30 Inspirations to Make Bohemian Living Room (1)

Do you like decorations that have a story to tell? Interiors with a decor inspired from the four corners of the world? No doubt, the bohemian decoration is made for you! Because the bohemian style is above all a mixture of genres, we invite you to discover 8 salons of different styles to help you find inspiration …

1. Bohemian chic living room 

Bohemian chic living room (1)

No need to do too much to create a living room with a bohemian chic decor. To do this, simply adopt white as the main color and combine it with a few touches of black and wood. For the touch of madness specific to the bohemian decor, bet on a few accessories such as cushions with ethnic prints or a pampas flower simply placed in a vase.

2. Reclaimed bohemian living room

Reclaimed bohemian living room (1)

What could be better than associating a recycled spirit with a bohemian decoration to give character to your living room? Just like this inspiration where a small relaxation area has been fitted out using wooden pallets. Here, it is the accumulation of plants and the presence of some artisanal creations (such as wall macrame, pottery and woven basket) that bring the boho touch!

3. Immaculate bohemian living room

Immaculate bohemian salon (1)

Who said bohemian style was reserved for colorful decorations? This living room proves the opposite with its immaculate dimensions. We fell in love with the golden and copper touches that can be found on the vases and the pendant light, which bring light and sophistication to the living room decor.

4. Scandinavian bohemian living room

Scandinavian bohemian living room (1)

If you like the simplicity of the Scandinavian style and the freedom inherent in the bohemian style, nothing prevents you from reconciling the two! In this Nordic-inspired living room, a few bohemian elements such as a dreamcatcher poster, a wall macramé or a cane suspension, bring a breath of freshness and good humor.

5. Bohemian rock ‘n’ roll lounge

Bohemian rock 'n' roll lounge (1)

If you love the bohemian style for its eccentricity, then you should love this rock ‘n’ roll living room! It must be said, this loft does not lack character and personality … There is a fabulous mix of genres, styles and eras with vintage furniture, abstract art paintings, origami animal trophies, some works of art. ‘arty inspiration… And the result is amazing, isn’t it?

6. Bohemian country house style living room

Bohemian country house style living room (1)

Here is a bohemian living room perfectly integrated into the country house spirit. To reproduce the same atmosphere, just browse for classic-style furniture, adorn the sofa with a linen blanket, adopt straw accessories or even warm the atmosphere with a faux fur rug.

7. Ethnic bohemian living room

Ethnic bohemian living room (1)

Notice to all lovers of distant lands, know that the ethnic style and the bohemian style are totally complementary. All you have to do is get inspired by this bohemian ethnic living room where we find African wall baskets, cushions with Berber motifs, a Moroccan-inspired tea service or even cacti reminding us of the tropical landscapes of the region. 

8. Bohemian nature lounge

Bohemian nature lounge (1)

If your main source of inspiration is more nature, make your bohemian living room a little oasis of greenery. Complete your collection of plants with handcrafted accessories and dare the famous Emmanuel armchair, an emblematic figure of the bohemian style!

9. Adopt a velvet sofa

Adopt a velvet sofa (1)

The bohemian style revives the hippie folk style and must give a nice place to velvet , flagship material of the seventies. On a sofa or a few cushions, velvet is essential. If you can shop around for a nicely old-fashioned velvet sofa, the vibe will only be a winner. Poufs and other velvet seats will be welcome in the decor.

10. Mix warm colors

Mix warm colors (1)

In terms of colors for the bohemian style, if there are indeed two schools (the supporters of the total colorful look versus those who allow themselves a few tips of white and black) there remains an inflexible rule: your room must be warm from the first a look. So bet on warm colors (colorful ethnic cushions, a mustard yellow for the curtains, dark wood furniture, a small colorful decoration …) and allow yourself touches of turquoise and khaki on more imposing furniture such as a sofa.

11. Collect rugs of all styles

Collect rugs of all styles (1)

If there is one flagship accessory of bohemian decoration, it is it! This style draws its inspiration from the oriental countries where the carpet is king. Boucherouite, Berber, kilim, fringed: all rugs are welcome near your sofa and why not even on the wall! Their presence will underline as much the multi-ethnic character of the place as its warm atmosphere.

12. Multiply the plants

Multiply the plants (1)

Green plants are the charming asset of the bohemian style, their presence perfectly matches the relaxing atmosphere that must emerge from such a decor. Without falling into the jungle trend of course, you must multiply green plants all over your room. Think macrame pendant lights to display your plants, colorful pots for succulents, and a beautiful wicker basket for a large cactus.

