25 Ideas to Decorate Open Space Without Cluttering Up Space (1)

Living in an open space is very nice, but decorating an open space is quite complicated. Creating a comfortable space without overcrowding the room requires a few tips. The key is to use items that add beauty and personality, while still retaining enough room. Another factor to take into account is the separation of rooms. Many homes with open space have little or no room separation. So here are some tips for decorating an open space while making the most of your space.

1. Focus on a focal point

Focus on a focal point (1)

When decorating or rearranging a room, you need to focus on a focal point and let yourself be guided. Using the focal point as the main lens allows a space to appear less abstract and leaves more room for the space to appear less intimidating and more accessible to creativity or large and beautiful windows; use them to create your focal point.

2. Rugs

Rugs (1)

In large rooms, rugs are a great ally. I love their visual impact because it opens up the space while having a bold definition that describes the function in that specific room. It also allows you to clearly define each space.

3. Occasional chairs

Occasional chairs (1)

If you want to provide an intimate feel, adding a variety of seating to the room can be a great way to do it. One or two extra chairs not only provide additional seating, but they also allow for a bit of sophistication.

4. Seperate two spaces

Seperate two spaces (1)

Here, the kitchen has been raised above the living space. These two levels are a great way to separate the two spaces. To allow circulation: steps also hiding drawers. The sofa has also been integrated into this platform and accessorized with large custom-made cushions.

5. Theme gray

Theme gray (1)

This apartment has been dressed with charcoal-colored seats and sofas to ensure a certain homogeneity between the rooms.

6. Expand the space

Expand the space (1)

Although everything is combined in one room, using a straight line from the cabinet to the sofa to the table helps to expand the space in the room.

7. Loads of light

Loads of light (1)

The exposed beams on the ceiling and industrial-style lighting catch the eye. Here the focal point has been created at the back of the room in the living room where there is a sofa embellished with many bright colors.

8. Natural decor

Natural decor (1)

Here, it is the plants that serve as a bit of natural separations. In each area, plants have been arranged in different ways: suspended, placed on a piece of furniture or on the ground.

9. Homogeneous interior

Homogeneous interior (1)

Continuation of these small decorative inspirations. Here, I really like this very homogeneous interior with its light colors, wood and marble.

10. Contemporary style

Contemporary style (1)

The very traditional windows of this apartment contrast with the straight lines and contemporary style of this kitchen.

11. Loft-style living room

Loft-style living room (1)

Continuation of these deco inspirations with this loft-style living room and the kitchen area are just breathtaking!

12. Get creative

Get creative (1)

Open space allows you to be creative with your furniture. If you are a huge fan of eclectic decor, this is the perfect space to add that unique lamp you love or a beautiful custom made table.

13. Add accessories

add accessories (1)

Don’t be afraid to accessorize your home with fun throw pillows, comfy blankets and / or both. Besides, they both bring color and texture while adding coziness to the room.

14. Light

Light (1)

Lights are great not only because they brighten up the room, but also because they provide warmth. In order to create a welcoming atmosphere, consider having multiple lights, including table lamps, a pendant light, or sconces. Place them all around the room.

15. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (3)

Open spaces often have large empty white walls. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to embed wallpaper on the wall. The wallpaper will occupy a large part of the wall space while still being visible in the room and providing rich and bold colors.

16. Curtains

Curtains (1)

If an extra touch of privacy is needed, curtains are ideal. The folds of the fabric used will provide privacy while creating a softer feel in the space.

17. Cabinets

Cabinets (1)

Textured walls and cabinets help to give a little more relief to the whole room.

18. Brick wall

Brick wall (1)

The unusual shape of this house required some creativity in creating separate spaces. Here, the living room has that great focal point – a brick wall that serves as a bookcase and display space above the fireplace.

19. Warm space

Warm space (1)

Here is a beautiful simple, warm and welcoming space. The large taupe curtains bring a little character to the whole.

20. Storage

Storage (1)

The kitchen cabinets are just exceptional. They offer a large storage space, a beautiful light and associate very complementary mixed shapes.

21. Wood accessories

Wood accessories (1)

Very nice achievement here. The room finds its harmony thanks to the wood that we find in several elements such as the wall, the chairs and the tables.

22. Add modern fireplace 

Add modern fireplace  (1)

In this house could not be more open, the stove adds a warm touch. We can imagine spending long winter evenings there with family or friends.

23. Luxury

Luxury (1)

Marble coffee table, faux fur rugs, oversized furniture, etc. Everything in this space is an invitation to luxury and gigantism to create an exceptional atmosphere.

24. Functional decor

Functional decor (1)

Here, the kitchen is reduced to its simplest device. However, that does not prevent it from being fully functional.

25. Copper wall

Copper wall (1)

Here, it is the wall installed in the middle of the room which brings all its originality. This breaking copper wall helps define the living room space and provides space for the TV without cutting that beautiful view together.