50 Tips to Boost Your Living Room Decor (1)

It is often said that the centerpiece of the house is the kitchen. But by discovering all these decorating ideas for the living room, you almost want to change your mind! It is the place where the family meets, exchanges, invites, shares … Beyond the functional aspect, the living room must also reflect your personality, your lifestyle, and your desires.

This begins with the essential ideas for the decoration of the living room. Browse the photos and then discover inspirations for a little makeover or a big renovation.

1. The furniture 

The furniture  (1)

What elements do you want to highlight, is the circulation pleasant, does the layout correspond to your lifestyle (friendly lounge for entertaining, a functional lounge for the family, etc.)

2. Textiles

Textiles (1)

It is the decorative ally for the decoration of the living room of tenants or small budgets. Mix & match, play with colors, textures, shapes…

3. The wall decoration

The wall decoration (1)

Hang up posters, mirrors, photo frames, wall weaving… Certainly, the easiest way to decorate the living room.

4. Dimensions

Dimensions (1)

A pleasant living room also means good circulation. For the layout of a living room from scratch, use painter’s tape to mark the locations of the furniture, which will give you an idea of ​​the available space.

5. Lighting

Lighting (1)

Ceiling spotlights are practical, but it is a mistake not to combine them with other light sources. A rattan pendant light, a floor lamp for the reading corner, LED ribbons under the furniture or behind the TV… And a few table lamps for the final touch.

6. Painting

Painting (1)

What are the colors that attract you and make you feel good? Test with samples, and remember that nothing is final!

7. Hide the TV

Hide the TV (1)

Hide the TV to highlight the decor of the living room.

8. Against the window

Against the window (1)

A bench against the window in the living room.

9. Terracotta

Terracotta (1)

The terracotta color for painting the walls in the living room.

10. Optimize the space

Optimize the space (1)

Optimize the space available behind the sofa to store decorative objects in the living room.

11. Bookcase

Bookcase (1)

A tailor-made bookcase to store and decorate the living room.

12. Install LED strips

Install LED strips (1)

Install LED strips under living room furniture, You can buy it from Philips,

13. Separate open living room

Separate open living room (1)

To separate an open living room without partitioning, with removable partitions.

14. Velvet sofa

Velvet sofa (1)

Furnish the living room with a velvet sofa.

15. Leather sofa

Leather sofa (1)

Invest in a leather sofa for decor of character in the living room.

16. Olive tree

Olive tree (1)

Place an olive tree in a pot in a corner of the living room.

17. Curtains

Curtains (1)

Play with the curtains to dress the windows and decorate the living room.

18. Armchair

Armchair (1)

Hang an armchair in the living room for a cozy and cocooning touch.

19. Reclaimed furniture

Reclaimed furniture (1)

Mix reclaimed furniture (such as the cinder block coffee table), designer furniture, and antique furniture.

20. Two-tone wall

Two-tone wall (1)

The two-tone wall to break up the all-white living room.

21. Wall composition

Wall composition (1)

A wall composition transforms the appearance of the living room, to be modulated according to your desires.

22. Add a swing

Add a swing (1)

Install a swing for a playful touch in the living room.

23. Glass roof

Glass roof (1)

Modulate the spaces without limiting the passage of light with a glass roof in the living room.

24. Open shelves

Open shelves (1)

Take the time to decorate the open shelves in the living room.

25. Bar area

Bar area (1)

A bar area, with a display cabinet or a sideboard to furnish the living room.

26. Minimalist style 

Minimalist style  (1)

When in doubt, the minimalist style is always a good choice for the decoration of the living room.

27. Graphic wallpaper

Graphic wallpaper (1)

To put an original, colorful, and graphic wallpaper for the decoration of the living room.

28. XXL mirror

XXL mirror (1)

To bring brightness as to decorate, place an XXL mirror directly on the floor in the living room.

29. Bohemian decoration

Bohemian decoration (1)

For a bohemian decorative touch in the living room, mattresses, or floor cushions.

30. Mix the styles

Mix the styles (1)

Mix the decorative styles in the living room, here the Japandi, Scandinavian and Japanese influence.

31. Guinguette garland

Guinguette garland (1)

The guinguette garland also finds its place to decorate the living room.

32. Repaint living room ceiling

Repaint living room ceiling (1)

Why not repaint the living room ceiling?

33. Sofa structures

Sofa structures (1)

It’s obvious, in the living room, the sofa structures the room and contributes to its decorative atmosphere.

34. Carpet

Carpet (1)

The choice of the carpet in the living room will greatly participate in its decoration.

35. Unique way to decorate

Unique way to decorate (1)

Decorate the living room with travel souvenirs, a unique way to personalize the room.

36. Decorate coffee table

Decorate coffee table (1)

Take the time to decorate your coffee table with objects, books, accessories, and candles.

37. Decorate the walls

Decorate the walls (1)

Decorate the walls of the living room with recycled materials and personal items.

38. Chevron parquet

Chevron parquet (1)

For the renovation of the living room, if the budget allows it, change the floor for a chevron parquet.

39. Decorate with plants 

Decorate with plants  (1)

Transform the living room into an urban jungle with plants.

40. XXL pendant light

XXL pendant light (1)

Choose an XXL pendant light to bring character to the decoration of the living room.

41. Contrast color

Contrast color (1)

Play with the contrast to personalize the decoration of the living room.

42. Office area

Office area (1)

Install an office area in the living room without ruining the decor, with a few accessories to personalize the space.

43. Adopt the season 

Adopt the season  (1)

Adapt the decoration of the living room to the seasons, a Christmas wreath for the winter, bouquets of flowers for the spring…

44. Curves and rounded shapes

Curves and rounded shapes (1)

Play with curves and rounded shapes to break straight lines in the living room.

45. Decorate with textiles

Decorate with textiles (1)

In the living room, textiles are the allies for the decoration of tenants as well as low budgets, we think of cushions, rugs, plaids, wall weaving …

46. Simple baskets

Simple baskets (1)

Simple baskets to store what tends to hang out in the living room.

47. Different textures

Different textures (1)

play with the different textures to personalize the decoration of the living room

48. Chaise lounge

Chaise lounge (1)

The chaise longue brings a refined touch to furnish and decorate the living room.

49. Soft pink 

Soft pink  (1)

The pink sofa, the rattan pendant light, the carpet, the flowers, and the ottoman… A well-thought-out decoration for a comfortable, cozy, and welcoming living room.

50. Small living room

Small living room (1)

Small living rooms can also have personal and character decorations.