25 Inspirational Ideas for Colorful Living Room (1)

From the walls to the floors to the ceiling without forgetting the furniture and decorative accessories, there are a thousand and one ways to bring color to the interior. Discover our favorite inspirations to bring good humor to your living room by using color! 25 ways to bring color to the living room.

1. Colorful walls

Colorful walls (1)

Nothing like a painting to delimit the spaces of an interior like this living room where the coral paint makes it possible to distinguish the different functions of the room.

2. A two-tone wall

A two-tone wall (1)

To give perspective to the walls and draw attention to certain architectural elements, bet on a two-tone paint like this inspiration where the colors allow to highlight the moldings of the bases.

3. A colored strip vertically

A colored strip vertically (1)

If you have a high ceiling height, highlight it with a colored vertical strip. We fell in love with this bright yellow which brings dynamism and pep to the atmosphere.

4. Paintings with geometric patterns

Paintings with geometric patterns (1)

As you can see, there is nothing easier than bringing color to your living room with paint. Why not give free rein to your creativity by creating geometric and graphic patterns? To do this, use masking tape!

5. Wallpaper or panoramic

Wallpaper or panoramic (1)

If you want to bring color to your living room by opting for patterns, go for wallpaper or a panoramic. Not only does it add color, but this wall decoration also gives character to the room.

6. Color on the ceiling

Color on the ceiling (1)

What if instead of using the walls, you won’t be using your living room ceiling to give it a new perspective? An unusual decoration tip that we prefer in large spaces or for rooms with a high ceiling!

7. Tables and posters

Tables and posters (1)

If you don’t feel like embarking on decoration work like painting, bet on your wall decoration to bring a little good humor to your living room. A painting, posters, and a mirror.

8. Colorful flooring

Colorful flooring (1)

After the walls and the ceiling, make way for the floor covering! Instead of choosing white tiles or light wood parquet, go for red terracotta tiles, cement tiles with colorful patterns, or even colored parquet!

9. Carpets that are not lacking in pep

Carpets that are not lacking in pep (1)

Rugs are also great accessories to add color to a dull living room. We like the idea of ​​making a reminder between the color of the carpet and certain decorative elements such as the wall, the seats, and the linens.

10. A sofa that gets noticed

A sofa that gets noticed (1)

With its pink color, this sofa sets the tone! Here, although it is sober, the decoration is textured and contrasted thanks to the different materials for a result that does not go unnoticed …

11. Brightly colored seats

Brightly colored seats (1)

To illuminate a living room in a sober and refined style, you can bet on a vibrant seat, as in this pretty living room where the only colored element is the light yellow designer armchair.

12. A fuchsia pouf

A fuchsia pouf (1)

If you like fuchsia colors but are afraid of getting bored of them, opt for a pouf that you can change places and rooms according to your mood!

13. Storage furniture that catches the eye

Storage furniture that catches the eye (1)

To boost the decor of your living room, consider choosing or customizing a storage unit like this sideboard with yellow and white zigzag patterns.

14. Window frames

Window frames (1)

We don’t often think about it, but windows can also be highlighted with color! Create a frame around the windows with a strip of paint or simply choose colorful models.

15. Sunny curtains

Sunny curtains (1)

To bring light into an interior while protecting yourself from prying eyes, we have not found anything better than fine and light curtains. And for an even sunnier decor, succumb to pastel yellow!

16. A colorful radiator

A colorful radiator (1)

The trick to bringing color to a modern or contemporary style living room? Paint your radiators! It also works with exposed pipes and pipes of industrial-style interiors!

17. Pastel lights

Pastel lights (1)

It is well known that lighting plays an essential role in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere in the living room. Fall for models in pastel tones to bring good humor to the house!

18. Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers (1)

Even plants can be used to add color to the living room! In addition to the shades of green of the plants and the poetic colors of the flowers, also bet on colored string suspensions in the image of this inspiration!

19. A Mah Jong sofa

A Mah Jong sofa (1)

Add color to your living room with its Mah Jong sofa. You can compose the sofa of your desires!

20. Ethics

Ethics (1)

The Maisons du Monde brand also offers a colorful Asian-inspired sofa. Paired with brightly colored furniture, the result is as pleasant as it is original.

21. In red and black

In red and black (1)

Dare to use red and black in your living room. Dark walls allow the placement of brightly colored furniture that will be highlighted by the color balance.

22. Accessorize

Accessorize (1)

To add color to your living room, no need to paint the walls! Here is an offbeat atmosphere where the colors are brought by the furniture and the wall decoration. Inspired?

23. Color and cocooning

Color and cocooning (1)

For your living room, dare the color, and more particularly the bright color. Yellow, pink, purple, you can balance the energy of color with the comfort of cocooning textiles such as wool or faux fur.

24. Ikea version

Ikea version (1)

The very famous Ikea brand offers its version of the colorful living room. Brightly colored sofas placed alongside white sofas on which there are rainbow cushions, a fresh atmosphere to redo at home.

25. Designer Guild

Designer Guild (1)

Each designer offers his version of the colorful living room. Here Designer Guild amazes us with a magical living room where purple and green are essential.