30 Tips for a Zen Bathroom (1)

Space of relaxation and relaxation of your interior, the zen bathroom will allow you to recharge your batteries to leave full of energy. Discover my 30 tips for a Zen bathroom.

1. The right address for all your bathroom decorating desires

The right address for all your bathroom decorating desires (1)

No need to run through the showrooms of all the manufacturers, you just need a good address to find all the products but also the inspiration you need. Grandbains, a brand dedicated to the world of the bathroom, will allow you through its cutting-edge and eclectic offer to create a unique and personal universe. You will then find the best ideas in order to achieve a project that looks like you and that adapts perfectly to your interior. Treat yourself to moments of relaxation every day with a nature-themed bathroom that invites wood, stone and plants. Adopt furniture and accessories with organic shapes, add some indoor plants and then play with the colors.

2. Favor round and natural furniture

Favor round and natural furniture (1)

Organic shapes accentuate the feeling of well-being of a room. Likewise, the noble materials and of natural origin will bring their cachet and help you to create a real cocoon. So, for a Zen bathroom, choose furniture with clean lines inspired by Nordic, Japanese or even minimalist styles. Likewise, the taps and the bathtub have a sober design.

3. Choosing the right bathroom plant

Choosing the right bathroom plant (1)

A humid room, your Zen bathroom can accommodate tropical plants that will not suffer from the lack of natural light. You can therefore adopt the following indoor plants and plants at the foot of the bathtub : 1. Aloe Vera, a plant whose gel taken from the inside of its large leaves will give you the benefit of its many virtues. 2. Fern, if your bathroom is particularly dark. 3. Kentia, a tall, slender palm tree for particularly small rooms. 4. Monstera, for an urban jungle decor. 5. Sansevieria, regulates the humidity of the room. 6. The moon flower, tropical and elegant, it cleans the air in the house.

4. What colors for a Zen bathroom

What colors for a Zen bathroom (1)

In order to continue creating an atmosphere in peace, it is advisable to choose neutral, bright and soft shades such as the different shades of white, beige or light gray. To that, and to echo the green plants, you can add, sparingly, touches of green. The color can be invited on the credenza, or the accessorization: decorative elements or bathroom linen for example. Also, to accentuate the cocoon effect, choose natural fibers and delicate bath linen. Decoration plays a role as important as furniture to achieve a Zen bathroom.

5. Successful lighting of your room

Successful lighting of your room (1)

Dimmed for moments of relaxation, and bright white when you dress up, whatever the style of your bathroom, good lighting is essential. For this, we must not be satisfied with the suspension installed on the ceiling. Remember to vary the light intensities, the colors and to multiply the light sources. I really appreciated these led spots to pinch on a mirror. They are therefore easy to install and will allow you to gain immediate comfort.

6. Optimize storage spaces

Optimize storage spaces (1)

Nothing worse than disorder to break the aesthetic harmony of your room! This is why I suggest you choose a clever washbasin cabinet equipped with plenty of storage space in order to have a Zen bathroom that is always well ordered.

7. Choose between bath or shower

Choose between bath or shower (1)

The first is inevitably an invitation to relax. But the second can easily turn into a moment of absolute relaxation as well. So how do you choose between a bathtub or a shower for a relaxing and pleasant bathroom? First, you have to study the area of ​​your room. Even a compact bathtub will always take up more space than a clever shower.

Then, you have to take into consideration the composition of your family. Indeed, the toilet of toddlers is much easier if you have a bathtub. It is also for them a pleasant moment of games, learning and sharing if you slip all your kids in the bath!

8. A sauna at home

A sauna at home (1)

The Finnish art of living, the sauna is an excellent stress reliever. In Finland, there is almost one sauna for every 3 inhabitants. This means that whatever the size of its habitat, indoors or outdoors, the sauna is present everywhere. After a hard day, the wooden cabin allows you to relax while naturally cleansing our skin. Also, the dry heat provided by volcanic stones strengthens the immune system. No reason to resist this well-being trend from the North!

9. The space-saving tip of the Zen bathroom

the space-saving tip of the Zen bathroom (1)

Much more than a simple bathtub, it will allow you to enjoy a real spa at home without having to devote additional square meters to it. On a daily basis, you will wash yourselves there, but as soon as an additional dose of relaxation is necessary, an invigorating hydromassage will play its role wonderfully.

10. Reconnect to your environment thanks to plants

Reconnect to your environment thanks to plants (1)

The first thing that came to my mind is the importance of having a little greenery in its decoration. In fact, for me, it’s almost inseparable: no Zen-like bathroom without a green plant. Of course, the shade of green of this one is unimportant . The important thing is that this color is present and the plant is alive and well.

This is the moment when you ask me, “Why? “. Well as far as I’m concerned, I find it important to reconnect the exterior and the interior, especially thanks to plants. This then allows us to relocate us humans in our environment. And therefore, helps us to discover ourselves, a very important thing in the approach of Zen.

