30 Decorative Ideas for Shabby and Chic Style Living Room (1)

Cozy, retro and romantic, the shabby chic style plunges us into a world of softness, dreams and delicacy… Perfect for a living room in which to dream, cocoon or relax! Demonstration with all the codes of shabby chic decor adapted to the living room.

1. A retro chandelier

A retro chandelier (1)

Light on the living room with a retro chandelier! Star of the shabby chic spirit, the old-fashioned chandelier replaces the designer pendant lights for a softer and more romantic look. Straight out of Aunt Odile’s attic, a trendy store or the neighboring flea market, it can adopt several styles: crystal and tassels for a glamorous shabby chic, patinated white metal for a shabby chic cottage. In all cases, we choose volutes and curved lines and vintage effect bulbs to illuminate the living room.

2. An old mirror

An old mirror (1)

Placing a mirror in the living room both enlarges the space and improves its luminosity. With an XXL mirror with delicate ornaments, a floral frame and an elegant patina, the whole living room atmosphere tilts towards the shabby chic side! And nothing prevents us from painting, gilding or patina ourselves grandmother’s mirror or an old mottled model.

3. A patinated coffee table

A patinated coffee table (1)

Indispensable in the living room, the coffee table can set the tone … as long as it displays a vintage look. As for the mirror, we favor patinated white, the star of the shabby chic decor. And as for the mirror, we can transform an old table ourselves with the right patina! In terms of form, anything is possible, as long as the furniture is made of wood, from recycled pallets to the old treasure chest.

4. Vintage chairs

Vintage chairs (1)

How to talk about Shabby chic style without mentioning the classic medallion chair? And in the absence of a medallion, most retro chairs are suitable for shabby chic decor. They should simply display a vintage style and ideally combine a wooden structure with refined moldings with a fabric seat and backrest… not too used, after all. If necessary, we have old chairs re-upholstered or we buy them new with an aged effect!

5. A beautiful retro clock

A beautiful retro clock (1)

The little shabby chic touch that makes the difference? A retro clock to put as a decorative object, whether it works or not. A dream for lovers of china and flea markets, and it can easily (not economically, but easily…) be repaired if necessary by a good watchmaker.

6. A padded sofa

A padded sofa (1)

Tufted back, fabric upholstery, soft colors and elegant lines: the right sofa must recall the spirit of so (shabby) chic English cottage. And make you want to snuggle up there, above all! Chesterfield sofa or velvet fabric, there is a sofa for every living room as long as it is soft, padded and soft. With a host of cushions, some with flowers, if possible.

7. An old pedestal table

An old pedestal table (1)

Emblematic of the vintage spirit of shabby shic, the pedestal table is also a staple of the British cottage style. Where to put the cup of tea, without a pedestal table next to the sofa? Depending on the size of the living room, it can play the ends of the sofa or be converted into a real reading corner with retro chairs or an upholstered armchair. In any case, we choose it patinated white and decorate it with a pretty frame, a lace doily, one or two candles, or even a vase of dried flowers!

8. The living room with the clock

The living room with the clock (1)

While the predominantly white living room as a whole works well, one of the most interesting details in this are the two turquoise planks visible on the coffee table, demonstrating that even the smallest amount of contrasting color can personalize. decoration and give it a unique character.

9. The pink living room

The pink living room (1)

The assortment of furniture accessories, whether in terms of color or pattern, provides a beautiful counterpoint in a room. The above example of the pair of pink cushions and coordinating pink chairs is proof of that. This assembly is not artificial, it is so subtle that it is barely perceptible.

10. The charming shabby lounge 

The charming shabby lounge  (1)

Different shades of the same color palette are put to good use in this living room, which seems a bit busy, consistency and structure is given by the unity of the color theme. Neutral tones ensure that attention is not taken away from the design of furniture and windows.

11. Bouquet of flowers

Bouquet of flowers (1)

One of the main aspects of shabby chic decor is the restoration of old wood and other materials to contribute to the aged aesthetic. In this example you can see the planks that were salvaged to build the coffee table and the old bags that were made into sofa covers.

12. The living room with chandeliers

The living room with chandeliers (1)

With only a relatively small window to let in natural light, the emphasis in this living room is on artificial light sources. Two decorative chandeliers help hide the effects of bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling, while at least three lamps with shades are placed in each corner to ensure the room is never dark

13. The cream lounge

The cream lounge (1)

The light pink and cream colors are the dominant colors of the aesthetic shabby chic, and they are used in this case in correspondence with the walls while contrasting with the furniture. Be careful, however, not to get lost in a typical decor like “grandma’s house”.

14. The flowery living room

The flowery living room (1)

Recalling the flower scene in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, this living room evokes a country feel with pastel green on the walls, floral designs, and large windows that let in copious amounts of natural light.

15. The chic country lounge

The chic country lounge (1)

This is the quintessential shabby chic living room with a hint of rustic decor featured on the distressed-looking walls and tables. The rug, in particular, is a touch that isn’t absolutely necessary, but serves to add some sparkle to the overall image.

