Adopt Patterns Into Your Living Room! (1)

To give character to your decoration, dare the patterns! By integrating stripes, checks or even polka dots as elements of your decoration, the whole room will be energized. To inspire you, discover 10 ideas which have adopted the motif.

1. The obvious: the cushions!

The obvious, the cushions (1)

With cushions, there is something that is too good: covers are multiplying in shops, at very affordable prices, and suddenly it is easy to give yourself a little crush from time to time. Even, mega-supreme luxury, to create a small rotation to vary the atmosphere of the house! Because we can have tastes that are difficult to match, the solution seems to be found: what if we alternated? Of course, this little treat for cushions also works with throws, which are also very varied and on a budget that is rather easy to control.

2. In the center: the carpet

In the center, the carpet (1)

A rug, yes, but not Grandma’s! Because in addition to isolating the room and offering softness under the toes, for a few years creativity has taken its feet in the rug and is spread out for our greatest pleasure: square, round, rectangular , with fringes, long, short or woven pile, with designs, geometric figures, a harmony of colors … The carpet is modernized and really participates in the spirit of your room: rather design, cozy, graphic, cocooning ? It’s up to you to see where you want to set foot!

3. Storming the walls

Storming the walls (1)

Think big, occupy the walls! You have two options: you can lay tapestry strips to define the spaces in your living room or focus on a single wall. The advantage? This is an ornament that creates a general atmosphere in your room and which goes perfectly, oh joy, with fairly simple furniture. Because if originality lines the wall, it is then elegant and subtle to choose sobriety for furniture and fabrics!

4. Customized furniture

Customized furniture (1)

DIY enthusiasts, this paragraph is for you! Nothing better than fabrics or patterned wallpaper to customize very simple furniture or that needs a little renovation. The seats of chairs , shelves, a lamp shade, storage boxes, the inside of drawers … Make way for creativity and above all: have fun in style.

5. The main piece of furniture: the sofa

The main piece of furniture, the sofa (1)

We talked about thinking big by putting patterns on a wall, but we can also see big by choosing a sofa, or even a sofa and armchair set with a variegated fabric. Obviously, you immediately get a very marked style, which will be counterbalanced by the other elements of your living room that will have to be chosen more neutral. However, your living room does not lack character and that is class.

6. Shapes and colors

Shapes and colors (1)

It won’t be a surprise, when you think of patterns and decoration … you quickly think of the Scandinavian style. Graphic, modern, it is available in all sauces and seems a trend that is set to last. A fun and safe value.

7. The ethnic trend

The ethnic trend (1)

Now make way for the timeless ethnic trend, which never really disappears and regularly returns to the forefront. A style that calls for noble, quality materials, which can be bohemian … or bohemian chic!

8. A honeycomb mat

A honeycomb mat (1)

In this living room, we play with the patterns by making the wall decoration match the carpet . Here, the colors participate in the dynamic spirit of the whole for a modern living room that invites good humor.

9. Graphic patterns

Graphic patterns (1)

Know that the patterns can also be the strong element of your decor by multiplying them. Here, the sofa has a strong motif, but so do the carpet and the clock. The whole is then ultra graphic.

10. Different patterns

Different patterns (1)

In this living room, the patterns are multiple and are not alike! On the ground, triangles give a graphic side to the room, on the wall the bricks play the industrial card and on the sofa a cushion with birds finishes giving its eclectic side to this decoration.

11. Ethnic atmosphere

Ethnic atmosphere (1)

Patterns can allow you to infuse a decorative style into your room. By choosing an ethnic rug for example, the whole room will be inspired by it.

12. Curtains and cushions combo

Curtains and cushions combo (1)

So that the patterns take an important place in your decoration, you can play the combo card by using the same fabric for the cushions and the curtains. The motif will then be the centerpiece of the decor.

13. Vivid or pastel Memphis patterns

Vivid or pastel Memphis patterns

Founded in the 80s, the Memphis movement brings a little wind of fantasy to the world of design, with its geometric shapes and pop colors.

14. The basics

The basics (1)

Whenever you incorporate a design into a room, try to choose solid colors. They allow the patterns to be centered while allowing them to express themselves fully. Without a uniqueness of the colors, you would have only a succession of motive without any coherence.

15. Geometry

Geometry (1)

Don’t be afraid of geometric patterns. Although they may appear a bit stiff, geometric patterns blend perfectly with a monochromatic color palette. They bring life to your decoration with ease; including the smallest spaces.

16. Uniformity

Uniformity (1)

If your interior is very simple, uniform and homogeneous, do not hesitate to add patterns of the same style. You can combine several different designs or styles while making sure to keep the same color scheme in the room.

17. A pattern

a pattern (1)

I advise you to choose the pattern that you will incorporate into your home; and choose only one. This will allow this motif to be the main focus of your decoration. In the rest of the room, use simple colors and clean lines.

18. The biggest pattern

the biggest pattern (1)

A rule of thumb to remember is this: your largest pattern should be used with your flooring. Covering your floor with a large pattern works well if you marry it with the same pattern on a smaller scale; on cushions for example. You can also pair it with smaller designs of a similar color. It will bring a little harmony to your decoration.

19. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (1)

Wallpaper can be a great solution to add a pattern to a particular area of ​​the room. It will allow the space to come back to life. Whether you use colorful wallpaper or decide to use monochrome wallpaper, it will have the same impact.

20. Patterns and decorations

Patterns and decorations (1)

Just because you’re using a pattern doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate decorative elements like paintings. The key is to work with patterns in colors reminiscent of your paintings.

21. Combine patterns

combine patterns (1)

Only combine patterns if you live in an open space like a loft. You can combine several different patterns but try to keep some consistency. Don’t limit yourself to just one, two or three reasons. You can use up to five.

22. Cushions

Cushions (3)

Patterned pillows are a very easy way to incorporate patterns into a space. If you don’t like the result or get bored of these patterns, just change the cushions.

23. Polka dot prints

Polka dot prints (1)

If in doubt, go for a polka dot pattern. Polka dots bring a little whimsy where you need it. Polka dots will help you occupy the space and draw the eye in a certain direction; or an area of ​​the room.