20 Ideas and Inspirations of Blue-colored Kitchens (1)

The advantage of blue is that it blends in with just about any style of decoration possible thanks to its rather neutral and natural character. Indeed, as it is a very common color and which has taken an important place in our daily life, it is quite easy to integrate it at home without feeling like doing something too daring. However, don’t be fooled by its affordability. To create the blue kitchen that perfectly matches your expectations, you have to think carefully about your project.

This is why in reality, I am not going to tell you about the blue, but rather about the blues. Like any other color, it comes in an infinite number of shades. But also, it dresses a multitude of materials. What you have to ask yourself first is what color to adopt to create a blue kitchen in line with your needs and desires.

1. For an intimate and warm interior, we opt for dark shades in his blue kitchen

For an intimate and warm interior, we opt for dark shades in his blue kitchen

If you want to create a welcoming and soft atmosphere in your kitchen to make it a real cozy corner, I recommend dark colors. Go for a deep midnight blue, a felted navy blue or a dark duck blue. Then, simply play with the materials and shapes to give consistency to the decoration of your blue kitchen. And there, it’s all a question of dosage.

By adding a few touches of brass, you can easily give a little Neo Art Deco touch to the room. For example, you can hang a mirror or opt for an original pendant light and some kitchen utensils in this style.

2. Play the chic side of blue with light, gray-infused undertones

Play the chic side of blue with light, gray-infused undertones (1)

Nothing like a slightly faded blue to bring elegance and sobriety to a room while emphasizing it. Indeed, these slightly stormy shades are perfect for highlighting a room with distinction. Very bright, they bring color while remaining discreet. And they can slip into any decoration to make it look great again.

In a very minimalist, almost empty kitchen, these nuances will dress the room while respecting its simplicity. They take hold of the walls like furniture to give a little volume and depth to these sometimes lifeless interiors. On the contrary, in a more folk interior, blue gray will allow the decoration to be delayed. It will calm the place and prevent it from plunging into a decorative overflow.

3. Have fun in your blue kitchen thanks to bright colors

Have fun in your blue kitchen thanks to bright colors (1)

If you fancy a little sparkle in your blue kitchen, these ultra-pigmented shades are for you. Indeed, you can certainly count on indigo or turquoise to fill your room with colorful energy. With their raw appearance, they will impose their positive vibes without asking your permission. And finally, that’s kind of what we want when we opt for these colors!

4. Create a blue kitchen with furniture

Create a blue kitchen with furniture (1)

This method is not for the undecided. Because unlike the following technique, you can’t have fun changing your furniture every two or three years. Here, it’s a bit definitive. Or at least it’s for the long haul.

5. Stylish and ingenious

Stylish and ingenious (1)

If you have really fallen in love with the idea of ​​a blue kitchen, then this is a great way to bring color in a stylish and ingenious way to your home.

6. To your brushes!

To your brushes! (1)

Less expensive solution than the previous one: you can decide to paint all or only part of your partitions in blue. Along with furniture, this is one of the most radical solutions. Because you really let your interior be invaded by this color by the walls.

7. Small touches are enough to create a blue kitchen

Small touches are enough to create a blue kitchen (1)

Fortunately, whether you are undecided or do not have a lot of budget, you can always find a way to do what you want in decoration. Here, it is thanks to small touches that we have transformed this kitchen. It just goes to show that sometimes not much is enough to breathe new life into a room. Just one or two brushstrokes, a pretty tablecloth, a few utensils and you’re done!

8. A duck blue in the kitchen

A duck blue in the kitchen (1)

Deep, mysterious and elegant, duck blue is the reference trend color to adopt at home. A duck blue kitchen will meet your expectations if you are looking for uniqueness with a sophisticated touch. Contemporary as one pleases, the duck blue color is not necessarily marked over time and can therefore be considered in all decorative universes.

