30 Living Room Ideas Inspired by the Bohemian Style (1)

Choosing a specific style of decorating a living room depends on what you aspire to; whatever interests you, be it colors, patterns or style in general. Which would mean that as a general rule your living room reflects your energy. In case you are inspired by the freedom to match incompatible things out of the ordinary, here we bring you the bohemian decorating style. A bohemian living room is very rich in styles, colors and patterns. He is endowed with an opulent and dynamic energy. Take a look at the few bohemian living room designs below; they can serve as a source of inspiration to you.

1. Beautiful living room

Beautiful living room (1)

Here is a bohemian living room with a slightly open plan, with a plain white wall brightened up by a specific, bold and fashionable gallery wall. The light brown sofa with geometric patterns brings a deep and warm note and breaks the slightly cold aspect of the white wall.

2. Attic living room

Attic living room (1)

You can easily notice how the wood panel walls painted in snow white, as well as the open ceiling, with skylights create a stunning and elegant appearance for this bohemian living room arranged in an attic. The exotic decorative mix of Japanese-inspired artwork and accents adds the bohemian character to this living room.

3. Bohémien chic

Bohémien chic (1)

In this living room, the color palette is applied and adapted to create a setting with an intimate, modern and contemporary atmosphere. The colorful striped rug matches the suitcase-shaped coffee table; while the caramel-colored sofa goes hand in hand with the colorful patterned cushions. As you can see, the specific boldness of the decorative system brings the bohemian feel to this place.

4. Fantastic

Fantastic (1)

We love the feminine and clear colors of the natural materials applied in this living room. The combination of exposed brick walls and roof beams sets up a truly mature and fantastic setting. The variety of decorative elements with ethnic motifs and the soft texture give a decidedly bohemian side to this living room.

5. Illuminated

Illuminated (1)

The cheerful feel in this vibrant bohemian living room comes from the variety of light and cheerful colors such as the red floral wallpaper, the soft fur-like texture of the sofa, the glamorous elements like the glittering chandelier; as well as the contemporary pattern of the rug in black and white stripes.

6. Runaway

Runaway (1)

This place is a true reflection of the phrase ‘modern and daring bohemian’. The chocolate note of the walls covered with miniature art paintings permeates a thrilling and deep modern atmosphere. The mixture of the dark brown of the cabinet, the glossy white table as well as the small wicker furry armchair creates an opulent and lavish appearance.

7. Chic

Chic (1)

Here is a living room with a spectacularly bohemian setting: A mixture of fruity colors, the burnt orange of the velvet sofa, soft to the touch; the silky decorative curtains pulsating in brilliant color; the ethnic patterned carpet,… All placed in a bare concrete wall, thus helping to install a spectacularly chic and bohemian aspect.

8. Multicolored

Multicolored (1)

The bold and vivid color scheme applied in a perfect way makes this illuminated bohemian living room unique and stunning.

9. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

A purple upholstered pouf on golden feet, placed on a flokati carpet, completes in a remarkable way the cold aspect of this white interior by bringing a soft and sensual touch, quite as particular, contemporary and modern.

10. Bohemien

Bohémien (1)

A wall gallery of pop art works symmetrically arranged on a white wall stands out as a beautiful base. Combined with the deep beige sofa, patterned purple rug, and wood accent coffee table, it completes the vibe with a modern, bohemian touch.

11. Classic bohemian living room

classic bohemian living room (1)

For a classic bohemian living room, we focus on a soft contrast, associating a pure white with shades of ocher or orange brown.

12. Bohemian white living room

bohemian white living room (1)

The bohemian white living room benefits from a sublime luminosity: we play with it by incorporating a touch of gold or silver , which makes the light sparkle. To warm up the atmosphere, we love the velvet: floor cushions and traditional cushions are required!

13. Ecru lounge

ecru lounge (1)

The alternative to the bohemian chic white lounge is the ecru lounge . Faced with this shade of very light beige, we opt for darker browns, drawing on chocolate or burgundy .

