Guide to Create Industrial Interior Decoration

The industrial decoration is at the same time organic, ingenious, daring, refined and as well masculine as feminine. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll give you decorating ideas, tips and advice to help you design an industrial-style interior with specific decorating ideas and tips. I will also show you how to furnish your house or your apartment without the risk of making the slightest mistake in taste… or in style.

Some decorating ideas

some decorating ideas (1)

Before embarking on any interior design project, it is important to find inspiration for your future space. Being a fan of mixtures in terms of design, you will see in the examples below that it is possible to mix industrial decor with mid-century, modern or boho elements.

Some decorating ideas

Take a look at the examples below. You will see that they vary greatly aesthetically. Depending on your preference, the industrial decor can be contemporary steampunk chic or rough.

some decorating ideas2 (1)

Choose rustic colors

Choose rustic colors (1)

For your industrial interior design, choosing the right color palette is essential to get your interior design project off to a good start. From carpets to furniture to lighting, the choice of colors will determine your future choices.

If your interior has exposed brick walls (painted or unpainted), a cement floor, or wood features, you’ve already come halfway. Rustic colors vary from brown and beige. Keep in mind that your sofa, chairs or even tables will probably use materials like leather and raw wood, so some colors will already be very present.

Industrial furniture can be very original

industrial furniture can be very original (1)

Industrial furniture is often made of raw wood. Whether it’s the coffee table, the dining table, or an end of the sofa, having at least one wooden table is a must-have for a real industrial decoration. Although the top should be made entirely of wood, there is nothing to prevent you from choosing a model with steel legs.

One of the recent trends in industrial interior design is the use of concrete. Personally, I’m crazy about it! I find that furniture that uses this material has an incredible impact on decorating a room.

industrial furniture can be very original 2 (1)

When it comes to sofas and chairs, we often have leather finishes. Although the materials are similar, the style of leather furniture can be very different. You can choose a traditional chesterfield or go for a more modern sofa with a low profile.

Carpets blend in with the environment

Carpets blend in with the environment (1)

When it comes to rugs, for your industrial interior design, your choices are a bit limited to stay with the theme. Avoid overly colorful rugs, decorated with too many distinct geometric patterns (herringbone or lattice).

Instead, I would recommend something fairly simple with rather dark colors like gray, the Instead, I would recommend something, burnt orange or blue.

Contrast and creativity

Contrast and creativity (1)

You have more flexibility when choosing your decorative items. For the cushions, choose leather or woven textiles. Consider choosing colors that will complement those of your rug. If the color of your rug is rather dark, choose colorful cushions.

Vintage versus modern steel lighting

Vintage versus modern steel lighting (1)

Lighting for industrial interior design often falls into two categories. Vintage lamps and lamps inspired by old models. Personally, I am not against reproductions, provided they do not knock.

Vintage versus modern steel lighting 1 (1)

Although ceiling lights are often overlooked in most homes, they are an essential component in industrial style decor. It’s up to you to choose a pretty piece or to opt for a series of Edison dimmer bulbs.

Some inspirations

In an industrially decorated living room, one would expect to find bricks, typographic black-and-white decor, factory windows, vintage rugs, and pipes running through the walls. It is also a decoration made up of many details and many finishes. With this ultimate guide, you’ll find all the ideas you need to create your own.

industrial decor1 (1)

So let’s start with this apartment that I selected for its many simple textures and only using brown, gray, black and green. A sofa and a wooden coffee table constitute the relaxation area. This space backs onto a semi-open kitchen with extremely raw materials and finishes.

industrial decor2 (1)

Another lounge with industrial decoration, another atmosphere. Here, we play with the ceilings and reverse the roles; wood is found on the ceiling and concrete is found on the floor. A soft brown L-shaped sofa, matching the wood tones, offers a certain homogeneity. Rows of black shelves add an air of intellectualism, eschewing works of art.

industrial decor3 (1)

A living room with industrial decor doesn’t have to be all brown and gray. This smaller space adds a bit of color with a hint of yellow on the walls. At the same time, the light wood floors add warmth to the concrete.

industrial decor4 (1)

If you are lucky enough to live in a loft, consider using windows to inject some soul into your decor. Rough concrete walls and wooden floors will also help create a backdrop in true industrial style. As you can see here, this is sufficient, because the furniture is not really industrial.

industrial decor5 (1)

If you have high ceilings, use them! I love the floor that was created here. I like the steel beams that were used and that give character to the room. To complete the look, the brick wall matches perfectly with the rest of the decor.

