Best Living Room Ideas With a Geometric Patterned Carpet (1)

Before buying a carpet, several points should be taken into account. Indeed, no one is going to go to the store to buy just any carpet and put it anywhere in the house on their way home. The design, colors, shape and size of the rug should match or complement the surrounding furniture.

Below are some living room designs that stand out with the presence of a geometric patterned rug.

1. Carpet with geometric patternsĀ 

Carpet with geometric patternsĀ  (1)

The carpet with geometric motifs are everywhere! Triangles and zigzags are the most popular prints that will suit both Scandinavian and contemporary style interiors. For a chic decor, choose rugs made from quality materials, such as cotton or wool. Also choose colors that match the other strong elements of your interior, such as the curtains or your armchairs and sofa. The black and white models will underline the sobriety of a designer living room, while the pastels will better suit Nordic-style bedrooms.

2. Flowers, a classic

Flowers, a classic (1)

Did you think old-fashioned flower rugs ? On the contrary, this classic motif is making a comeback in terms of decoration. With large flowers, it is thought to be inherited from the 70s to bring a festive and quirky spirit to a living room. With a more delicate pattern, Liberty style for example, it adds a delightfully retro and romantic touch to a bedroom. To accentuate this effect, go for a carpet with silky pile and a pale color, such as pink or ecru. For a total successful look, finally choose a bed set or curtains in the same shades.

3. The ethnic touch of the kilim

The ethnic touch of the kilim (1)

Made using an ancestral weaving method in Iran and Anatolia, kilims are patterned embroidered rugs . There are dozens of different styles, but most feature geometric notes, a fine texture, and warm, natural hues. With their colorful tones and ethnic design, kilims are very comfortable in decorations inspired by elsewhere. However, you can adopt one in a traditional living room or in a contemporary bedroom, where it will attract all eyes.

4. The semi-plain while discreet

The semi-plain while discreet (1)

If the marked elements are not to your liking, you have the option of semi-plain. These micro-patterned rugs bring just the right amount of whimsy to a space. The smaller the patterns, the more they will appear invisible from a distance. The most common are geometric designs, but you can also find abstract designs or simple stripes. Sober and discreet, these rugs are perfect for any room in the house: in the living room and the bedroom, of course, but also in an entry or a bathroom, where they breathe a warm touch without overloading the decoration.

5. Glamor in black and white

Glamor in black and white (1)

The first living room on the list is dressed in the infallible and timeless combination of black and white colors. Without the geometric patterned rug, this design would remain classic instead of having a glamorous touch. What do you think?

6. Orange in the spotlight

Orange in the spotlight (1)

Those who appreciate orange will definitely love this living room. It is an excellent color to make the atmosphere in your living room more warm and dynamic. The color of the geometric patterns on the rug is rather neutral and dark to create an interesting contrast.

7. A subtle design

A subtle design (1)

The geometric prints on the rug are rather subtle but that doesn’t detract from the elegance of the rug. Not everyone chooses a light-colored rug for cleaning and maintenance issues; however, by opting for patterns like these, the stains will not be obvious.

8. Various patterns

Various patterns (1)

Here is a perfectly furnished and decorated living room! It’s simple, contemporary and captivating. The furniture has been chosen very well and the atmosphere is very calming. The diversity of patterns inside makes the decor sublime.

9. A beautiful contrast

A beautiful contrast (1)

The corner sofa and the geometric patterned rug together create a beautiful contrast in this living room. Here, the prints on the carpet are the only patterns present in the decor.

10. Complementary elements

Complementary elements (1)

The royal blue sofa, the vintage white armchair and the splendid coffee table placed on this geometric patterned rug form a beautiful whole. The colors may be neutral but the shapes and materials are well contrasted.

11. A magnificent decor


Don’t you think this living room is sumptuous? The colors used are neutral except for those in the painting, however the elegance and charm of the living room is undeniable. The carpet contrasts perfectly with the floor.

12. Large and thin geometric patterns

Large and thin geometric patterns (1)

The geo patterns on this rug are different from what we have seen previously. This time, they are thin but quite large, so more noticeable.

13. A traditional house

A traditional house (1)

Geometric patterns aren’t just made for modern and contemporary designs. This traditional living room confirms it thanks to the presence of the carpet which does not pass in any case for the intruder although it is highlighted.

14. White in the spotlight

White in the spotlight (1)

Patterns are essential in a monochrome decoration; mainly if white is the color in question.