40 Ideas of Mirrors to Put to Enhance Your Decor (1)

Indispensable for interior decoration, the mirror enlarges a room, brings light and a real designer touch to the atmosphere. It remains to choose the right one! Between industrial metal, rattan and wicker, copper mirror or practical mirror, we have compiled the must of trendy mirrors to simplify the choice.

1. A sun mirror

A sun mirror (2)

Poetic, light and original, the sun mirror is a must in all decorative accessory collections. Even better? We choose it in rattan, wicker or bamboo version, the star materials of the trend, to add a touch of nature to our interiors… And a few (false) rays of sunshine in a living room, bedroom or hallway!

2. A mirror shelf

A mirror shelf (1)

Scandinavian design requires, the round mirror with veneered wood effect is essential to give charm to a room from the bedroom to the living room. But if we like it so much, it’s also because its practical frame offers storage on the front, ideal as a storage compartment in the entrance for keys or the phone, in the bathroom for jewelry and hair brush!

3. An industrial mirror

An industrial mirror (1)

For industrial deco addicts, we push the sense of detail to the end with a mirror right in the trend. The right choices? An aged metal frame, a chain to hang it on the wall and a rounded shape to… literally soften the angles. Perfect alongside an industrial-inspired clock.

4. A pebble mirror

A pebble mirror (1)

With its soft curves and asymmetric shape, the pebble mirror is firmly in line with the retro trend of the moment. In an entryway, bedroom or living room, it adds an irresistible art deco touch to any room. The extra thing? It goes wonderfully with soft and natural shades, from gray to powder pink.

5. A shabby chic mirror

A shabby chic mirror (1)

The good idea of ​​the shabby chic mirror is that it is easy to find! We scour the flea markets to find a large vintage mirror adorned with scrolls or gilding, we keep it as it is or repaint it for a patina, it’s done. And for those who prefer to save time, retro-inspired mirrors are also on the market … just the touch that was missing for a refined living room or a romantic bedroom.

6. A mirror glass roof

A mirror glass roof (1)

How about daring the mirror glass trend? Modern and practical, a beautiful grid mirror decorates a wall or an industrial glass-style walk-in closet to enlarge the space. A must-have for ultra-trendy decor that enlarges the room while giving it character, for a factory atmosphere in the bedroom, living room or dining room!

7. A raw wood mirror

A raw wood mirror (1)

Want a touch of nature? Impossible to go wrong with a raw wood mirror, as chic in an industrial decor as it is perfect in an ethnic atmosphere. We choose it in an XXL version placed on the floor in a bedroom or a large living room, in a more concentrated version to hang on the wall in an entrance or a studio!

8. A Versailles-style mirror

A Versailles-style mirror (1)

Between the Hall of Mirrors and the Venetian mirrors, we dare. The all-mirror mirror, aged silver effect in a contemporary decor or even speckled for the vintage style, it works as long as it is treated like a real arty painting as the centerpiece of the decor!

9. Original form

Original form (1)

In the living room, we install a mirror with an original shape. It has a decorative role and will enhance your interior.

10. In height

In height (1)

In the bedroom, we install a mirror all in height. It allows you to analyze yourself when trying on clothes and allows you to enlarge the space. 

11. Round

Round (1)

In the bathroom, we install a nice round mirror, it decorates the room and stylizes the bathroom.

12. Decorative

Decorative (1)

In the hallway, why not install a decorative mirror? It is a good solution to give scale to the room while playing the card of originality.

13. Original

Original (2)

In the dining room, an original mirror gives depth and plays with light.

14. Good size

Good size (1)

In a bathroom, we add a mirror of good size for its functional side. It reflects the light and enlarges the space.

15. Deco

Deco (1)

In the bedroom, decorative mirrors are welcome. They are placed above the bed for a trendy space. 

16. A mirror above a console / shoe cabinet

A mirror above a console or shoe cabinet (1)

Putting a mirror on the wall above a piece of furniture, whether it is a shoe cabinet or a console, allows you to dress the top of the cabinet and not have a space that seems too empty. There is also a practical side to everyday life, the mirror allows you to check your appearance before leaving the house. Right now, the trend is for a round mirror with a sleek frame. We can also find in a more classic way a rectangular mirror that will fill more space on the wall. If you opt for a small mirror, it can be associated with photo frames or climbing plants.

