30+ Ideas to Use the Yellow Color in Your Home (1)

We like it or we hate it, but daring the color yellow in decoration will never go unnoticed! Obviously, it’s a question of balance, between audacity and discretion …

1. For an assumed version

For an assumed version (1)

For an assumed version, we will use the color yellow in decoration squarely on the wall! Ideally, we find it in the main room of the living room. However, we will be satisfied with a single wall, which is more than enough for a sparkling yellow or a canary yellow version. Finally, with a touch of creativity, you can also opt for an entirely yellow sideboard in DIY mode.

2. For a discreet version

For a discreet version (1)


The good mood shade can be adopted with subtlety. We will then add small touches of yellow color in decoration at the level of the accessories. Here, for example, we think of cushions, paintings or planters cleverly arranged in the room for a nice touch of light.

3. A touch of vintage with pastel yellow

A touch of vintage with pastel yellow (1)


Choosing pastel yellow immediately means choosing vintage. The retro style can also be brought by an ocher shade. It can be found on bed linen, on the sofa or on a plaid for a touch of contrast with other dark colors. A pale yellow decoration will then confer a soft decoration.

4. A vitamin-rich decor with lemon yellow

A vitamin-rich decor with lemon yellow (1)

For a vitamin dose inside , nothing like opting for lemon yellow or canary yellow. So obviously, it will be necessary to do it sparingly and preferably to turn to a few accessories. We think, for example, of chairs, vases or planters scattered around the room. A bright yellow decoration will therefore wake up the house.

5. The mustard yellow trend

The mustard yellow trend (1)

The current trend is happy to turn to mustard yellow! Its big advantage is that it goes wonderfully with other tones such as blue or forest green. It is also the ideal option if you want a vegetal interior with exotic plants. A mustard yellow decor will therefore bring you a cozy atmosphere.

6. In the living room

In the living room (1)

In the living room, you can easily dare the color yellow in decoration. To take the example cited above, an entirely canary yellow wall will not fail to go unnoticed. But you can also play in small touches on the carpet, the sofa, the cushions or the vases. The key is to keep a good balance and a beautiful harmony in the room by playing on the contrasts with a touch of pep.

7. In the bedroom

In the bedroom (1)

In the bedroom, it will be necessary to use parsimony. Indeed, strong colors tend to attract attention and hinder falling asleep. This is why we find the color yellow in decoration at the level of the bed linen or more discreetly on the wall on a nice painting. Now all you have to do is try!

8. Ideal for baby’s room

Ideal for baby's room (1)

Recently, more and more parents have decided to say no to gender stereotypes. And so it is with regard to the decoration. This is why I suggest you adopt mustard yellow for the nursery! Indeed, no stereotype has taken hold of it. This makes it an absolutely universal shade that will perfectly dress the room to welcome the newborn. So no more need to ask questions! And you can even start work before you find out if it’s a girl, a boy, or both!

In addition to this quality, mustard yellow is a particularly stimulating color. Which is a very good thing since the children at the bottom of the page need to be approached. A room with a few touches of this shade can therefore only be beneficial since it will awaken your baby’s senses.

9. A warm shade for a living room

A warm shade for a living room (1)

The mustard yellow color decoration is ideal if you want to create a warm atmosphere. But be careful, as with the other parts, the color should be handled with care. Indeed, in general, yellow is difficult to approach. It is a very imposing shade, which is noticed quickly and which therefore, can quickly attack visually. It’s not the kind of color you can do anything with and expect a decent look.

And yes, yellow in decoration is not easy! But the game is worth the effort. When you see these sumptuous interiors, it’s impossible not to want to try. In addition, mustard yellow seems to adapt perfectly to different styles of interiors. You just need to know how to use it.

10. Start with small accessories or small furniture

start with small accessories or small furniture (1)

I advise you to start with small accessories or small furniture. This is why I have prepared a shopping list for you dedicated to the major part of any accommodation: the living room. I really like the combination of cane and mustard yellow, which in my opinion accentuates the retro side of the color. The small graphic patterns, meanwhile, bring a touch of lightness. This allows the color not to be too bulky.

11. Small touches of mustard yellow in the kitchen for a guaranteed retro feel

Small touches of mustard yellow in the kitchen for a guaranteed retro feel (1)

Whether it is through colorful appliances, decorative elements or furniture, mustard yellow can give your kitchen that retro touch it was lacking. Indeed, by its very particular shade, this shade has an undeniable vintage side. It is this small mixture of brown and green coming to darken the yellow to make mustard that gives it this aspect.

Then, it’s up to you to add this shade however you want. After all, you don’t have to repaint a room to add a touch of new color. You just have to see the atmosphere created by this simple wooden dresser repainted in mustard yellow!