industrial decor6 (1)

If you want two floors but only have one, do as in this living room and build a steel staircase on stilts to access it. On a small section of wall, you will gain space to store your things.

industrial decor7 (1)

Industrial spaces should not be separated. This living room, kitchen and bedroom uses steel, glass and polished wood to create the ambience of a modern factory. I’m totally crazy about this unduly modern apartment!

industrial decor8 (1)

In terracotta and gray tones, this small kitchen lounge only hints at the industrial style. However, we understand the idea.

industrial decor9 (1)

Give your industrial decor living room an artistic look. Under a concrete ceiling and extractor hoods, a herringbone parquet floor and numerous objects of art and decoration complete the decor. This nice mix works pretty well!

industrial decor10 (1)

This industrial-decorated living room offers a fairly relaxed warehouse atmosphere. I love this mix of whitewashed rafters and exposed brick.

industrial decor11 (1)

Add a fireplace in the middle of your living room! This living room uses brown and gray wood to showcase this magnificent fireplace around which the whole family can gather.

industrial decor12 (1)

Not a lot of budget to create your undue decor? So look at what has been done here. It is neither very complicated nor too expensive!

industrial decor13 (1)

Living in an abandoned factory? And why not ! Watch how this old warehouse was laid out by creating stacked glass cubes to create rooms.

industrial decor14 (1)

When you mix rustic pieces with 21st century materials, it gives you that. Here we used a rather pop red to highlight the different spaces.

industrial decor15 (1)

I really like this show with industrial decoration in an undue and super hero way. In the midst of the bricks and metal, small, rather subtle details have been added to recall the secondary theme of the room.

industrial decor16 (1)

Make your living room a time machine. Look at all these elements that recall different moments in history and help to create this special atmosphere.

industrial decor17 (1)

Do you like modern, industrial decor and Darth Vader? Then this show is for you! A little dark for my taste, this living room still has a lot of character!

industrial decor18 (1)

Add comfort to a concrete room. Here, the beige suspensions and the different plants bring a little life and minerality to the whole.

industrial decor19

This lounge with industrial decoration gives pride of place to books. Here, no painting or decorative items. The color is provided by the different works.

industrial decor20 (1)

As you can see, trade shows can contain color. With two or three pieces of furniture and a large painting, you’re done!

industrial decor21

Do not hesitate to mix the shapes. Curves, straight lines blend together, round and triangular shapes blend together for a slightly loaded but coherent decoration.

industrial decor22 (1)

For a simple and classic look, add less color and more detail. Look how simple this living room looks. Yet every detail is super worked to obtain this rendering!

industrial decor23 (1)

With this new show with industrial decoration, you will see that it is possible to mix luxury and industrial. Shiny quilted sofas, exceptional glassware and Turkish rugs notably add that refined touch.

industrial decor24 (1)

Look how this old brick box has become a modern gem! The many sources of light, more or less original, are not for nothing!

industrial decor25 (1)

Light, bright and clean, this living room is for the whole family. Here, the bricks are framed by beautiful white walls and chiffon curtains.

industrial decor26 (1)

Less bright, this concrete living room has many advantages. The first is obvious. It is obviously about its architecture and its magnificent old columns.

industrial decor27 (1)

Do you like simplicity? So opt for a decoration on a gray and white background. This pretty Parisian apartment uses color but in a very discreet and very soft way thanks to the pastel colors.

industrial decor28 (1)

Be careful, this interior will not appeal to everyone. Particularly corresponding to the tastes of its occupants. Personally, I’m not a fan …

industrial decor29 (1)

Here is one of my favorite interiors in this selection. Here, eclecticism rhymes with luxury. We understand at first glance all the care that has been taken to select each of the objects.

industrial decor30 (1)

Smooth and discreet are two adjectives that correspond well to this living room with industrial decoration. The white and gray overlap between doors and walls is no stranger!

industrial decor31 (1)

Use rough industrial elements. Simple, they allow you to reinforce the style you have chosen. The different shades of these materials will be enough to dress the room.

industrial decor32 (1)

Copper is very characteristic of the industrial style. This living room uses it judiciously, in particular for the exhaust column of the fireplace.

industrial decor33 (1)

If you are lucky enough to have two floors to decorate, these two living rooms should inspire you. What I like best here are these beautiful black metal platforms that bring as much character as storage to these living rooms.

industrial decor34 (1)