17. A large mirror above a bench

A large mirror above a bench (1)

Having a bench in the hall is less frequent and yet it is very practical to put on shoes for example. When you have young children or even back problems, the bench can be an interesting solution to arrange the entrance to the house. The mirror will have the same vocation as in the previous proposals. The bench is in essence lower than a piece of furniture or a shelf. You will have to be careful not to put the mirror too low to avoid landing on it when you sit on the bench.

18. A large mirror on the wall

A large mirror on the wall (1)

For the moment we have mainly seen the case of the mirror above a piece of furniture. This is not the only solution available to you. One can imagine a large vertical mirror hanging on the wall. In addition to being decorative and allowing the light to diffuse, it will allow you to see yourself from head to toe before leaving your home. Unlike the standing mirror which creates a clutter on the floor, hanging a mirror on the wall allows you not to trip over it. Even if you have a small section of the wall, there are mirrors of all sizes that can let you fill that space with no worries. (And without having to go for a tailor-made one that would cost you a blind!)

19. Set of mirrors to dress a section of wall between two doors

Set of mirrors to dress a section of wall between two doors (1)

The entrance to a home is a separate room for several reasons. It is generally cramped, it sometimes lacks light, we spend there often but never for long … And it is often a space where there are ends of walls that we never really know what to do with. For example: a wall of about thirty centimeters between two doors to other rooms in the house. Mirrors can be used to decorate this wall which does not necessarily allow you to attach a piece of furniture – piece of furniture which would slow down the passage between the rooms elsewhere. Mirrors, like the frames, are not bulky and decorate without doing too much.

20. Set of mirrors to dress the top of a piece of furniture 

Set of mirrors to dress the top of a piece of furniture  (1)

I mentioned it quickly in the first solution, above a piece of furniture, the mirror is not necessarily the only one to decorate the wall. It can be associated with frames, photos, but also with other mirrors. The risk here is to “overload” the wall with too many frames / mirrors. Usually above a console, there are three medium mirrors. To put more is to take the risk of creating too heavy a decoration.

21. Mirror and table lamp for a brighter entrance

Mirror and table lamp for a brighter entrance (1)

We end this article with the mirror and lamp association. The brightness of the entrance is important. Besides, I have to think about writing an article about it. In the meantime, you should know that combining a lamp (even a small lamp) and a mirror will make it possible to have a brighter room. The mirror will reflect the light and diffuse it more widely. If you have a console or a shelf, do not hesitate to add a small lamp near the mirror. In winter, it will be a good addition of light in your room. And it’s still more pleasant to see clearly even if you only spend a few minutes each time!

22. On hallway

On hallway (1)

Give width to a hallway with this industrial mirror.

23. Rattan mirror pieces

Rattan mirror pieces (1)

The accumulation of these rattan mirrors gives your interior a beautiful bohemian chic atmosphere.

24. Large baroque mirror

Large baroque mirror (1)

A chic and glamorous interior with a large baroque mirror gives height and depth to the living room.

25. Art Deco style

Art Deco style (1)

These pretty mirrors in geometric shapes with golden frames complete the Art Deco style of the bathroom. Luxury and elegance are at the rendezvous.

26. Adhesive design mirrors

Adhesive design mirrors (1)

In a classic bedroom, a collection of adhesive design mirrors adorn the wall and bring a modern and contemporary touch.

27. Set of 3 round metal mirrors

Set of 3 round metal mirrors (1)

This set of three sun mirrors, round in black metal, will find its place anywhere in the house, as well in an entrance as in the bedroom or the living room. Decorative effect guaranteed with these frames with very fine patterns. We can imagine them perfectly on a wall painted in a duck or petrol blue, for example.

28. Rust effect metal mirror

Rust effect metal mirror (1)

Bring depth to your room with this rounded industrial mirror in black metal with a rust finish. It allows you to enlarge a room and reflect the light thanks to its generous dimensions. It is equally suitable for an industrial decoration, a classic style as well as a more modern and design style.

