10 Ideas of Chalet Style Bathroom (1)

Charm and warmth are the perfect words to describe the chalet style. Cottages are often decorated with flea market finds, cute and chic items, or eclectic vintage items. You don’t have to go north to feel like you’re at the chalet. If you prefer the rustic or modern aesthetic of a cottage, you can recreate the look at home. Creating chalet-style decor is a great way to spruce up your current bathroom. Here are some tips for creating a chalet-style bathroom at home.

1. Light colors to brighten up the chalet bathroom

Light colors to brighten up the chalet bathroom

The chalet-style bathroom is part of a color palette that gives pride of place to neutral and clear tones, their brightness being basically a way of countering the long polar night and by extension the gloomy winter. The Alpine style is inspired by the Nordic art of living but adds lively notes, touches of dazzling red that go wonderfully with white, cream, brown or even pine green and “ignite” literally the decor, playing the role of little visual sparks. 

2. Natural materials to imprint the chalet spirit

Natural materials to imprint the chalet spirit (1)

To create a warm atmosphere in the most intimate room of the house, it is not always easy to summon the traditional decorative patterns found in the mountain pastures. Only on the bathroom linen is it possible to make room for the hearts, checks, flakes, reindeer, ibex and other deer that adorn the fabrics in the living rooms of the chalets, from the cushions to the curtains. . In the world of the bathroom, these mythical figures remain fairly anecdotal and do not impose themselves in any way. More than the colors – in particular the red, always associated with the mountain – or the patterns, it is the natural materials, and above all the wood, which make up the chalet style and give it its unique personality. 

3. Paneling, weathered effects, wide and raw planks

Paneling, weathered effects, wide and raw planks (1)

Wood is omnipresent in the coverings that dress the walls or the floor of the chalet bathroom, forming a setting that gives the home an air of a cabin in Canada. To instill a comfortable atmosphere, the paneling remains a must, updated by patinated effects (worn, gray or on the contrary sawn), associated with wider slats which give it a fresh touch. 

4. Nautical theme

Nautical theme (1)

Create a seaside atmosphere while maintaining a rustic feel with touches of nautical influence. Try porthole mirrors above the vanity to enhance the maritime feel. You can also achieve a nautical look with boat lights with wire mesh. BHG also recommends the use of wood accents or wood walls, and a country house style sink. A classic pattern tiled floor completes the look.

5. Paneling, paneling, paneling

Paneling, paneling, paneling (1)

Wainscot panels are an iconic element of chalet-style decor for any room. Paneling is a versatile material that can be used on both ceilings and furniture. Consider covering the ceilings and walls of your bathroom with paneling or woodwork (covering the lower part of the wall). You can also lay the material on furniture. Place the wainscoting panel upright for a traditional cottage look. Do you want a more modern chalet atmosphere? Try to install it horizontally. Paint it a solid color to give it a clean look or scratch parts of the painted surface to give the paneling even more character.

6. Amplify the chalet style with tiles

Amplify the chalet style with tiles (1)

Tiling is a great way to enhance the cottage vibe in your bathroom, no matter the size. You can use the tiles inside or outside the shower. Lay smaller mosaic tiles on a tiled shower wall to create a contrast to the large, solid tiles used elsewhere.

You can use small glass tiles on the outside of the shower, embedded in the floor like a carpet. For an even more marine style, install the same small glass tiles on the backsplash and the walls of the shower.

7. Put your personal touch

Put your personal touch (1)

Adding personal touches and unique rustic items will set your chalet-style bathroom apart from other rustic bathrooms. Vanities can be used as a star item while providing plenty of storage. For small bathrooms that can’t accommodate a standard vanity, consider a custom-made medicine cabinet or double medicine cabinet. Other custom elements complete the look, including basin-style sinks, wall-mounted faucets and pretty glasses.

8. Mix of materials

Mix of materials (1)

You don’t need to limit yourself to just one material. In fact, the mix of materials in the chalet style bathroom can give your decor an extra touch of casual elegance. Try mixing materials like glass, porcelain, painted wood, and marble. Remember to stick to a color scheme when choosing different materials to avoid creating visual clutter. For example, white ceramics with blue and white tiles on pale blue walls will create an airy beach vibe.

9. Decorate with found objects

Decorate with found objects (1)

To create a chalet-style bathroom, there is no need to purchase overpriced decorations. Use found objects as decorative pieces. For example, pieces of barbed wire from an old fence can become a beautiful piece of bathroom art when hung on the wall horizontally. Plus, the aged and worn pieces of barbed wire contrast with smoother surfaces, like a polished marble countertop, and blend in well with the bathroom feel.

Adding old canvases is another way to decorate bathroom walls. They can add character to a chalet-style bathroom – as long as they aren’t treasured family treasures. It’s also a great way to add deeper color tones to the room if you have paler surfaces in the bathroom. If you don’t have any unused paintings in your home, you might find some unique artwork at a thrift store near you.

10. Complete the look with sliding barn doors

Complete the look with sliding barn doors (1)

Sliding barn doors on a wall track make a great addition to rustic or chalet-style bathrooms. Find a paneled door with a white finish to add character and harmonize with the rustic elements of your chalet-style bathroom.

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