30 Ideas and Inspirations of Wooden Bathroom (1)

The bathroom wants to be more than practical. Goodbye cold decorations, and hello to the cozy bathroom where we like to spend time! Wood is the undisputed trend . Previously avoided for practical reasons (not very resistant to humidity), it is making a comeback. It is available on furniture, flooring and even accessories.

1. Wood and interior glass roof

Wood and interior glass roof (1)

The industrial style is based on a very geometric decoration, which evokes the layout of workshops. The glass roof is the most emblematic element. With wood, this bathroom is even more reminiscent of factory worktops. As at Din19 , pendant lights are the icing on the cake!

2. A teak towel holder

A teak towel holder (1)

The teak is a type of wood that is used a lot for the garden furniture, and even compose boats. Its rot-proof properties make it the perfect material for bathroom furniture. As accessories, a teak towel holder (here a Tikamoon model) immediately brings softness thanks to its natural wood color.

3. To set up a parental suite

To set up a parental suite (1)

The concept of the parental suite consists of the installation of a shower or a bathtub in a large bedroom with sometimes a dressing room. It almost feels like a hotel, and the couple have a private bathroom! To separate it from the rest of the room, Castor-Pollux installed a partition made of wooden battens . Openwork, it creates light effects and ensures the ventilation of the whole.

4. Recycled and vintage trend

Recycled and vintage trend (1)

Recovering an old piece of furniture or old materials to furnish a bathroom allows you to give free rein to your creativity . By leaving some roughness on the surface of the wood, and thanks to this old hijacked chest of drawers, pascaletmarjory adopts a very trendy decor!

5. The parquet in the bathroom

The parquet in the bathroom (1)

The parquet floor returns to the front of the stage. The color of the wood warms the room for an atmosphere dedicated to well-being . Barefoot, wood is always nicer than tiling! However, it must be chosen well, we avoid all solid parquet floors that cannot withstand water splashes and humidity. Whatever your choice, do not confuse waterproofing and resistance to projections. Parquet floors intended for bathrooms are water resistant, but in the event of a leak in your home, this will not prevent the wood from changing its appearance in these extreme conditions.

6. Modern wood-effect tiles

Modern wood-effect tiles (1)

We opt for imitation wood tiles which bring undeniable warmth and timeless elegance to this resolutely modern bathroom.

7. A Scandinavian-style bathroom

A Scandinavian style bathroom (1)

The Scandinavian style is characterized by very bright interiors, often uncluttered, but no less comforting. The trendy Danish “hygge” lifestyle has its place in the bathroom! A few soft and warm objects bring the touch that makes the difference. Seen in Gow’s bathroom : a pleasant to the touch rug and natural materials on the storage baskets…

8. Paneling in the bathroom for a spa atmosphere

Paneling in the bathroom for a spa atmosphere (1)

If you are worried that your paneling will turn out to be a bad idea, try rendering your decor ideas. In this photo, we see the horizontality of the wooden planks which accentuate the length of the bathroom. The wooden vanity unit matches the wall, and a special mention for the indoor gratings . It feels like a sauna! Excessive heat and less.

9. A wooden bench for even more comfort

A wooden bench for even more comfort (1)

You will find a long wooden bench. Original and comfortable at the same time, it is a good idea to dress the room while providing a useful surface. To sit down or to put down a towel, cocooning atmosphere guaranteed!

10. Create a Zen bathroom with wooden accessories

Create a Zen bathroom with wooden accessories (1)

By opting for well-chosen wooden elements, the Buky bathroom adopts a restful atmosphere. Like a Japanese Zen garden, the bamboo decoration and the shelf with its green plants call for serenity.

11. Dare to use dark wood! 

Dare to use dark wood! (1)

The color of the light wood has a real charm. However, dark wood, painted or varnished, also brings a unique character to a bathroom. Some species are also naturally dark for a refined appearance that is very pleasing to the eye with a sober decoration.

12. Bamboo bathroom accessories

Bamboo bathroom accessories (1)

The bamboo resists perfectly and natural way to differences in temperature and humidity that is found in a bathroom.