12. Mixed room: opt for a mustard yellow decor

Mixed room, opt for a mustard yellow decor (1)

On the same principle as for the child’s room, this color can be the right option for that of adults! It is a very warm color that makes it easy to create a cozy space. It’s up to you to decide what atmosphere you want to create. Then all you have to do is add a few small (or large) touches of mustard yellow.

13. Mix duck blue and mustard yellow

Mix duck blue and mustard yellow (1)

As with any decorating style based on a particular color, there are several ways you can go about it. You can get everyday little things in this shade such as bedding sets. But it is also possible to opt for larger objects such as an armchair or a new bedside lamp. It all depends on what you have in mind. Regarding the mustard yellow color decoration, I advise you to go slowly at the beginning. Thus, you will have time to test your attraction for the shade: is it passing or do you see yourself living with it on a daily basis? To answer this question, nothing beats a few items, like pillowcases for example. You will be able to try and see what it gives before taking the plunge and repainting your walls!

14. Install a yellow armchair in the living room

Install a yellow armchair in the living room (1)

Bringing originality to a room does not always require major adjustments. Here, a simple yellow armchair brightens up the living room. This color brings vitality to this contemporary decoration.

15. Choosing a yellow cabinet for my bathroom

Choosing a yellow cabinet for my bathroom (1)

The lacquered yellow vanity unit illuminates this dark bathroom. A perfect contrast that transforms this bathroom into an atypical and modern place. It brings a vitamin note to this black and white bathroom.

16. Furnish yellow kitchen units

Furnish yellow kitchen units (1)

Retro atmosphere for this kitchen with a total yellow look. These colorful elements bring additional brightness to the room. Surrounded by gray, they modernize this vintage kitchen.

17. Give rhythm to a hallway with yellow paint

Give rhythm to a hallway with yellow paint (1)

The corridor is a place of passage, to which little attention is paid. To make it less boring, repaint part of it yellow. As a bonus, you increase the feeling of depth.

18. Create yellow storage niches

Create yellow storage niches (1)

Repainted in yellow, these niches add a touch of fantasy to the decoration of this room. Color provides an illusion of depth and invigorates the room.

19. Select yellow chairs for the kitchen

Select yellow chairs for the kitchen (1)

In a room like the kitchen, we usually opt for neutral colors, which we will never tire of. Nevertheless, bring it up with colorful furniture, easily interchangeable. These fine and light yellow chairs, associated with the blue wall, gently wake up this modern kitchen with wise lines.

20. Yellow color is dynamic

yellow color is dynamic (1)

If the color yellow wakes up the decoration, it is a question of distributing it with care, in particular in a space of small to medium size. Applied on the floor and on an accent wall and associated, as here, with white and light wood, the sun makes the living room sparkle.

21. Contemporary yellow and black

contemporary yellow and black (1)

The duo that hits the mark every time? The very contemporary yellow and black tandem, perfect for a modern and warm kitchen! While it is dynamic, yellow is not for all that inappropriate in spaces dedicated to relaxation and rest!

22. Yellow bathroom

Yellow bathroom (1)

Bold, the yellow bathroom! But we have to admit that it has a hell of a character … However, we avoid the total look so as not to make the space suffocating. But as long as there is a touch of white, anything goes, even the graphic decoration!

23. Bring a playful touch to a child’s room

bring a playful touch to a child's room (1)

Full of cheerfulness, yellow is the perfect choice to bring a playful touch to a child’s room. So that the space remains conducive to sleep, we favor a mustard yellow.

24. Floral wallpaper on a yellow background

floral wallpaper on a yellow background (1)

Color doesn’t scare you? Dare to use floral wallpaper on a yellow background: the perfect choice to give a little pep to a classic interior that is a little too wise!

25. Prefer the sobriety

prefer the sobriety (1)

Do you prefer the sobriety of a plain painting? Have fun with the depth! To succeed, associate yellow with a cold color, like here, with a flaming red or simply with a white.

26. In a bathroom

In a bathroom (1)

We like the yellow painted tiles which give the bathroom and the white bathtub allure.

27. Decorative objects

Decorative objects (1)

Light yellow is featured on decorative objects and lighting to further brighten up the room and make it even brighter.

28. Paint

Paint (1)

Here is a very nice idea to paint your walls. Graphic, this sunny yellow paint enhances the white walls.

29. To give shine to white

To give shine to white (1)

It doesn’t just contrast dark colors. Yellow also helps give white sparkle while giving it a jovial touch.

30. Dishes

Dishes (1)

The dishes are also adorned with this trendy color to brighten up and illuminate your meals.

31. With green plants

With green plants (1)

To create a cocooning space where good humor reigns, we put on a sunny yellow on the wall accompanied by hanging indoor plants for a poetic and bucolic atmosphere.

32. With midnight blue

With midnight blue (1)

To contrast the dark blue of the bedroom, we use cushions with sunny yellow touches.