15 Decorative Ideas of Living Room With Red Sofa (1)

Red has always been the perfect color to enhance a room that lacks sparkle. If it is not often recommended as the main color, it must be said that it is a beautiful accent color. Red accent wall is common, but red can also be found on several armchairs or accent chairs.

Today we are going to talk about red in the living room. To be precise, we are going to share with you some decorating ideas if you are thinking of buying a red sofa for your living room.

1. White, gray and red

White, gray and red (1)

The white wall behind brings out the beauty of the red on the corner sofa. No other color would have been better than red in this living room open to the kitchen where white and gray follow one another. The gray carpet with red stripes harmonizes the decor.

2. A minimalist living room

A minimalist living room (1)

You can opt for a red sofa even if your living room is minimalist. Moreover, red is a good choice of colors to avoid that the few furniture and accessories do not make the atmosphere boring.

3. A unique decor

A unique decor (1)

If you would like to completely revamp your living room, then invest in two red sofas that will make all the difference. For the rest of the room, alternate black, white and wood.

4. Modern and comfortable

Modern and comfortable (1)

This red corner sofa is modern and comfortable at the same time. It is neither too formal nor too casual; which makes it suitable for any style of decoration.

5. For lovers … of red

For lovers ... of red (1)

If you have always enjoyed this exciting color, then you might be inspired by this design. Red is not only found in the sofas, but also in the Ottoman-style armchairs and coffee table.

6. Red and white

Red and white (1)

Did you have a monochrome decoration in white and started to find it boring? A red sofa can change everything! However, it would be nice to add other elements that carry this color; like a lamp and two ottomans for example.

7. White, red and orange

White, red and orange (1)

You might not expect to find red and orange together in a living room. However, it is quite possible. With white walls and modern decor, you could pair these colors together.

8. A living room decorated in red, purple and white

A living room decorated in red, purple and white (1)

The red sofa is not only designed for those who have a living room that is mostly decorated in white. With the right undertones purple and red can go together really well. This image proves it to us.

9. A variety of colors, patterns and textures

A variety of colors, patterns and textures (1)

If the goal is to create a rich, eclectic or maximalist decoration, then obviously the red sofa cannot be a bad idea.

10. Glamour

Glamour (1)

Red isn’t just glamorous when women wear it over their nail polish. Added to the black and white combo in such a setting, red can only bring a unique glamorous touch.

11. Bright white

Bright white (1)

The easy way out would undoubtedly be to paint its walls white. This will only bring out the warm shade of your seat even more. Painting the walls of your living room in white is a wise choice to boost the brightness. I like the black and white details that slip on the floor and around the red sofa.

In these black and white interiors, the only touch of color is then your centerpiece. The choice is therefore to fully assume the presence of this piece of furniture. We only see him, and the result is sublime. To achieve such a result you have to bet on a minimalist style in your interior.

12. The sober gray

The sober gray1 (1)

The main idea is therefore to soften your furniture by painting your wall in a duller and darker color.

13. The cute gray-blue

The cute gray-blue (1)

A dusty blue can bring a lot of charm and chic to your living room. I find that this combination of red sofa and gray blue wall works perfectly in an industrial style decor, in a loft with a staircase and decorative details in raw metals.

14. The dark petroleum blue

The dark petroleum gray (1)

Who will have the most nerve? Your petrol blue wall or your red sofa?

15. Style and luxury for your space

style and luxury for your space (1)

Integrating a sofa in red or painting a wall in the same color is a long-term investment. So you need to think carefully before you start. However, the end result can be successful. Look at the photo above! The color red brings style to your space, and goes well with white, black and gray.