9. A petrol blue kitchen

A petrol blue kitchen (1)

Another deep color that can be likened to duck blue, petroleum blue never ceases to seduce us with its unique rendering. A petrol blue kitchen is a guarantee of design and timelessness, which can only hit the mark. The neutrality of this color also allows many associations.

10. A turquoise blue kitchen

A turquoise blue kitchen (1)

A turquoise blue kitchen brings freshness and modernity, while denoting its fellows with a tone that goes off the beaten track. As exotic and warm as possible, it is also capable of adapting to all environments and enhances the cachet of materials with raw charm.

11. A slate blue in the kitchen

A slate blue in the kitchen (1)

Fans of industrial-style decor will appreciate the rendering of a slate blue kitchen, for the raw and contemporary appearance it conveys. Once again, this tone is like a fish in water in many interiors and can be combined with many colors and materials. A brick wall for example, will accentuate the raw rendering, while white or gray will bring out the contemporary spirit.

12. Gray blue in the kitchen

Gray blue in the kitchen (1)

Neutrality and singularity are the key words for a blue gray kitchen, the charms of which have many followers. A blue gray kitchen also rhymes with timelessness and can be found in many interiors, whatever the preferred styles. Some do not hesitate to decorate it here and there with plants to better appreciate their charms.

13. Navy blue kitchen

Navy blue kitchen (1)

For even more elegance and depth, dive headlong into a navy blue kitchen! Navy blue has always been a popular color for its chic and timeless spirit, which makes it a must in fashion and decoration. A navy blue kitchen therefore puts everyone in agreement on the style side and brings out the lightest colors, whose splendor is immediately revealed.

14. An emerald blue kitchen

An emerald blue kitchen (1)

Emerald cuisine is enigmatic and imbued with exoticism. It is therefore ideal for those wishing to bring a fresh note to their interior. As unique as it is, a kitchen in emerald tones can suit all styles, from the most classic to the most contemporary.

15. A matt midnight blue in the kitchen

A matt midnight blue in the kitchen (1)

A matt night blue kitchen is part of the trend thanks to its design rendering, which can only delight fans of the genre. Be aware, however, that it will go well with materials such as light wood or tiles. A subway tiling can also bring an industrial New York loft style to this type of kitchen. In terms of household appliances, metal finishes will be obvious, for a result that speaks for itself!

16. A royal blue kitchen

A royal blue kitchen (1)

Opting for royal blue closet doors means not having to choose between elegance, timelessness and depth. This legendary color is part of the must have in the kitchen and takes on multiple appearances, to the delight of all interiors!

17. A blue cornflower kitchen

A blue cornflower kitchen (1)

Latest tone of the day: cornflower cuisine, which is not necessarily a blue flower! Evidenced by this modern kitchen with central island, in which we find furniture with a delicate color and a nonetheless strong character, merging with ultra sharp appliances with stainless steel fronts. The island is entirely dressed in black tiling and a melting pot of designer chairs.

18. Opt for a dark blue

Opt for a dark blue (1)

You may want a colorful kitchen to mark the space. This question arises in particular in living rooms with integrated kitchens. Kitchen cupboards must be seen This is the case with these Scandinavian-style apartments for sale: white walls, parquet and neutral decor.

More classic, more relaxed, I chose these two kitchens spotted in apartments for sale in Stockholm that dare more balanced blues. Note that these blues are warmed by the old parquet. I think it would be much cooler with white tiling.

19. Give your kitchen a blue makeover

Give your kitchen a blue makeover (1)

We get tired of everything, let’s face it! The solution is not always to redo everything, a simple refresh like changing your splashback, repainting the walls or even the cupboards, can change the situation at a lower cost. I immediately fell in love with this kitchen makeover where all the wood was adorned with Inchyra Blue from Farrow & Ball.

20. Opt for self-adhesive panels

Opt for self-adhesive panels (1)

You are still hesitating about the blue kitchen. Afraid of getting bored. Or on the contrary, you want to give personality to your white supermarket kitchen. Well there is the solution of self-adhesive and repositionable panels that you can choose blue, of course!