30 Modern Bathroom Ideas to Inspire You (1)

What is modernity? To create a modern and up-to-date bathroom, you have several options. Bet on the materials and color trends. Marble, gold and pastel greens can be seen in every magazine. Match your decoration with contemporary furniture. From plumbing equipment to furniture, choose them for their current design! Here are 30 ideas of modern style bathrooms.

1. Modernize terracotta tiles for a contemporary bathroom

Modernize terracotta tiles for a contemporary bathroom (1)

Traditional motif par excellence, the terracotta tiles have been all the rage in decoration for decades. But what could be more modern than revisiting a great classic? The terracotta tiles are available in black, on the walls of the Italian shower and along the freestanding bathtub.

Have you noticed this beautiful oval bathtub? This bathroom fits in well with our lifestyles. On the shower side, we focus on practicality, not without a dose of design. And on the bath side, we indulge in a moment of pure well-being!

2. An extra-large bathroom cabinet

An extra-large bathroom cabinet (1)

The worktop-style vanity unit is an arrangement that meets the needs of the whole family. We see things in a big way with this furniture that takes up the entire width of the wall. We can use the bathroom with others, and we have multiple storage spaces.

3. A black bathroom with character

A black bathroom with character (1)

For a marked and assumed decoration, snoopazz has bet everything on its smoked glass shower screen. It’s a daring bet… and successful! With a black bathroom cabinet, this designer shower room is resolutely modern. The touch that makes the difference : a dark walk-in shower screen, with just a strip of beige tiles for a graphic effect.

4. A sunken mirror

A sunken mirror (1)

Wood is back in fashion. Its soft colors and natural look appeal to people who want a modern bathroom. For an even more contemporary design, chamat has installed this magnificent recessed mirror in a frame with wide edges. The spots are placed directly inside the structure.

Thus, this trendy bathroom mirror can also accommodate a few objects. We are happy to store their prettiest accessories there. This is the perfect location for your finest perfume bottle! Be careful not to overload this storage area, so as not to create a clutter effect.

5. Hanging mirrors and metallic spotlights

Hanging mirrors and metallic spotlights (1)

The choice of materials from which your accessories are made matters a lot. Metal, leather and wood are among the musts for a modern bathroom. By installing very large gray tiles, paudrey creates an original wall covering. The metallic spotlights above the basins allow you to play with the lights. We then turn each bulb according to the desired effect!

6. Put the bathtub at the center of attention

Put the bathtub at the center of attention (1)

A bathtub can become more than just bathroom furniture. With the minimalist trend, every object in the house can become a source of beauty and inspiration. The freestanding bathtub is the perfect example (here a Leroy Merlin model) ! Choose it for its appearance, and place it in the middle of the room. If we can turn around, it’s even better! Combine your bathtub with a mixer worthy of its design, and opt for modern storage such as this large recessed niche in the wall.

7. A sober and natural bathroom

A sober and natural bathroom (1)

Black and white is back in fashion! Graphic and elegant, it is a style that is easily applied in the bathroom. We opt for walls all in black, and others all in white to delimit each side of the room. In order to soften the tones, you can arrange wooden spaces. A few candles and here is a modern and simple bathroom at the same time.

8. Choose the industrial style

Choose the industrial style (1)

To treat yourself to a renovated loft atmosphere, nothing like industrial style accessories. Favor metallic materials with a raw appearance and sober colors. Sandkin chose a large mirror divided into three parts by a frame for a glass effect. It goes perfectly with the round and black basin and its old school two-headed faucet.

9. The winning combination: white and wood

The winning combination, white and wood (1)

Wooden worktops are more than trendy today. We like their raw appearance, and elegant at the same time. Wood brings warmth to the room. In a long bathroom, it is better to avoid furniture that weighs down the whole. Only the tops of wooden furniture add color. The whole is soft and harmonious.

10. An original basin that does not go unnoticed

An original basin that does not go unnoticed (1)

We use the cauldron every day, so why not focus all of our attention on it? Be creative, and opt for an original and graphic basin, such as a model from Tikamoon here. The terrazzo basin is made of natural stones agglomerated with cement. The rendering is absolutely unique, we love it!

11. A modern and industrial parental suite

A modern and industrial parental suite (1)

The interior canopy is the big trend. We see it everywhere, from the living room to the bathroom. Modern, it allows light to enter while delimiting the spaces. We chose for her parental suite. The large hanging lamps bring an industrial touch to the whole.

12. Urban jungle without concession

Urban jungle without concession (1)

Haven’t heard of the trend that has taken over decorating blogs yet? Plants make their way everywhere, including in a modern bathroom. Stage a relaxation area at home. Suspended on macrame, or placed in natural material planters, the plants light up the room. Prefer indoor varieties that don’t need a lot of light, and like humidity. And if you don’t have a green thumb, artificial plants are very convincing today!

13. Original furniture for a modern and unique bathroom

Original furniture for a modern and unique bathroom (1)

Be creative! The large catalog of decoration and DIY stores allows you all the fantasies. Choose according to your desires, test, and dare! If you still have doubts, try your fittings and decorations in our 3D plan tool. For now, do like its large asymmetric mirror! Did you notice that the basin was also asymmetrical, but placed in the opposite direction? An original decoration idea!

