20 Ideas and Inspirations of Colorful Bathroom (1)

Red, yellow, orange, green … the bathroom can be the place of all your desires, yes, yes, dare! The color will bring pep, good humor and character to this often too bland room. Here is a 20 inspirative ideas.

1. Blue bathroom

Blue bathroom (1)

We love the soft blue of this bathroom furniture, which we will take pleasure in matching with decorative accessories and bath linens.

2. Black yellow bathroom

Black yellow bathroom (1)

Yellow and black combine for a bathroom that is both pop and chic.

3. Brushed orange bathroom

Brushed orange bathroom (1)

The orange walls of this bathroom, which echo the mosaic in the shower, give it an original seventies look.

4. Green bathroom

Green bathroom (1)

On the floor and on the walls, this green mosaic gives all its personality to the bathroom.

5. Golden bathroom

Golden bathroom (1)

Do you dare to fall for the bling bling bathroom furniture?

6. Purple bathroom

Purple bathroom (1)

We play on the different shades of the same color for a bathroom that is anything but monotonous.

7. Red bathroom

Red bathroom (1)

To boost the look of your bathroom, nothing better than red!

8. Master bathroom in blue and green color

Master bathroom in blue and green color (1)

It is a real colorful cocoon that this bathroom offers, where blue and green come together.

9. Burgbad yellow bathroom

Burgbad yellow bathroom (1)

Naturally bright, this bathroom is even more so thanks to its yellow wall.

10. Muticolored bathroom

Muticolored bathroom (1)

Furniture and tiles in different colors: the perfect look for a children’s bathroom.

11. Anise green bathroom

Anise green bathroom (1)

For a Japanese atmosphere in your bathroom, opt for an anise green paint on the walls.

12. Orange laufen bathroom

Orange laufen bathroom (1)

Perfect alliance between the pop orange color and the sleek design of this bathroom, we want more!

13. Delpha blue bathroom

Delpha blue bathroom (1)

A blue that clashes for the bathroom, what a good idea!

14. Red with pink bathroom

Red bathroom

Total red look for this large bathroom, highlighted by touches of black and pink.

15. Yellow bathroom

Yellow bathroom (1)

A simple yellow stripe, accompanied by decorative touches of the same color, is enough to give character to this white bathroom.

16. Purple bathroom floor 

Purple bathroom (1)

This bathroom has bet on a colored floor, an original way to bring a touch of pep to the room.

17. White with orange bathroom

White with orange bathroom (1)

A simple colorful pattern on the walls, in harmony with the furniture, will be enough to personalize your bathroom.

18. Light blue bathroom

Light blue bathroom (1)

A beautiful blue that we find on the walls and on the floor of his bathroom: we vote for!

19. Colored bathroom tiles

Colored bathroom tiles (1)

Of stickers colored glue on the floor of your bathroom: it does not need more to boost the look of your room.

20. Grey with green bathroom

Grey with green bathroom1 (1)

Bamboo covering on the walls and the floor, and lime green bathroom furniture: this astonishing combination makes us fall in love.