16. The quiet iving room

The quiet iving room (1)

The example of this living room here uses decorative accessories to offer a shabby chic approach. The inscription, for example, emphasizes the idea that the living room is a place to relax and take your time, while the chandeliers and the weathered and weathered coffee table are archetypes of the shabby chic style that can be incorporated into any aesthetic.

17. Fireplace lounge

Fireplace lounge (1)

There is a lot in this living room in terms of furniture and colors, but the consistency is maintained by a certain classicism of the whole, sober and tasteful (with the possible exception of the yellow chair with a little pattern shifted). The sofas are neutral, but the mirror, the table and the fireplace make up for that much more.

18. Summer lounge

Summer lounge (1)

An interior design that uses yellow as the main color is not to be completely excluded from the shabby chic style, especially during spring and summer. The contrast of the walls, curtains and cushions above with the coffee table, sofa, armchair and wardrobe is particularly striking, although lighter pastel tones may be more appropriate for a shabby chic aesthetic.

19. Gray blue living room

Gray blue living room (1)

This living room is an effective experience on the open space, but only to an extent – there is nothing negative about the gap between the two sofas, but this large wooden space left bare leaves a taste of unfinished business. in the room. Never underestimate the ability of a coffee table or rug to give a living room extra dimension.

20. Purple living room

Purple living room (1)

The ornamentation detail is the dominant principle of this living room, with purple accents standing out against the neutral walls and tones of the floor. Venetian blinds add a glamorous chiaroscuro touch to personalize the room, they work especially well with the shabby chic style.

21. Shabby empire lounge

Shabby empire lounge (1)

If you are considering purchasing a wall mirror, remember that the frame, more than the mirror itself, will determine its actual function in your chic living room. This frame not only surrounds the mirror, but also incorporates hooks that can be used to hang decorative elements on it, in addition to being already beautiful.

22. Romantic lounge

Romantic lounge (1)

The wall decorating does not mean hang some pictures to the right or left – let express your unbridled creativity! You don’t have to go as far as the bedroom owner above, but a design like this makes almost any room look stylish and quirky. The walls in wide vertical paneling are also an idea to keep.

23. Chic english lounge

Chic english lounge (1)

A desk is a wonderful addition to any shabby chic living room, especially with its French doors wide open during the summer, like here. While you might not necessarily fancy a Union Jack pattern on your own throw pillows, a pop of contrasting color is a visual necessity in a cream-dominant room like this one.

24. Nordic living room

Nordic living room (1)

A fireplace is always a desirable perk of the living room, and the shabby chic room design can be built around it if desired – here, comfy armchairs and bedside tables are directed towards the fireplace, some illustrations provide illustrations. interests in what would otherwise be bare, white walls.

25. Gray cottage living room

Gray cottage living room (1)

The more daring shabby chic salons are experimenting with dark contrasting colors as well as pastel tones which are typically used in style. This bedroom uses dark furnishings against white walls to provide an Adams family vibe to the room – certainly incorporating the “shabby” into the term, but also covering the “chic” part with the decorations and furniture design.

26. A dose of colors

A dose of colors (1)

White is the go-to color for shabby chic style, and if you get bored easily, the style might not be for you. That doesn’t mean, however, that other colors have no place in a shabby chic living room. They are also welcome to break the monotony of white. The decoration is therefore more interesting. Pastel colors are the most used in a shabby decoration. Pastel blue and pink as well as mint green are popular because they refresh the decor. In addition, brighter colors can also adapt to the decor.

A dose of colors 1 (1)

The amount of colors that you can use, as well as the shades to choose from depends on the theme under which you want to decorate the room (aside from the shabby chic style). If you are a fan of Scandinavian design, consider very light gray and pastel shades of blue. For a more feminine living room with a bohemian touch, go for shades of pink and purple instead. Whatever colors you choose, avoid dark tones.

27. An exceptional, exclusive decor

An exceptional, exclusive decor 1 (1)

The success of a shabby chic decoration does not depend only on the colors. It is important that you know that not everyone appreciates the style. The all-white background bores some and the feminine side in some settings disturbs others. This is why people are often encouraged to explore their own version of the style. However, this does not mean that a shabby chic decoration is done just any old way. To sum up, the key to this decorating style is found in recycling, vintage finds, antique or worn-looking furniture. Combined with a white background (and pops of pastel or bright colors), these elements will help you create a shabby chic decor in your living room.

28. A touch of modernity

A touch of modernity (1)

Maybe you would prefer to decorate with a good balance between vintage and modern, between imperfection and glossy finishes or between recycled furniture and new trends?

A touch of modernity 1 (1)

If so, start incorporating subtle touches of shabby chic into your modern styled living room. For example, you can keep a modern decor in general but replace only the coffee table with a vintage model and adding an antique style vase on it.

29. Shabby chic style in a small living room

Shabby chic style in a small living room (1)

The fact that your living room is small in no way prevents you from adopting the shabby chic style. 

30. Boxes and baskets

Boxes and baskets (1)

No minimalism in a shabby chic living room. On the contrary, we accumulate recycled wooden boxes, grandmother’s baskets, patinated lockers… This, whether they are really vintage or brand new with a beautiful retro effect!