More original than white and wood kitchens , we love green and wood kitchens! Especially when it is adorned with a deep forest green, in perfect balance between natural atmosphere and sophisticated decor.

18. Olive green or khaki green

olive green or khaki green (1)

Want to dust off your kitchen too wise? Choose a refined green : olive green or khaki green. With this type of cold color, you can even dare the total look, for a bewitching effect … without being overwhelming!

19. A fire-colored kitchen

A fire-colored kitchen (1)

Between terracotta, sage green and terrazzo , this kitchen inspired by the neo art deco trend displays a truly flawless palette!

20. The yellow kitchen: what if we dared?

The yellow kitchen what if we dared (1)

This year, Pantone offers us not one, but two colors of the year : “illuminating” yellow and gray. A tandem that works pretty well in the kitchen! In this light-flooded kitchen, we associated a chick yellow with the ecru color, rather than a white, which would have produced a contrast that was a little too violent. A simple and effective trick to enjoy a bright and soft atmosphere at the same time!