29. Kupang mirror

Kupang mirror (1)

This large white Maisons du Monde mirror brightens up your sleeping area or the room you have converted into a walk-in closet. Framed by a frieze of carved wood, it is very elegant and refined. It goes perfectly with a slightly baroque, cocooning, classic or even very contemporary bedroom by playing on a contrast that remains harmonious all the same thanks to its white color.

30. White psyche mirror

White psyche mirror (1)

This Maisons du Monde baroque mirror with its finely worked frame brings a very elegant note to your bedroom, your dressing room or the guest room. Full of charm, it is the essential and very functional psyche mirror in your daily life. It remains relatively classic and can be integrated everywhere thanks to the white or silver color.

31. Gold metal mirror

Gold metal mirror (1)

A magnificent golden sun mirror that works wonders on the wall where your bed leans. Very trendy thanks to its golden finish, it has an atypical shape and it brings brightness and a sophisticated and very cocooning side to your room. Obviously, it can also find its place in other rooms of the house, it can also be accompanied by various golden sun mirrors.

32. White metal seperated mirror

White metal seperated mirror (1)

A beautiful workshop mirror will enhance your living room. It can be placed on the ground, but also above a corner sofa and preferably facing a bay window opening onto the garden or an urban landscape. In white metal, it is sober and gives a designer and industrial look to your living room. You will be stunned by the feeling of depth you get.

33. Antique effect metal mirror

Antique effect metal mirror (1)

The Maisons du Monde cargo mirror sits proudly above the fireplace. It sits the dining area perfectly and brings a raw and industrial touch to a slightly classic decor thanks to its aged metal frame. It corresponds very well to an urban and more contemporary spirit. It is a very beautiful triptych that will also take place in an entrance or a bedroom to bring character and aesthetic added value.

34. Gold metal ethnic mirror

Gold metal ethnic mirror (1)

This magnificent golden Maisons du Monde mirror is a real eye-catcher, as it has so much presence. It consists of a large wreath decorated with assembled leaves that give the impression of a stylized flower. Bright, it highlights all decorations, from the simplest to the most exotic or ethnic. It is a real luxurious touch that you bring to your decor!

35. Mirror in golden metal wire

Mirror in golden metal wire (1)

With its light and graphic lines, this mirror blends in perfectly with your decorative style and any room. Even if this mirror is sleek, it still presents an interesting job. It evokes the Art Deco style and we like the frame in golden thread. Its hexagonal shape also brings a certain touch of originality.

36. Large metal mirror

Large metal mirror (1)

You prefer something softer, more natural, so go ahead and orient your choice towards a natural or bleached wood frame. If you want to bring a natural and country side to it, choose a darker, more rustic wood frame.

37. Finmark round mirror in white oak

Finmark round mirror in white oak (1)

This round mirror with oak surround is part of a resolutely contemporary style. If you install it facing a window, it will reflect the outside to enhance your decor and expand the space. It brings a warm and luminous note that highlights your room. We appreciate its simplicity and at the same time its refinement.

38. Window mirror with whitened hearts

Window mirror with whitened hearts (1)

The window mirror is designed like a real window with its charming whitewashed shutters. The presence of the heart on each shutter adds a romantic touch to a bedroom, for example. To highlight the trompe-l’œil effect, hang it on the wall facing a window overlooking a tree.

39. Ethnic mirror

Ethnic mirror (1)

This oriental mirror with its airy and delicate frame gives an ethnic and exotic accent to your room. Original, the patterns are alternated and the rendering is very elegant, it dresses your wall with a lot of refinement. Depending on the accessories and the style of decoration you put around, it fits perfectly into a contemporary or more classic style by bringing a change of scenery.

40. Set of 9 silver convex mirrors 

Set of 9 silver convex mirrors  (1)

Play the originality card to the full to give your room personality with this designer mirror. It is composed of a multitude of mirrors of different sizes which brings roundness and therefore softness to all your spaces. The reflections of these convex mirrors which distort the image offer a spectacular rendering that leaves no one indifferent.