14. Macrame wall decoration

Macrame wall decoration (1)

If the bohemian living room is so cozy, it is because we take care to dress the walls. Macrame wall decoration is a must have. We are particularly fond of the shelf, especially when it is accessorized with terracotta pieces .

15. Green is a very safe choice

green is a very safe choice (1)

The green is a very safe choice for a serene and gay bohemian lounge at once. This fresh color goes perfectly with natural fibers: from floor to ceiling, we fall for jute, rattan or palm tree!

16. Warm colors

warm colors (1)

Fans of warm colors tend to adopt the color terracotta, which is easy to tame. However, it would be a shame to let the yellow impress you ! For a sunny bohemian living room, go for a spicy shade – curry yellow or mustard yellow – or go for an earthy ocher yellow.

17. Dare the riot of colors and prints

dare the riot of colors and prints (1)

In the bohemian living room , we gladly dare the riot of colors and prints. While it is of course possible to play with the furniture or the cushions, the current trend is for rugs used as wall hangings : a good way to add color to the decor!

18. Vibrant colors

vibrant colors (1)

Attention, eyes: this year, vibrant colors are making a big comeback in our interiors! We therefore dare the neon colors to bring a twist full of gaiety to the decoration of the bohemian living room.

19. Mid Century spirit

Mid Century spirit (1)

A sideboard or a sideboard: that’s enough to breathe a little resolutely Mid Century spirit into the bohemian living room. We especially love the dark wood pieces, enhanced with a touch of gold.

20. Low seats are ideal

low seats are ideal (1)

Floor cushions, ottomans, but also armchairs and sofas: low seats are ideal in the bohemian living room. This is a great opportunity to steal some emblematic pieces of the japandi style!

21. Authentic bohemian living room

authentic bohemian living room (1)

It’s hard to imagine an authentic bohemian living room without at least one jute rug . The ideal is to combine different models, varying shapes and colors. The black graphic model creates a contemporary aesthetic that nicely energizes the decor.

22. Decorative accessories

decorative accessories (1)

Among the decorative accessories to collect without moderation in the bohemian living room: the artisanal pendant lights . For a more authentic decor, we of course favor mixtures of materials, shapes and colors.

23. Touch of a retro

touch of a retro (1)

The bohemian style draws its origin during the 1970s. The trick to giving a touch of a retro touch to the living room is to fall for rattan furniture.

24. Melt for solid wood

melt for solid wood (1)

On the side of the coffee table, we melt for solid wood. In a large bohemian living room, the recycled teak table offers a friendly space, and it brings a touch of character to the decoration.

25. Japanese craftsmanship

Japanese craftsmanship (1)

Borrowed from Japanese craftsmanship , the burnt wood technique makes it possible to create pieces of character. In the bohemian living room, we adopt the coffee table, the stool or the end of the sofa.

26. Tufted cushions

tufted cushions (1)

This season, tufted cushions are simply a must have. And they seem to have been invented especially to create a very cocooning atmosphere in the bohemian living room.

27. Velvet and cane armchair

velvet and cane armchair (1)

Irresistible, the velvet and cane armchair! Here is the ideal model in a bohemian living room, especially if you want to set up a cozy reading corner .

28. Bohemian decor

Bohemian decor (1)

Arranged in a Demijohn , in a basket, under a bell or simply in a bouquet hanging from the door handle, the dried flowers bring the final touch to the decoration of the bohemian living room.

29. Plants are another option

plants are another option (1)

The plants are another option to sublimate the decoration of a living room boho. No need to have a green thumb: plants such as ivy or Aloe Vera are very decorative, and they require very little maintenance!

30. Adopt a velvet sofa

Adopt a velvet sofa (1)

The bohemian style revives the hippie folk style and must give a nice place to velvet , flagship material of the seventies. On a sofa or a few cushions, velvet is essential. If you can shop around for a nicely old-fashioned velvet sofa, the vibe will only be winning. Poufs and other velvet seats will be welcome in the decor.