20 Ideas of Charming Living Rooms With Wooden Wall Panels1 (1)

The choice of materials is very important in creating a specific setting for the living room. The style and the atmosphere that one would like to bring to it depend on it. For example, concrete may work well for a modern living room, but it also provides a cool vibe. Therefore, if you want to achieve warmer and deeper energy, you should think about using a warmer material like wood. Its particularity is its flexibility, it adapts to all styles and all types of arrangement. Without further a do, we are going to show you below some models of living rooms in various styles, with lovely wooden wall panels.

1. Wood wall covering

wood wall covering (1)

This Spruce wood wall panel with “burnt” hues gives an exotic atmosphere to your living room. Tip: Placed on cleats, this wood facing creates thermal and sound insulation in the living room.

2. Wood wall panel

wood wall panel (1)

A solid wood wall panel, an ideal decorative solution for your interior.

3. Oak Nature wood cladding panels

Oak Nature wood cladding panels (1)

This wall decoration with real wood slabs of different thicknesses

4. Nature wall panel

Nature wall panel (1)

The Nature wood wall panel is a smooth model with nuanced wood tones. You can use it to make a TV wall or a kitchen splashback. Nature wood siding

5. Wood siding

deco-bois-allias-relief (1)

This wood wall panel with a pronounced relief will give a rustic and warm side to your interior.

6. A backlit living room

A backlit living room (1)

The sinuous look with modern character of these wooden wall panels arranged as a central wall completely changed the decor of this chic and light living room. The backlit wood panel wall, installed in a shape of medium sized cubes, allowed for the creation of a modern living room with an exceptional allure.

7. Mid-century wooden wall panels

Mid-century wooden wall panels (1)

The wooden wall panels in this mid-century living room have been designed in an ingenious and creative way. They break up the cold appearance of the white walls. The two caramel-colored wood paneled walls with an elegant stacked stone fireplace between them provide a warm and modern accent to this living room.

8. A wall made of caramel-colored wood panels

A wall made of caramel-colored wood panels (1)

The tall structure of this magnificent living room complementing the striking wall panels with its caramel color has created a contemporary and modern setting, as well elegant in this living room.

9. In walnut

The walnut (1)

The caramel-colored wood panels are the heart of this soft and warm living room decorated in a pleasant mid-century style. Combined with soft and elegant textures, they complete the chic and worn-effect look of this living room.

10. Black and chic

Black and chic (1)

This living room is quite beautiful and contemporary thanks to the impressive black colored wooden wall panels, remarkable as accents. They are impactful complements to the simple walls and provide a dramatic and contemporary feel to this living room.

11. Coastal

Coastal (1)

Here is an excellent example showing that the wood panel wall is adaptable in any decorating theme of a living room. This model has been decorated following the beach theme and boasts with its yellow painted wood paneled wall which provides a soft and beautiful appearance.

12. Contemporary

Contemporary (1)

The dark color of these elegant wood wall panels provided this bright and modern living room with a mature and deep vibe. With their separate design, these wood panels look creative and enhance the overall aesthetic and decor of this living room.

13. Friendly

Friendly (1)

This living room is extremely cool, modern and bright. The wood panel wall simply adds a warm and cozy atmosphere. The furniture is modern and stylish and the other decorative elements very chic; they bring an extra modern feel to this place.

14. Traditional

Traditional (1)

The wood wall panels in this chic and quaint living room are absolutely fantastic. In their traditional look and chocolate color, they stand out perfectly and bring a really elegant air to this living room.

15. Elegant

Elegant (1)

The smooth and shiny nature of the light oak wood panels gives this living room a soft and airy feel. This living room has an exceptional style of arrangement. Simply bright and beautiful!

16. Decorate your TV wall with wood wall panel

Decorate your TV wall with wood wall panel (1)

We have seen previously that the wall on which the television screen is hung is an essential element for your living room decoration. This is why we propose to dress your wall with a decorative wooden panel of character! Indeed the brand Wooden Wall brings a luxurious wall covering in real wood which will highlight your interior in an undeniable way! Let yourself be seduced by this magnificent wood siding entirely handcrafted for a unique wall decoration!

17. LED lighting to enhance your wall

LED lighting to enhance your wall (1)

A tip, do not hesitate to integrate led lighting to highlight the multiple reliefs and shades of color of the raw wood in order to obtain a modern design. In addition, the integration of subdued lighting on your TV set makes it possible to multiply the light sources and increase visual comfort. All these details contribute to having a harmonious atmosphere as well as a functional space to have a pleasant TV lounge.

18. Wood siding to decorate your TV wall

Wood siding to decorate your TV wall (1)

The burnt wood gives the living room wall a cocooning and authentic effect. This wood made using an ancestral Japanese technique (Shou Sugi Ban) will surprise your guests. There are several designs of burnt wood with unique shades depending on the degree of burn and the type of wood selected.

19. Creating a warm and friendly interior decor

creating a warm and friendly interior decor (1)

By choosing this wall panel, you invite wood into your home. This wall covering is ideal for creating a warm and friendly interior decoration. Be sure that it will not go unnoticed and that it will make a splash with your guests.

20. Bring a vintage touch

bring a vintage touch (1)

Want to bring a vintage touch to your living room? Bet on this mosaic wall panel. Made from different types of wood, it will seduce you and give warmth to your living room.