15 Ideas of Energetic Red Living Rooms (1)

Are you looking for ideas to spruce up your living room? If your answer is yes, check out our beautiful selection of living room decor photos in red. It doesn’t matter if you want to paint a wall or add a piece of furniture to spruce up your space.

1. Nice cushioons in red color

Nice cushioons in red color (1)

If you don’t dare to have, say, an entire wall painted red, just go for small accents such as throw pillows. They can accompany in an impeccable way a sofa in gray color. Look at the photo above! The clean lines are nicely complemented by rectangular shaped coffee tables.

2. Style and luxury for your space

Style and luxury for your space (1)

Integrating a sofa in red or painting a wall in the same color is a long-term investment. So you need to think carefully before you start. However, the end result can be successful. Look at the photo above! The color red brings style to your space, and goes well with white, black and gray. Laminate floors remain a preferred option when it comes to flooring, as it is very easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner and mop; in addition, it is less expensive compared to solid parquet. So enjoy it! You will find, below, more living room decor ideas.

3. Warm color

warm color (1)

Red is a character color that can represent love and hate at the same time. Being a very warm color, it symbolizes fire and temptation. Ideal for spicing up your interior style.

4. Strong and powerful color

strong and powerful color (1)

Red is a strong and powerful color, so if you want to incorporate it into a room in the house, this would be perfect for your living room decor.

5. Red is always vibrant

Red is always vibrant (1)

Red living room designs are always vibrant and full of life and are often very entertaining. Red allows your living room to become a warm and welcoming space.

6. Use little red

Use little red (1)

You don’t need to paint the whole room red to get the effect you want. You can just use red for accent pieces like carpet, curtains, decorative pillows etc. You also have the freedom to use several different shades of red like red-orange hues for the pillows or burgundy for the curtains.

7. Mix with neutral colors

Mix with neutral colors (1)

Because red is such a powerful color, it doesn’t have to be the dominant color in the room in order to grab attention. A red living room design can also be composed mainly or white and neutral colors with only small accents of red here and there. The most difficult task is to find the balance between the colors.

8. Massive and dynamic accents

massive and dynamic accents (1)

The modern living room decor could benefit from massive and dynamic accents. A red sofa in the living room could be the perfect accessory. If you want to create a more elaborate decor, you can also combine red tones with blue and other pastel colors. It is also best to use neutral colors for the rest of the decor when you decide to go for the flashy red color.

9. Color trends

Color trends (1)

You don’t have to worry about trends to have a beautiful home. Color trends come and go. The importance is to feel good and if you opt for red, we advise you to mix the colors until you obtain a pleasant result.

10. Keep it as an accent piece

keep it as an accent piece (1)

Plus, each color has the power to change the shape and size of the room itself. Red tends to make your living space too spacious, if you keep it as an accent piece. If it dominates, it may become more cumbersome.

11. Red increases the energy level of a room

Red increases the energy level of a room (1)

It is the most intense color among the whole palette. It is a good choice when you want to spark romance and passion. The color red in a living room or dining room is known to bring people together and stimulate conversation.

12. Use light colored ceilings

Use light colored ceilings (1)

Warning ! If you opt for a red color for your red living room decor, you should know that this may reduce your space. Lighter colored ceilings are known to look higher, while darker ones look lower.

13. Don’t use too much red

Don't use too much red (1)

Anyway, start making a plan in your head before you get down to work, because with this strong color you have to be very careful not to overdo it.

14. Warm living room in red

Warm living room in red (1)

On the living room wall, a red ocher with a matte appearance creates a velvety and warm effect. It has been associated with a bench upholstered in a silky mustard yellow velvet. This colorama is ideal for warming the atmosphere of the room, while furniture and accessories in raw wood or woven bamboo add a touch of the exotic.

15. A red British style living room

A red British style living room (1)

A very classic decor, walls with moldings, a portrait of the 19th century and an ultra-comfortable velvet sofa, is updated thanks to a variation of caramelized reds which for some tends towards marsala pink and for others towards candied tangerine. Also find other ideas to decorate your living room.