13. Light wood furniture in your bathroom

Light wood furniture in your bathroom (1)

Depending on the type of wood, the color and texture change. A light wood bathroom cabinet is ideal for creating a bright room. It goes perfectly with tiling. Placed near a window like at lauwa or at SAINDIO , a piece of furniture in pale colors illuminates a small bathroom . For a light wood, we prefer bamboo, birch, certain oaks, or even pine.

14. Reuse wooden workbenches

Reuse wooden workbenches (1)

Chinned or reconstituted, the workbenches bring a unique character to your bathroom. We opt without hesitation for rustic chic like here at Lachti with its double sink with an old renovated piece of furniture. A nostalgic decoration for a unique piece of furniture.

15. An atypical vanity unit

An atypical vanity unit (1)

The raw wood of these shelves goes wonderfully with the bright, round washbasin in the mansyzoli bathroom. It is an original arrangement which gives a feeling of space.

16. Combining wood and concrete

Combining wood and concrete (1)

A priori all oppose them. However, wood combines easily with concrete. The rendering is even surprisingly smooth!

17. White & wood in a small bathroom

White & wood in a small bathroom (1)

Favoring light colors is a very practical bathroom planning tip for small rooms. As with sandkin, the whole is soothing and the harmony of colors is conducive to a serene atmosphere.

18. A bathroom decorated with natural stone and wood

A bathroom decorated with natural stone and wood (1)

The combination of these materials brings an authentic touch to the bathroom . The natural stone offers a raw rendering, which contrasts with the softness of a basin with round and soft lines. However, everything is very harmonious in the bathroom. A decoration to test!

19. The wooden bathroom worktop

The wooden bathroom worktop (1)

This large vanity unit at a lower cost . Practical and tailor-made, it can store the belongings of the whole family. Go to the carpentry department of your DIY store!

20. A wooden mirror frame

A wooden mirror frame (1)

The mirror plays both a practical and decorative role in the bathroom. The large wooden mirror frame is the final touch of a neat decoration.

21. A vintage-style vanity unit

A vintage-style vanity unit (1)

Some furniture has a timeless charm. It’s almost inexplicable, whatever the room, the effect will be majestic. To add a basin and a matching large mirror to this antique dresser. A beautiful piece of furniture in contemporary accommodation for a remarkable decoration

22. Wood on the countertop

Wood on the countertop (1)

The countertop is the surface most used in the bathroom , since it is on it that the basin of the washbasin rests and that we have the beauty products and accessories that we use every day. It can be more or less generous depending on the space available, or even be cut to measure in order to adapt to the special configuration of an atypical room or in the attic, for example.

Be careful, since this surface comes into daily contact with water, choose a species resistant to humidity, such as exotic wood, or even treated wood.

23. Wood on the ceiling

Wood on the ceiling (1)

Are you lucky enough to have exposed beams on the ceiling of your bathroom? Depending on your taste, you can choose to make them stand out in a number of ways, including leaving them raw or painting them.

24. Wood on a towel rack

Wood on a towel rack (1)

This accessory should not be confused with the towel dryer, a radiator whose function is to heat the room and to dry the bathroom linen. The towel bar is a must have installed next to the sink or the shower to allow you to easily have what you need to wipe down. It can be in the form of a ring, a scale or even a simple horizontal bar.

25. Small touches of wood

Small touches of wood (1)

A shelf here, a small piece of furniture there, not to mention a toothbrush pot, wood can also be declined in the form of keys in various places of your room . Associated with some green plants that love humidity , this natural decoration will be the most beautiful effect.

26. Gray and wood

Gray and wood (1)

When cold gray meets the warmth of wood.

27. A wooden washbasin

A wooden washbasin (1)

We fell in love with this raw wood vanity top which gives an authentic and natural feel to the bathroom.

28. Wood association

Wood association (1)

Associating the wooden washbasin cabinet with its mirrors is always a good idea!

29. Recycle bathroom pallets

Recycle bathroom pallets (1)

The big trend of the moment: to recycle pallets. Stitch this idea into a bathroom cabinet!

30. Round wooden mirror

Round wooden mirror (1)

No need to do more, this round wooden mirror brings the necessary modernity to the bathroom.