20 Great Ideas for Revamping a Worktop of a Kitchen

Is your kitchen or bathroom worktop damaged? You don’t like it anymore? Here are 20 great ideas for renovating it!

1. Adhesive tiles imitation cement tiles

Adhesive tiles imitation cement tiles (1)

Adhesive cement tiles can be found at any home improvement store. Easy to install, they allow you to transform the worktop quickly! 

2. Resin

Resin (1)

No need for an undercoat, the resin is placed directly on a tiled worktop. Easy to maintain, waterproof and waterproof, it does not withstand very hot temperatures. The trivets are rigorous. 

3. Colorful and flashy joints!

Colorful and flashy joints! (1)

While it is possible to give a countertop a makeover with paint, few of you would think of painting only the joints. However, the result is very original! 

4. Lay a laminate plate

Lay a laminate plate (1)

To restore your worktop, place a splashback on the old one, fit the two layers together then screw the finishing angles. 

5. Artistic work plan

Artistic work plan (1)

An example with this terrazzo worktop! All for a resolutely modern look.

6. Waxed concrete

Waxed concrete (1)

Wood, tiles, stainless steel, earthenware, plastic: the waxed concrete coating can cover all surfaces. For a good result, three coats are necessary to completely cover the old countertop coating. Allow about 40 minutes of drying time between each coat.

7. To give chic: marble!

To give chic, marble! (1)

If your worktop is old-fashioned, here is our suggestion: Laminate imitation marble worktop.

8. In glass

In glass (1)

The glass worktop is design but it remains very fragile. So remember not to put any objects and other utensils that could break it.

9. Slate

Slate (1)

The slate worktop is heat resistant but it does not withstand shocks. Like glass, slate is fragile. However, it makes up for it by being a material with a long lifespan! 

10. A stainless steel worktop

A stainless steel worktop (1)

Easy to clean, you can bet on stainless steel which will bring an industrial touch to your kitchen. 

11. Paint your countertop

Paint your countertop (1)

You can also paint your worktop the same color as the splashback. Here, in black for a sober and modern kitchen. 

12. Wood and tiles

Wood and tiles (1)

Bet on a wooden coating associated with metro tiles. The kitchen will take on a retro feel while remaining modern. 

13. Cork

Cork (1)

Cork is trendy in decoration! It will enhance your worktop in the blink of an eye! So don’t throw away your wine corks anymore! 

14. Golden marble

Golden marble (1)

How about adding a chic touch to your worktop with golden marble? 

15. Matte Black

Matte Black (1)

At IKEA, the worktop is adorned in matte black to match the rest of the kitchen. 

16. The timeless wooden kitchen worktop

The timeless wooden kitchen worktop (1)

Wood is a timeless noble material that has many advantages: it is a robust material, which improves over time and which aesthetically blends well with all colors and materials. For example, a wooden worktop will go perfectly with lacquered kitchen furniture. Beech, oak, cherry … The other advantage of wood is that the choice is wide and that it will allow you to find your happiness in terms of colors and textures. Choosing a wooden kitchen worktop is a good option if you want a material that does not require too much daily maintenance . After each use, a simple sponge with soapy water will suffice, and approximately 2 times a year you will have to remember to apply linseed oilto nourish and protect it. Note however: wood does not like heat and marks quickly so beware of scratches, scratches …

17. Granite for a natural stone worktop!

Granite for a natural stone worktop! (1)

Granite is a natural rock that comes in many colors. Each stone is unique! It will therefore be almost impossible for you to end up with exactly the same countertop as your neighbor. Choosing a granite worktop offers the guarantee of having a very solid kitchen worktop. Indeed, granite is resistant to high temperatures but also to scratches and other stabs … so you can cut your food directly on the worktop without any problem! However, it is a permeable rock which therefore requires regular maintenance to avoid marking over time. Grease and acid stains should therefore be limited. Another negative point: its price, but especially its weight! 

18. The tiled worktop

The tiled worktop (1)

With the boom in retro decor, tiling is making a comeback! Formerly used in kitchens by our grandmothers because of its ease of maintenance, today it is becoming a practical material but also ultra trendy. In earthenware, ceramic, cement, immaculate or colored, the famous little flat square offers an infinite choice to customize your kitchen worktop. Very resistant to heat and water, the tiles do not suffer from the passage of time or culinary experiences. The only notable drawback: the aging of the joints, which must therefore be cleaned regularly with a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar in order to keep their whiteness intact. For encrusted stains, do not hesitate to let this preparation act for about ten minutes, then scrub with a brush. 

19. Melamine worktop

Melamine worktop (1)

The easiest way to obtain a perfect result is to use a resin specially dedicated for this purpose. The product comes in two components that must be mixed before applying. It is then applied like a classic paint, with the only difference that you do not have to cross the layers. You have to look carefully and follow the instructions for use to obtain the desired result. After 7 days of drying at a temperature of 20 degree celcious it offers good resistance to shocks, high temperatures, scratches, even the most abrasive cleaning products.

20. Laminate the worktop

Laminate the worktop (1)

It is very easy to paint a laminate countertop as with melamine, you can use several paints. It is simply necessary that the paint or the resin is perfectly adapted to the horizontal surfaces which are exposed to temperature differences… For a perfect result: You can paint your surface perfectly without sanding and without an undercoat. However, once the two coats of paint have been applied, a varnish must be applied for resistance. You will find different finishes to perfectly match furniture and worktop.