13. Display weaving, ethnic hangings and travel souvenirs on the walls

Display weaving, ethnic hangings and travel souvenirs on the walls (1)

In a bohemian living room, you should avoid bare walls. Cover them with ethnic hangings, travel souvenirs, rattan mirrors or handcrafted wooden frames. They will all have the effect of creating a sensation of downright canon accumulation. Another detail not to be overlooked to be totally in tune with the times: the weaving. Totally hippie chic symbol to make it your own.

14. Mix the patterns

Mix the patterns (1)

Patterns play a role of the utmost importance in a room that seeks at all costs to copy the bohemian style. Ikat patterns, graphics or tie & dye, you can dare them all as long as you make sure to harmonize the whole color level. Be careful, however, not to fall for the gipsy style . Do not pile up the different patterned cushions on a sofa that is not plain, do not add patterned curtains if the wallpaper on your walls is already visually strong, be sure to mix the set well.

15. Prefer sitting close to the ground


Leather or rattan pouf, cushions or floor bench , the bohemian style in the living room is largely inspired by oriental countries where we love cushions placed on the floor. Accumulate them around your coffee table and above all prefer rounded shapes for all these seats, they will have the effect of accentuating the cocoon effect of a place that must at all costs invite relaxation … a room that gives want to stay there forever!

16. Use natural materials for a bohemian living room

Use natural materials for a bohemian living room (1)

While they benefit from an obvious return to the earth, to the essential and to the crude in its transversality, natural materials bearing the trace of man remain inseparable elements of the bohemian style. Rattan chair , woven suspension , woven cotton carpet, linen floor cushions : all combined, these elements marked by the advent of organic supports, diffuse an atmosphere of innate vitality. As if to bring us back to the workshops in which it was made, the furniture for the bohemian living room seems to tell a story that we can’t wait to hear …

17. Accumulate rugs in the bohemian living room

Accumulate rugs in the bohemian living room (1)

Centerpiece of the living room acclaimed for its warm and no less inspiring virtues, the carpet is at the top of the essential accessories in the bohemian style . Beni Ouarain or Kilim , in jute or with graphic patterns, if all the variations of the carpet are welcome, the bohemian living room calls for coverings with an authentic, natural look that plays with borders. To accumulate at will, this floor accessory that gives us desires for elsewhere, brings warmth and exoticism to the room it occupies while infusing an additional soul symptomatic of the bohemian style.

18. Opt for warm colors in the bohemian living room

Opt for warm colors in the bohemian living room (1)

While the bohemian style seems to be open to the full color palette in theory, practice reveals that it is otherwise. For a modern bohemian living room , we focus on the neutrality of shades to echo the organic character of the materials used: between beige, cream, taupe, yellow, white and ocher . If this range of colors seems too small, it is totally possible to stretch the variations of the shades used up to red, blue and even green, always keeping in mind to compose an ensemble as bright as it is warm.

19. Abuse of patterns in a bohemian living room

Abuse of patterns in a bohemian living room (1)

Freed from chromatic artifices, the bohemian salon still grants itself the right to use or abuse patterns. From floor to ceiling, on textiles or rattan, from rugs to wall decoration and cushions, they are everywhere. Drawing its inspiration from nomadic culture, the bohemian style honors its roots by multiplying the graphic designs characteristic of the regions of the world from which they come. To be used sparingly, the patterns brighten up the bohemian living room with accuracy and consistency without ever falling into the cliché.

20. Plants

Plants (2)

If there is one element to favor for a boho chic decor , it is plants: a must! Whether in pots or suspension of macrame, the plant will make decorating your living bohemian chic alive! An important notion, because the warm and welcoming character is anchored in this culture. When it comes to boho chic style , therefore, green plants are essential to the consistency of your decor. They make the room more down to earth and allow the owner to feel closer to nature, more peaceful.

Of course, let’s not forget that plants, along with pretty pots, add a timeless aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye. As a boho chic decor usually has a bright background , the green color of the plants will add to the chromatic experience of your ambiance. And best of all: they act as natural air purifiers. By placing plants in your living room, you will therefore benefit from better air quality.