14. The Italian shower, the must of a modern bathroom

The Italian shower, the must of a modern bathroom (1)

For a modern and practical bathroom, the walk-in shower is one of the essentials. It is often found in new buildings because of its practicality, and its easy access for people with reduced mobility. But above all it’s super beautiful!

We do not hesitate to fit niches in the wall , to create minimalist and contemporary storage. A deco and layout tip at the same time, this makes it possible not to be tempted to leave your products on the ground. Yes, we know you do too!

15. Place the basin on the worktop

Place the basin on the worktop (1)

By placing a washbasin directly on the bathroom cabinet without overlaying it , you immediately create a very modern effect. This is the opportunity to choose an original washbasin, to enhance it even more!

16. Shadows and lights

Shadows and lights (1)

Modern and futuristic at the same time, the Castor-Pollux bathroom is all about lights and geometric shapes. Neons around the mirrors and hexagonal shapes create effects on the walls.

17. Upcycling and XXL basin

Upcycling and XXL basin (1)

A basin that takes the entire width of the cabinet? Here is a daring bet … that we love! Placed on a patinated wooden cabinet, this decoration has the air of a bathroom from the past. Here’s something to revamp the double sink that you spotted in a flea market.

18. Small modern bathroom seeks trendy accessories

Small modern bathroom seeks trendy accessories (1)

The accessories are easy to renew. To keep a bathroom always up to date, you just need to renew them and follow the latest trends! Pinterest, Instagram, or our blog (in all modesty), everything is a pretext for new inspirations.

At the moment, the vegetable illustrations and the basket with macrame are essential. From the laundry basket to the soap dish, including the shower curtain and the towel dryer… everything is customizable!

19. Light colors for a bright interior

Light colors for a bright interior (1)

The bathroom becomes a living room in the house. We spend a lot of time there, and focusing on light makes a modern bathroom more pleasant. Pastel colors, light wood storage accessories, and green plants play the card of simplicity. The detail of the metal legs of the vanity unit . Here is a clever idea for matching furniture and taps!

20. Modern accessories to make room for creativity

Modern accessories to make room for creativity (1)

For storing things, drawers and cupboards are classics. But for a modern bathroom, what if you turned your most beautiful objects into decorative accessories? With a jewelry holder on the wall, bracelets, watches, and pendants light up the room.

21. Bright colors for a modern bathroom

Bright colors for a modern bathroom (1)

Bored of a gray or white bathroom? All you need is a few brush strokes to give the room a makeover. The bright colors that we can dare vitamin shades.

22. Bring color with flashy accessories

Bring color with flashy accessories (1)

The neon trend still has a bright future ahead. Fluorescent and vitamin colors, on a sober set, create a modern bathroom in a few minutes. JEJESTR even opted for a pineapple. This is the trendy pattern!

23. Metro earthenware in all its flavors

Metro earthenware in all its flavors (1)

In a modern bathroom, you can’t resist the white subway wall tiles. It’s a familiar shape, which we are all familiar with, and which we are delighted to see come into the house! A few black tiles as in this Italian shower make this bathroom unique.

24. Trendy storage accessories

Trendy storage accessories (1)

For a modern bathroom, choose each object according to the style you want to give to the room. Gold is one of the trendiest shades of the moment. We like it on taps, in mirror frames, but also on shelves! The wall shelf in faux gold from decolico should give you ideas.

25. Suspended toilets for a weightless bathroom

Suspended toilets for a weightless bathroom (1)

A hanging toilet bowl brings the detail that makes the difference. It is an arrangement that we still see relatively little, and when the toilet is integrated into the bathroom, it immediately appears more modern.

26. The winning combination

The winning combination (1)

We fall for this harmonious and modern ensemble. The walk-in shower is separated from the rest of the room by a large glass and metal wall. The industrial-style mirrors go perfectly with the cabinet under the extra-large washbasin. Original accessories and light colors make the whole very bright.

27. Hang the vanity unit

Hang the vanity unit (1)

Tip for a small bathroom (but not only), hanging the low cabinet allows you to create space on the floor. We associate it with a large industrial mirror reminiscent of a window. By placing the washbasin on top of the cabinet, we highlight its design and modern form.

28. A spa atmosphere in a relaxing bathroom

A spa atmosphere in a relaxing bathroom (1)

When you have a large space, you might as well take advantage of it! Nothing like taking advantage of a very large bathroom to create a Zen atmosphere that gives pride of place to well-being. We love this modern bathroom layout! An imitation parquet floor covering, and a niche with a seat are nods to traditional hammams.

29. Combine different pieces of furniture for an asymmetrical staging

Combine different pieces of furniture for an asymmetrical staging (1)

This two-tone design piece of furniture unearthed is resolutely modern. On a pine green wall, and with touches of gold thanks to the discs hanging on the wall, we are right in the trend of the moment. If you can’t find a similar piece of furniture, you can also hang two pieces of furniture of your choice.

30. The ultra design bathtub

The ultra design bathtub (1)

We have already told you about it, but we never tire of it! The bathtub becomes an accessory in its own right in the decoration of a modern bathroom. An ultra-design rectangular island creates a unique atmosphere.