11. Simplicity and elegance with white washbasins

Simplicity and elegance with white washbasins (1)

Even if I really like the more original options such as marble or natural stone, I believe that white remains for me the best choice for one or more Zen-like bathroom sinks. Of course, if you find the gem, which the model jumps out at you, I can only advise you to trust yourself. But beware, we can quickly fall into the cliché! Remember: simplicity is the key word for a Zen-like bathroom. If there is one style of decoration where you should not overdo it, this is it.

12. A touch of authenticity with wooden elements

A touch of authenticity with wooden elements (1)

It can be a small stool or a storage cupboard. Either way, wooden furniture is a must-have in a Zen-like bathroom. The presence of naturalness being important, as much in the color as in the material, having wood is therefore obvious. Then it’s about finding the right balance.

For my part, I find that the cabinet carrying the washbasins is the ideal element to choose in wood. Imposing, it will easily set the tone for the room. Then, I must admit that I have a soft spot for wooden ladders and stools.

13. Choose shades of soft and natural colors

Choose shades of soft and natural colors (1)

I don’t know what it is like with you, but at home , in my bathroom, you can see my towels, bathrobes and bath mats. In short, all the linens dedicated to this room are more or less in evidence. And that impacts the decoration! For a Zen-like bathroom, I therefore advise you to prepare a reserve in shades of gray, beige and / or flowery pastels (greens and pinks drawing strongly on the gray) as illustrated below. In short, go for natural colors and solid pieces! This is what will best correspond to the cocooning and refined atmosphere of the Zen style. And this also applies to all the elements of your Zen atmosphere bathroom!

Last little thing: fold your laundry! (Do what I say and not what I do in this case.) Especially if you aspire to create a bathroom Zen atmosphere, it is important that nothing can compromise the serenity of the place.

14. Multiply the rugs 

Multiply the rugs  (1)

Create a cocooning atmosphere? A must have for the Zen bathroom.

15. Play the minimalism

Play the minimalism (1)

Less is more … No need to overdo it , for a Zen bathroom, we are clearly heading towards a refined decoration.

16. Pamper the small relaxing decor

Pamper the small relaxing decor (1)

Seashells are synonymous with seaside and therefore of escape . It is distilled in the room for a Zen bathroom.

17. Place the bathtub in the centre of the room

Place the bathtub in the centre of the room (1)

It is the symbol of relaxation par excellence . So, for a Zen bathroom, we make the bathtub a star.

18. Focus on blue

Focus on blue (1)

Blue is a relaxing color, so it has its place in a Zen bathroom.

19. Highlight a high ceiling

Highlight a high ceiling (1)

The vertical mirror allows to highlight a beautiful height under ceiling and thus to underline the volume of a room. Ideal for a Zen bathroom.

20. Prefer subdued lighting around the bathtub

Prefer subdued lighting around the bathtub (1)

Bath requires, we create a soothing atmosphere around the bathtub to promote relaxation, the key word of a Zen bathroom.

21. Daring the cocoon effect via dark shades 

Daring the cocoon effect via dark shades  (1)

Dark shades create an intimate effect. In a Zen bathroom, they are welcome!

22. Combine white, wood and green for zen bathroom

Combine white, wood and green for zen bathroom (1)

Plants, natural materials and light colors, a trio that is 100% natural and more than a winner for a Zen bathroom.

23. Bring a jungle spirit through plants

Bring a jungle spirit through plants (1)

Plants bring life to the house and promote escape, everything you need for a Zen bathroom.

24. Prefer raw wood 

Prefer raw wood  (1)

Natural materials, nothing better for a Zen bathroom . So, to accommodate the basin, we choose a raw drink board whose imperfections will make all the charm.

25. Give pride of place to light

Give pride of place to light (1)

Brightness is clearly essential for a relaxing interior. So, for a Zen bathroom, imagine …

26. Think of the pebble floor

Think of the pebble floor (1)

Relaxation and pebbles go hand in hand, so they are the perfect flooring for a Zen bathroom.

27. Focus on monochrome

Focus on monochrome

To create harmony, the easiest way is to limit the colors: opt for a single shade and decline it. A very simple tip for a Zen bathroom.

28. Focus on details

Focus on details (1)


A pretty candle holder, elegant soap dispensers, a side table near the bathtub, details and environment are important in a Zen bathroom so as not to strike the eye.

29. A shutter

A shutter (1)

For subdued natural light, nothing like louvered curtains. To partition the bathroom area of ​​a large bathroom, you can also use a screen or Japanese panels. In any case, don’t skimp on the lighting if you don’t have access to the outside!

30. Stone furniture

Stone furniture (1)

Beyond wood, stone is the material of choice for Zen atmospheres. We totally fall for this natural and raw bathtub. We also like the idea of ​​slipping rose petals in the bath for an atmosphere that could not be more relaxing. Something to give you the impression of traveling to Bali!