21. The role of woody materials and colors

The role of woody materials and colors (1)

The third element not to be overlooked for your bohemian chic living room is the pride of place given to warm and woody materials and colors. With the boho chic style, the bohemian living room offers a new lease of life by reviving its original colors in woody tones, which blend easily with its traditional ocher red, and its patterns and textiles in eclectic styles.

The woody materials and colors blend effectively into a typical neutral backdrop . Both ensure that the few strong pieces and character notes arranged in a bohemian chic living room are all the more special.

22. The bohemian chic Scandinavian living room

The bohemian chic Scandinavian living room (1)

Scandinavian decor is characterized by neutrality, minimalism , earthy tones and clean lines. The bohemian decoration, meanwhile, is made up of bright colors, lively patterns and maximalism . Linking these two at first glance contradictory trends, the boho chic style is intended for creatives who love subtlety and minimalism.

23. Neutral patterns and tones

Neutral patterns and tones (1)

A bohemian chic living room being adaptable to many styles, it will mix its rich decorative pieces with the sobriety of shades specific to Scandinavian fashion. The Nordic trend makes heavy use of earthy tones and neutral colors. The preferred walls are white, beige or any pastel color, and natural materials and neutral furniture are preferred . The brightness is very important. A bohemian chic white living room fully follows the laws of Scandinavian design. This clean style communicates great purity.

24. Make way for natural materials

Make way for natural materials (1)

The two styles that interest us here come together in the importance they give to natural materials such as wood, jute, wickerware, etc. They integrate this type of material a lot, in decorative objects as in furniture. While adding a touch of naturalness and minimalist, this helps maintain neutral and earthy tones.

25. Comfort as the watchword

Comfort as the watchword (1)

The bohemian Scandinavian living room is typically a useful, cozy space where the functionality of the furniture is essential. Thus, uncomfortable rooms and exclusively decorative furniture are used very little. The seats are both aesthetic and comfortable , the idea here being to create a real cocooning space. For example, you can have ottomans and seats on the floor to create a cozy atmosphere.

As you can see, the goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable space with functional and simple areas . A flagship example is the trend of hanging armchairs , a recurring element in a bohemian chic living room, especially if it wants to be Scandinavian. To best explore this trend in your project, nothing better than a macrame hanging chair.

26. Warm or natural light

Warm or natural light (1)

In addition to the neutral and bright tones used, the bohemian Scandinavian living room favors natural light . The use of transparent curtains or white curtains can benefit from this because they leave a lot of room for light. Better yet, macrame curtains combine color and textiles specific to boho chic decor , while allowing a significant entry of light. Besides natural light, use warm light for all lamps and other lighting in the space. Cocoon feeling and hygge spirit guaranteed!

27. Mix patterns with intense colors

Mix patterns with intense colors (1)

An ethnic bohemian living room can be designed by making piles of cushions, an overlay of rugs , or by placing a low seat in the center of the living room. Of baskets or ceramic decorations will also lend them to the ethnic ambience.

You can also mix up intense patterns and colors by pairing bright, colorful cushions with duller cushions. Or patterned cushions with solid color cushions. Best of all, don’t forget that pillows are a great addition to any decor. The wall hangings in macrame particular, are also an effective way to mix bold colors and patterns specific to ethnic chic style.

28. The warmth of a Moroccan bohemian chic living room

The warmth of a Moroccan bohemian chic living room (1)

The Moroccan style is not new in decoration. In fact, some of its aspects have found their way into our homes for several decades. The Moroccan touch is a great way to add vibrancy to a bohemian chic living room. Whether through the colors or the fittings, it adds a load of authenticity. Its African influences make it a style that offers great individuality and provides a feeling of warmth.

29. Pieces that tell a story

Pieces that tell a story (1)

A decor of lounge bohemian vintage is characterized by adding furniture and second-hand items , old and / or slightly worn, which provide extra something to a living room such as the living room.

A pretty wooden cabinet from a local flea market, an old family rug, or art items you’ve collected over the years over many vacations can all combine to create this perfectly bohemian chic living room.

30. An association with modern decor

An association with modern decor (1)

Placed next to something modern, each piece stands out in a unique way. A clean-lined sofa could be draped in a fringed throw, or a large round mirror could greet guests at the entrance with a patterned kilim rug. The beauty of bohemian chic, especially in its vintage version, is that it is tailor-made ! He reconciles these old rattan chairs that are damaged in the attic, with this superb newly acquired Scandinavian-style sofa.