25 Ideas to Decorate An Attic Living Room (1)

The attic is arguably the most isolated and underrated space in a home. However, if you are daring and creative enough, you can create a superbly cozy and very pretty living room here. Thanks to its architecture and flexibility, an attic can be instantly transformed into an extremely charming living room with an interesting appearance. So, if you have an empty or spacious attic, why not turn it into a living room? You could give it a try, taking inspiration from the few attic living room designs that we offer below.

1. An artistic decoration

An artistic decoration (1)

This attic living room has achieved incredible charm thanks to the size of the attic and the way it has been laid out and decorated. The artistic sense is permeated by the peculiarity of the wall gallery which makes the decoration in white and cream more captivating.

2. An impressive decor

An impressive decor (1)

This attic living room is so sensual and so mystical! The decoration takes on a certain value thanks to the accent mirror, the superb coffee table, as well as the lamp which together create a chic and impressive air.

3. A well-lit attic lounge

A well-lit attic lounge (1)

This attic living room is extremely bright and relaxing. The architectural structure of the ceiling gives a pleasant visual appearance and the whiteness of the decor reflects a cheerful and refreshing note.

4. All beautiful, all chic

All beautiful, all chic (1)

We are completely won over by the elegance and the refreshing atmosphere of this chic attic lounge. Natural lighting is one of the strengths of this living room in the attic.

5. A colorful decoration for an attic living room

A colorful decoration for an attic living room (1)

Here is the first attic living room on the list where we find such colors. If you hate being bored and love vibrant decorations, this one should be your inspiration.

6. A cozy living room

A cozy living room (1)

Here is a very spacious attic living room. You can hardly believe it’s in an attic. The decoration is natural and warm thanks to the use of wood as the main material. Large glass doors with wooden frames let in intense natural light and beautifully illuminate this cozy living room.

7. Eclectic

Eclectic (1)

The white painted wood panel wall and exposed beams of the roof ceiling provide an interesting effect to this attic living room. The wall gallery represents the perfect focal point and gives an impressive visual effect.

8. Ecological

Ecological (1)

The variety of ethnic patterns, silky fabrics, rustic materials in warm colors, allowed the designer to create an eclectic and natural attic living room.

9. A happy decor

A happy decor (1)

Do not hesitate to use several bright colors in the decoration of your attic living room if it is spacious and its walls and ceiling are white.

10. A cozy lounge in the attic

A cozy lounge in the attic (1)

A chic and well-exploited space for these attics which include a bench seat and an armchair under the attics.

11. Align windows under the eaves

Align windows under the eaves (1)

Placed at different heights from the roof, these two rows of windows bathe the attic in natural light.

12. Find out a loft in the attic

Find out a loft in the attic (1)

Converted attic does not necessarily rhyme with small surfaces! So to make the most of the area of ​​this loft arranged under the roofs, no partition has been fitted. Here, only a structure in the form of a central island separates the sleeping area and the water features from the rest of the house.

13. A glass roof

A glass roof (1)

Attic cleverly lit with glass roofs are ideal for creating an atypical and warm space.

14. Convert the attic in to a hanging garden 

Convert the attic in to a hanging garden  (1)

With their vegetal guardrails, these mezzanine roof spaces play into the hanging gardens.

15. A beautiful light under the eaves

A beautiful light under the eaves (1)

Poufs, floor cushions and bookcases make these attics a relaxation room where it is good to lounge.

16. Arrange a perfect living in the attic

Arrange a perfect living in the attic (1)

All dressed in white, only an exposed brick wall is enough to dress this room. In terms of furnishings, it has been carefully arranged: radiators, low furniture and armchairs placed in the attic optimize space.

17. A staircase leading to the attic

A staircase leading to the attic (1)

Contemporary and well thought out, this storage partition that lets in light and acts as a stair railing contrasts with the authentic appearance of the frame and gable wall in exposed brick.

18. A modern sofa in the attic

A modern sofa in the attic (1)

The central piece of furniture in a living room is in the vast majority of cases the sofa. And to create a living room with a modern look, it is better to choose a modern sofa too. The simplest choice and which also corresponds to small budgets is a sofa with simple and gray (or at least neutral) shapes. There are also more designer models that can help us in the layout and decoration of the living room, sofas lower and more cozy.

19. Large roof windows for more modernity

Large roof windows for more modernity (1)

To get more light under the eaves, there’s nothing like choosing large skylights. It’s a worthwhile investment if the attic living room is your main living room. If it’s just a second show, it might not be a priority. Choose a model that is both aesthetic and offers good insulation. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold because of your new windows. Whether in the living room or in another room, if you plan to change the roof windows be sure of the insulating and thermal properties before buying. Aesthetic level, nothing like large windows without frills to accentuate the modern side of a room.

20. Glass roof and trellises to let the light diffuse

Glass roof and trellises to let the light diffuse (1)

If your apartment is in the attic, it is possible that the living rooms are open to each other. If you live in a small apartment, the bedroom may even be open to the living room. And there are solutions to partition and bring a certain structure to the space without losing brightness. The canopy is interesting because it lets in a large part of the light and closes a room. This is why we appreciate it for partitioning a kitchen, for example. The trellises as for them will let the air, the sound and the light circulate. They essentially allow the space to be structured. In both cases, these elements are both functional and decorative. The glass roof will give a little air of a workshop. artist under the Parisian roofs at your accommodation. Trellises can be much more modern.

21. The accent wall in a living room under the eaves

The accent wall in a living room under the eaves (1)

Let’s start with the accent wall, the “most important wall of your decoration”, the one that will catch the eye. There are many ways to decorate and enhance it and you can easily choose to color it. The choice of color is up to you. Some will be more comfortable with neutral colors worked in shades. Others will look for some pep. We can think of green, mustard yellow / ocher, blue. The interesting thing about coloring your living room wall is that it will emphasize the shape of your room. We will create a contrast between the color of the wall and the white generally used for the loft. There is also the possibility of applying the same color on the walls and the loft. This will create a much more enveloping cocoon effect.

22. Beams in a modern way

Beams in a modern way (1)

The case of beams under the eaves , I have already had the opportunity to tell you about it. Should they be hidden with a placo covering? Should we try to hide them by painting them the same color as the wall? Should they be highlighted with a sharper color? The absence of beams will definitely create a more modern atmosphere in your living room. On the other hand, it is not necessarily possible all the time to hide the frame which supports the roof. Smooth and naturally varnished wooden beams can, with white walls, be very warm without having the effect of a chalet or a country house. Less refined beams will create a more rustic decor feeling.

23. Colored funiture for an attic lounge

Colored funiture for an attic lounge (1)

If you are tenants or if you don’t want a lot of color in your living room, furniture can be an opportunity to add a touch of color without too many constraints. The sofa can be colored, the TV cabinet too. If your living room is open to the kitchen, it may be the kitchen and its furniture fronts that will be the source of the color.

24. To accentuate the warmth of the living room

To accentuate the warmth of the living room (1)

To create a warm world, there is no magic recipe to apply. It’s a bunch of little things that will create this atmosphere: a vintage armchair, green plants, frames hung on the wall, softer and more cozy textiles … The question of space must be taken into account. Whether you have a large living room or a small one, we will not use all these “devices” in the same proportion. And in the end, it may be a bit more complicated to make a large living room warm than a small one. With a small living room, the cozy effect is very quick.

25. To accentuate the modern side of a living room

To accentuate the modern side of a living room (1)

If you find that your living room lacks modernity, do not hesitate to add a custom piece of furniture. Large closet doors with invisible handles and hardware will give your living room a decidedly modern edge.